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With the addition of our second research laboratory, we have been able to set aside some time to catch up on the more pressing needs of our soldiers. It has become clear that with the aliens sending larger and better equipped UFOs at us the current state of our operations will not suffice. More powerful weaponry is needed. Survivability of our soldiers must be increased. Thus, we have completed the designs for two much-requested items.

Utilizing alien alloys and custom manufactured for each soldier, the personal armor suit is expected to absorb and/or deflect at least one shot from the aliens' plasma weapons. The weight is kept manageable so as to not slow down soldiers. Unfortunately for some of our soldiers, this requirement means we had to limit the protection available in the rear quarter.

The personal med-kit is much improved over the standard first aid kit. Synthetic skin bandages can be applied to plasma wounds to stop bleeding and transfer painkillers directly in the affected area. A separate system for injecting painkillers is included, as well as a stimulant to keep other soldiers alert. To prevent any possible stimulant or pain-killer abuse, the med-kit requires the use of two hands and has fingerprint ID technology. Therefore the med-kit cannot be used one's self, it can only be used on another soldier.

With the end of our second month, we have received new funding.

The disastrous mission in Tokyo did not have a great effect on our funding nations. Japan (along with the US and Russia) helped found X-COM and know how important it is to keep us well funded.

Two things to note - Brazil and the US did not increase our funding. Brazil's excuse was fear of another terror attack on South America, while the US made no comment. The other noteworthy item is the decrease in funding from India.

The Indian government claims the drop-off of UFOs in the local region as proof that we've "won" the war already.

Our data indicates that the aliens have simply moved elsewhere.

An unfortunate truth is that since the X-COM project has started, there are only four soldiers who remain alive and on active duty. Study of the reasons for their survival may give future soldiers and recruits a precedent of what it really takes to be successful and remain alive.

Sergeant Sugary has survived more missions than any other soldier. We believe this to be the fact that his role as a heavy fire specialist prevents him from charging head first into dangerous situations (such as UFO breachings). However the lack of kills is causing some of X-COM's leaders to reconsider our use of the auto-cannon.

Captain Terashell has more kills than any other soldier. His outstanding accuracy certainly helps him but as we have seen in previous missions being a front line soldier is very dangerous. The addition of med-kits to the standard gear will hopefully keep soldiers like Terashell from spending too long in the medical bay and prevent deaths from wounds in the battlefield.

Squaddie Zander can best be describe as Terashell-lite. He never charges into dangerous situations without backup, but needs more training to become a more effective soldier. The wounds he suffered in Japan have caused him to miss a lot of missions.

Squaddie Taylor is the most recent non-rookie soldier in the X-COM ranks. While he at first glance does not appear outstanding in any area any soldier with a kill-to-mission ratio over one deserves respect.

With armor and med-kits at our disposal, the only glaring weakness of our equipment is our weaponry. Our laser weapons, while powerful, have not proven themselves as a truly destructive weapon. As of this writing our scientist are attempting to understand the workings of the aliens most powerful plasma weapon. It is our hope that understanding this device will finally turn battles greatly into our favor. In the meantime we wish all our soldiers luck, and will be issuing armor to each of you as soon as it is available.

X-COM Head Scientist,
Dr. Reis Markus


Terashell posted:

Armor! Finally! Medkits! HUZZAH!

Oh ha ha...

I've managed to get 10 kills out of 5 missions? That's good, eh?

Playing log - Captain Dominic "Terashell" Maxwell - February 28th, 1999 - XCOM Facility Early Light

Finally, FINALLY, we have armor and medkits. Hopefully, with these additions, we won't lose as many soldiers. Now, if the eggheads could just get us some fucking heavier artillery, we'd be all set...

I think Dr. Markus was poking fun at me in that report though... "limited protection in the rear quarter..." I think he was specifically referring to my ass...

I'll have to get one of the rooks to piss in his coffee or something, though I'm not sure starting a prank war with the R&D department is a good thing...

Moving along, I'm starting to think this Otto guy is going to be a good addition to our team, if he lives long enough. I'm looking forward to fighting with him some more, though I hope we don't spend as long in the medbay as we did after our last mission together. I bet he doesn't want to hear his commanding officer swearing at nurses, then hitting on them five minutes later when he's drugged up on the best pain meds this side of fucking China.

Log ends

Torlon posted:

Torlon's Medical log: first entry

"Captain's Log, Stardate 482793.5, after a rather stressful mission we returned to bas-"


"Oh for the love of god. You'd think they'd turn the crazy ones away but I guess you have to be a little crazy to want to fight advanced aliens with better tech then us. I just wish they didn't take the a lot crazies too."

"It seems the crew is trying to muntin-"


"Stay down and stop messing with my computer. Its bad enough I have to hold the bucket while they dissect the aliens or remove the parts of the soldiers killed in battle to study the effects of the weapon on the tissue. I have the joy of cleaning the lab once the senior staff finishes, so be a nice 'Captain' and just go back to your bed while we figure what they did to you."

