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Part 19: Wonderful And Sad

Chapter 20 - Wonderful And Sad


UFO 27 - Saudi Arabia

Waddle Dee operating the tank

Otto Zander, Sugary, Terashell, Loden Taylor, Arujei, HitTheTargets, Roar, Gruff McGuffin, The Deadly Hume, Heinrich von Paxicon attending

Waddle Dee: Christ, there's two already!

Waddle Dee: Scratch that, three!

Waddle Dee: Got one of them, the rest is up to you guys.

Gruff McGuffin: No problem.

Heinrich von Paxicion: All Sectoids dealt with!

Heinrich von Paxicion: OW! NO! There's more to the north!

Heinrich von Paxicion: They're either really bad shots or trying to destroy the Skyranger! Stop them!

Heinrich von Paxicion: Thank God for this armor, else I'd have been done for!

Heinrich von Paxicion: Another one, ha! How are you guys doing?

Sugary: I see the one that's shooing our ship.

Terashell: Sugar - your new code-name is "Walleye". Accuracy like that is why you'll never make Captain.

Sugary: I got it eventually.

Terashell: You needed six shots though!

Sugary: Well...I was shooting at both of them?

Terashell: You did not see that one before, stop lying, cockstain. Move closer and get it in one shot.

Sugary: FUCK, IT GOT ME!

Otto Zander: I'm right behind you Sug!

Sugary: My arm...I can't move it! I'm going to die!

Otto Zander: NO! We have med-kits now. Hold still.

Otto Zander: It's not really that bad. Let me patch you up.

Otto Zander: There, how's that?

Sugary: Wow. It still hurts a bit, but I think I can continue on.

Otto Zander: Your armor took most of the hit.

Sugary: I need to remember to thank the machinists back at the base. Every second from now on I continue to live I owe to them. This armor is truly making a difference.

Sugary: AAAAGJHLYKD......


The Deadly Hume: I got it, calm down Otto.

The Deadly Hume: There, landing area secure. Finally.

Waddle Dee: Good job men. I found the door now, it's double wide, so I believe I'll be able to drive inside. I guess that makes sense, they need to get their Cyberdisks out somehow.

Arujei: *sigh* You don't need to say anything Tera, I'll go in first....

Waddle Dee: Whoa, hold on! I've got the thickest armor here. I'll go.

Waddle Dee: Cyberdisk sighted. There's a lot of smoke in here, looks like our flyboys did a real number to this UFO.

Gruff McGuffin: Cyberdisk down! One shot! That's a big change from the tons of rifle shots it used to take!

Terashell: Good job guys! I'll be covering you from behind the tank as you explore that smoky mess. Go go go!

Gruff McGuffin: Asshole...just once I'd like to see you...

Terashell: What was that Rookie?

Gruff McGuffin: SQUADDIE. And I was just asking why...uh...your armor isn't purple anymore.

Terashell: Enamel paint. Piece of shit flaked off. I should have-

Waddle Dee: Hey hey, Cyberdisk on the second storey! Maybe the rest of you should get behind me. The explosion Gruff caused blew a hole in the ceiling and I can see another 'disk.

Gruff McGuffin: Can you make a shot up-

Gruff McGuffin: ...

Terashell: Gruff? GRUFF! SNAP OUT OF IT, ASSJACKET! Shit! Who gave him Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake before the mission?!

Terashell: FUCKING BALLS. MAKING ME DO IT MYSELF. I going to make you toothbrush clean so much shit when we get back.

Terashell: Oh whoops!

Waddle Dee: What the - Did you just-

Terashell: You lurched forward into my line of fire!

Waddle Dee: Oh God damn you Tera I did not! Own up to your mistakes!

HitTheTargets: Sirs! We have more important issues at this point! Like can anyone see though that smoke now?

Arujei: Gruff, you OK now?

Gruff McGuffin: I...I...I don't really feel...I have a huge headache...something is...there are lights, everywhere...a checkerboard pattern...

Terashell: GRUFF! I know the urge to shoot the Rookies is strong, but this is crossing the line! What the dick-sucking Christ are you doing?

