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Chapter 21

We recently lost a soldier who was very special to us. This soldier touched our hearts, and deserves something special. I present to you another bonus feature:

Terashell In Memoriam

Vimeo chooses the BEST thumbnails for my videos, seriously.


Dexanth posted:

Secret Journal of L. Takakumi

It's taken my some time to...collect my thoughts. When the Skyranger came back and they said that Dommy...he...I couldn't believe it. It was only when I got down to the Morgue that I knew for sure. beautiful...but it won't stay, oh no.

Luigi has been rather helpful, his brother able to 'procure' a similar body from the local morgue. After dressing it in a suit of spare armor I charmed off one of the engineers and off the record, a pair of well-placed shots ensured there would be no way to tell the two apart - It's rather difficult when one's face is mostly melted.

As for my dear Dommy, I was able to keep my stomach intact long enough to do the...undesirable bits. His brain was intact, and in the end...well, that's one of two things about him I loved, and both were still together.

I had to take my largest dose of thinking dust ever - I knew I only had a few hours to create something to at least stabilize things.

I succeeded. My notes are garbled, but I do believe I will be able to eventually recreate the process. As for Dommy, I know the biotissue in the end was going to decay. There was no way to keep it intact, without extreme measures.

I debated trying nanites, electrical surges, but in the end, I had to use what was in hand - a swiped power source, alien alloys fused with silicon, a rapid composite scanner - Long story short, the brain was immersed within this bath, and stabilized. Once the power source was switched on...oh, I do think my poor Dommy is very confused for now, and I'll have to figure out a few more things, but I bought myself some more time.

If anyone ever reads this - And I pity you, since by now the neurotoxin gas should be kicking in any moment, if it already hasn't, because honestly, it's my SECRET journal. So you deserve to be vegetized for it. Maybe if I'm still around I'll give you the antidote. But probably not. Anyways, for whoever reads this once the toxin emitters have been exhausted, I have succeeded at my greatest work yet. I have conquered death itself, and now there is just the little teeeensy problem of trying to get Dommy aware of the outside world before he goes insane. I don't dare sedate him, he's just barely stable. The only person with access to my private lab is me - Or at least, the only one who won't activate the stun-rod defenses embedded within to immobilize any entrants. Dommy is kept safe within, and people keep calling for me for some silliness with the captured sectoid, but I can't care right now. There's an odd tickle in the back of my mind at late, and I seem to know things before they happen. But for now - Saving my love. Revenge may come later. And it will - Both for those who killed him, and for his so-called 'allies' who dared let him die. And - especially Dr. Markus, because if I'd had my original lab specifications authorized by that chimp, I never would have accidentally shot my own computer and been able to actually create that armor and Dommy would have been untouchable.

So many things to plan and do! It makes me feel giddy!

The only disappointment is that in the end I couldn't save the other important part of Dommy - Ms. Cuddles had it as a snack when I wasn't looking. Naughty kitty.

I hope you have enjoyed your neurotoxin experience. Goodbye