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Part 25: Sinkers and Floaters

Chapter 26: Sinkers and Floaters

:Since you were transferred to the Kiryu-Kai, you were not there during the first of the Floater Abductor missions?

: I was not. The first one was a horrible mission. I didn't really think I made such a huge difference to the squad, but then maybe I'm giving myself too much credit. The aliens seemed to be once again changing strategies and tactics, and we were unprepared. They made us watch the mission video over and over to try and learn from it. I can probably recall the entire mission with great clarity...


UFO 36 - Guinea

Waddle Dee operating the tank

Heinrich von Paxicon, Ceciltron, Diamato, Sergeant Chaos, Daviel, OatmealRaisin Matthew Lacroix, Scads, Seaborgium, Some Internet Guy attending



Casualties:  Everyone but Some Internet Guy