Roar: Everyone, there's another door on the other side of the ship. And another Cyberdisk.

Roar: Clear now. Guys, come back me up, we'll catch them in a pincer.

Loden Taylor: Gruff, the hell are you doing? Calm down and get back in there!

Terashell: Oh great, now I'll have to charge into this deathtr-oh hey, Loden, how's it going?

Loden Taylor: I suppose you want me to scout ahead, right? Whatever jerk, I'm going in. You can follow me once you grow some balls.

Loden Taylor: Nothing here but some dead Sectoids. All clear, move in!

Terashell: Clear? Sweet!

Terashell: ...alive? Uninjured? HA! ALIVE! FUCKING NON-PURPLE ARMOR SAVED ME.

Terashell: AW, NOT THE ASS!

Terashell: With my last.......I curse...God damn....rook...

HitTheTargets: CAPTAIN! That Cyberdisk is going to pay for that!

HitTheTargets: Yeah, I got it!

Loden Taylor: You moron, that 'disk is immune to your stun launcher! And Tera's an ass, you should be glad he's gone.

HitTheTargets: Hey, that's cruel. Besides, he was kind of cute...

HitTheTargets: Huh, WHOA! There's a 'disk right above us! It's fused into the wall or something.

The Deadly Hume: Jesus, how many 'disks do they have on this ship?

The Deadly Hume: I am not dealing with this right now.

Loden Taylor: Distract it Hume, I'll get it from behind.

Gruff McGuffin: The hell am I doing outside?

Gruff McGuffin: Targets! BEHIND YOU! AW, GOD DAMN IT!

Roar: AH! Where'd he come from?

The Deadly Hume: Nice reflexes though, Roar.



Heinrich von Paxicon: WATCH IT! Gruff! Guys, there's something seriously wrong with Gruff! He's shooting at me!

Heinrich von Paxicon: I DID NOT sign up to get shot at by my own guys!

Heinrich von Paxicon: I'm taking the Skyranger back home, fuck you all!

Loden Taylor: Hume, now!

The Deadly Hume: You OK?

Loden Taylor: Fine, just singed me a bit.

The Deadly Hume: Great job, I'll go find where that Sectoid came from.

Roar: Mercy already! More 'disks above us!

Gruff McGuffin:...

Gruff McGuffin: Holy shit.


Roar: Gruff, hold your fire, it's me, Roar! I'm coming over, hold your fire!

Roar: Don't freak out, there's a 'disk above you!

Roar: Got it! Gruff, talk to me!

Heinrich von Paxicon: Roar, I think it's okay now. This mission is fucked but I think we've calmed down now.

Heinrich von Paxicon: Dropped my gun somewhere, but I'm good now.

Otto Zander: These lights are - WHOA! - I'm floating! There's almost no gravity on these squares!

Roar: Can you move up?

Otto Zander: I think so, it's just a simple jump without gravity.

Roar: Before you do-

Roar: -you should take this.

Roar: I saw something that looked like a command center up there. If there's a leader on this ship, it'll be there.

Otto Zander: Thanks Roar.

Otto Zander: First area is clear.

Otto Zander: Huh, look at that. There's a Cyberdisk here that's destroyed but not exploded.

Heinrich von Paxicon: If you guys think there's a leader up there, then let's get it!

Gruff McGuffin: You missed! You need to be more careful, take the time to aim! You don't have a lot of shots with those guns!





Roar: ...

Heinrich von Paxicon: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? WHY'D YOU SHOOT GRUFF? Answer or I will drop you too!

Roar: I don't know, but everything stopped once I shot that device. I feel fine now. Zander, be careful, there's something not right here. That Sectoid Leader is doing things to us.

: I knew that just around the corner there was something. I could hear it moving around.

: Listening to the others on the radio, I knew this alien was very different from all the others we had encountered. We needed it alive.

: I shot a control panel nearby. I was hoping the shock from the stun explosion would stop the alien.

: Some of the blast hit me, but I was fine. I went around the corner and saw it on the ground. A rather pathetic looking grey thing, in the fetal position, its chest heaving as it was struggling to breathe. Roar and Heinrich came up to my level and didn't find any other aliens alive. We called in the 'all-clear' and surrounded the stunned alien. We must have shocked it with the stun rod a dozen times just to be sure. This one alien was responsible for the deaths of nearly the entire squad.