"Well at least after this mission we'll begin issuing out med kits and the techies have come up with some armor. So hopefully we'll be seeing people coming through for minor injuries instead of for autopsies. This is great news for the men and women in the field but very few soldiers are trained in the use of the med kits so I've been hearing rumors of a 'medical draft' taking place and they are sizing us for field uniforms, not too good of a sign."

"I'm not dead! I feel happy!"


"If going into the field will get me out of babysitting duty for the nut jobs sign me up. Oh it looks like a squad just returned and... out of ten members six are being sent to the morgue in addition to four civilians killed in the crossfire and eight alien bodies. On second thought I'll wait my turn before shipping out."

"Hey rookie grab the bucket, it's time to get to work!"

*sigh* "On my way jacka... I mean sir"

Log entry complete

Dexanth posted:

Memo to Captain Terashell from L.T.

Dear Captain,
It seems our so-called 'Head of Research', but better known as 'Complete quack and plagiarist' has gone ahead and made a rather cruel joke at your expense.

Unlike my insensitive department head, I find it quite appalling that your injuries are taken so lightly, and would just like to express my sympathies and assurances that the line of Elerium-based armor which is one of many current projects I am investigating will offer adequate shielding in all areas.

In the meantime, would you like to get dinner sometime? I do know of a fairly nice restaurant off base that makes delightful Italian! Let me know!


PS : Ms. Cuddles says hi.

PPS: It's come to my attention that Private Wren is one of the bravest soldiers at your disposal, as I have stumbled across his journal, and I must admit my natural curiosity made me read it. He's quite confident that he could serve as a great scout, and I for one see no reason not to give him the opportunity! The heavy armor cannot look everywhere at once, after all. Don't be surprised if he's more dour in person, though, because he's much too modest to admit such. Oh, and don't mention this missive, if you will - I'd be quite embarrassed if he found out I'd accidentally gone snooping.

Terashell posted:

To: Dr. L. Takakumi
From: Captain D.T. Maxwell

Re: Dinner

I would be honored to accompany you to dinner, it's been a long time since I've had the company of a beautiful woman and good Italian.

I've made a note of our "illustrious" Dr. Markus' comment, and will be mentioning it in my next memo to he and Director Ulysses. I have some concerns about other areas of our technology and the alien presence I believe they should be made aware of.

I'm looking forward to testing out this new armor you mentioned when it is ready.

Tell Ms. Cuddles hello from me, since she was kind enough to greet me.

I'll take your comment under advisement as to Private Wren. I'm still working out the dynamics of my squad, as we don't seem to spend a lot of time with each other. I'm busy with paper work, and they end up doing their own things. I should perhaps organize a team-building exercise on the training course soon.

Sorry for the brevity of this reply, but I've got a meeting with the engineers in a few moments about some cosmetic modifications to Waddle Dee's tank.


PS: Do you like Scotch?

Bob Smith posted:

Notice put up on door of XCOM Facility EARLY LIGHT




Now Recruiting:

XCOM Wales: XCOM Wales is looking for progressive, bright young things to assist in defending the United Kingdom Cardiff from the extra-terrestrial menace. Serve under the top experts in the field of xenobiology, including at least one qualified doctor.

XCOM Japan: XCOM Japan needs a volunteer, ideally under the age of 18 15 for testing of an experimental weapon against the alien threat. Perks include accommodation, equipment, competitive pay and companionship in times of loneliness.

XCOM England: XCOM London, based in Woking, needs experienced officers to assist in the evacuation of population centres in case of invasion. Knowledge of tunnel construction, reverse-engineering, gunnery and microbiology useful but not essential.


XCOM AFFILIATE ONE: This specialist engineering firm is working to engineer a means of instantaneous response to alien threats. However, test subject turnaround is currently unacceptably high and we are always in need of new victims volunteers. Apply today and receive a FREE consultation. Refreshments will be provided.

XCOM AFFILIATE TWO: Encouraging healthy competition is vital to progress. This company is working alongside XCOM AFFILIATE ONE in research into alien origins, and requires highly-trained physicists for their work. Apply now!

XCOM AFFILIATE THREE: Join this company and enjoy the fruits of your labours in a RENT-FREE* (terms and conditions apply) apartment in THE LATEST high-tech condominiums. Your work will involve social conditioning experiments, gene research, the study of parasitic infection and advanced biochemistry. We hope this will become useful should it become necessary to rebuild society.


hypern posted:

I hope that the dead solider rests well.

I hope to one day take amounst the ranks of the X-COD Squad

Hypern: 24 years old
North Carliona
History: Dealt with alien landing on his fathers farm. Lost his father to an alien attack and lost the heard of sheep by aliens. Has never been taken away by aliens. Has a history of mental disorders, that strech back to childhood. Tries to charge into battle, somehow keeps his wits about him. Calm on the outside, craxy on the inside.

Professional note from the recuritment office: So you decided to pick an officer that has loads of mental problems. You know that I told you that peoplelike that can wind up dead or worse but still you choose to pick this one. I won't disagree with you but if he drops dead on the first mission then blame yourself. If he lasts longer then that, well I give you a round of beers and my fak jacket from Vietnam.

Officer ***** ****************
Dated 02/03/1999