: The ship itself was a mess, with not a lot of salvageable items. The intact Cyberdisk was quite the prize, but the real reward was the alien we captured.

: This one alien changed the entire course of the war.


Casualties: Sugary, Terashell, Loden Taylor, Arujei, HitTheTargets, Gruff McGuffin, The Deadly Hume


Terashell posted:

No further logs available - Captain Dominic "Terashell" Maxwell

One other file found...


I, Dominic Themistura Maxwell, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this as my last will and testament. To Waddle Dee, I bequeath my supply of liquor. To Otto Zander, I bequeath my cape and sunglasses, that he may lead in my stead. To Dr. Lily Takakumi, I bequeath my journal and collection of postcards. I'm sorry we never made it to any of those places.

To my sister, Anna Maria Maxwell-Chambers, I bequeath my life savings and any other funds in my name, to be used in a trust fund for her son, Robert Daniel Chambers, along with the payout from my life insurance policy upon which he is listed as beneficiary.

Remember my friends, it is not how we die, but how we live, that determines how we are remembered.

No further files found. Captain Dominic "Terashell" Maxwell listed as KIA - March 28, 1999

New search? y/n

Logging out.


Lost Lore posted:

A tape found in McGuffin's belongings

Since joining X-Com one thing has become abundantly clear:

I'm going to die here. Most of us will die.
Hopefully a new wave will always be there to finish what we started.

As for a will. I guess my sister and her family can split what possessions I had back in the states.
The only thing of real value I have, my secrets, I'll be taking to my grave.

Except for one thing...
to my favorite nephew, Donald;

It's in the back right leg of the front church pew.


The Deadly Hume posted:

The Deadly Hume's epitaph: RATING: GOOD!


Son Ryo posted:

An old, well-worn tape recorder lies in the corner of the room, half-under the mattress. If one were to pick it up and press play, they'd hear the following:

"Note to self... martial arts won't work on the aliens. Must take up additional discipline if I am to be accepted."

Then... silence.

"I can't believe it. They accepted me. I'm pretty sure my left eye was twitching throughout the whole interview-- of course, I figured refusing to use the computers to fill out the forms like they asked would have got me kicked out on the spot.

Damned computers. Don't trust 'em. The only time I'll handle a computer is if it's got a gun on it, and if the aliens didn't all have those fancy laser guns I wouldn't even need to do that."

Another pause.

"Hey, someone's probably going to find this after I die. After all, I saw the ships coming back from the last mission-- I think I saw at least ten bodies getting offloaded.

Anyway, my name is Ryo. I joined this organization-- X-COM-- as revenge. I lived in Tokyo, Japan, but my family were slaughtered by aliens... and X-COM never lifted a finger to help. When I think of seeing the ship lift off, and thinking it was safe to return home... and finding the bodies..."

The sound of someone being violently ill can be heard.

"But now... I've done my research. I've even learned how to use one of their despicable rifles. I looked over the video logs from the last mission... and it appears that most of the casualties were from the men firing on each other.

My aims are to make this project fail... if not for all the countries funding it, this force would not exist. And without this force, the aliens wouldn't be anywhere near as hostile as they are.

...Someone's coming."

The tape's audio ends.


Loden Taylor posted:

Last Wishes of Loden Taylor

If you're reading this, then I'm either dead or a vegetable. If I'm a vegetable, please stop reading this and go kill me.

Tell my parents I love them. Due to security reasons you won't be able to tell them how I died, or what I was doing here, so just tell them that I died bravely (lie if necessary) doing something I believed in.

Please tell my girlfriend Whiskey's girlfriend Marcade's girlfriend that I was cheating on her with that blond chick from engineering with the big tits i never really caught her name. Also tell my girlfriend Whiskey's girlfriend Marcade's girlfriend Tits McGee that I love her, and that I'll never forget her.

Please give me the traditional X-Com funeral. I leave all my personal belongings to whoever's still alive.

Loden Taylor