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Part 28: The Kiryu-Kai Disaster, Part One

: I've been waiting to get to this next part. There was psychological damage done to nearly everyone involved. A lot of PTSD came from the aftermath of your next mission.

: God, I never want to see something like this again. It's going to be difficult to dredge up these memories.

: Take your time, but try to be thorough. I imagine the images are seared into your mind, you simply need to have the will to remember them.

: Alright, here goes...

Chapter 29: The Kiryu-Kai Disaster, Part One

: At this point in the war there were only the two overt alien terror missions - The Floater mission in Tokyo, and the Sectoid mission in Buenos Aires. That didn't mean X-COM wasn't getting reports of 'attacking aliens'. We'd investigate only to find that someone mistook a dog for an alien, or a sloth for a jungle monster. And one time the 'alien' turned out to be a Great Horned Owl. So when we got a report of a sewer worker in Kyoto sighting an "Oni", we were very skeptical.

: Oni?

: Basically a Japanese demon. The only reason a full team was sent was because of the close proximity of the report to our base.


Terror Mission Three - Kyoto, Japan

Bovines operating the tank

Otto Zander, Ryo, Andrew Jackson, Tasian, JonLikesPie, Dirdum, Wild M, Africanus, Sir Spandy and Master Ninja attending

Ryo: Ah, it's good to be back home. Too bad it's under unfortunate circumstances.

Bovines: Where the hell is everyone?

Andrew Jackson: No one's around.

Otto Zander: Our cover story is a gas leak in the area, hopefully everyone evacuated.

Bovines: Yeah, but those stories never get rid of everyone. This whole area is deserted; people left their front doors open like they left in a real hurry. It's unsettling.

Bovines: Well, we're at the right address, here's the entrance to the sewers.

Sir Spandy: So who gets to be the lucky person to head down there only to find out we've been sent to kill a slightly larger-than-normal rat?

Ryo: That sounds like an "I volunteer!" to me. Have fun down there, watch where you step.

Sir Spandy: Ugh, this is not what I signed up for...

Master Ninja: Here Spandy, let me help out.

Master Ninja: It's dark in the sewers. You'll need to bring flares.

Ryo: You ready, Spandy?

Sir Spandy: I suppose so.

Sir Spandy: I'll turn on my personal camera for you Bovines, so you can see all the lovely things I have to step in.

Bovines: Good idea.

Sir Spandy: Hey, lucky me, this isn't a sewer entrance, it's an entrance to the underground subway.

Bovines: The report we got said the sewer worker was doing repairs to a wall that collapsed after a minor earthquake. Go see if you can find that.

Sir Spandy: Yeah, it's right up here.

Sir Spandy: There's quite a breeze coming from this hole.

Sir Spandy: There's a whole cavern back here. There's a little bit of light coming from somewhere deeper inside.


Sir Spandy: What? Oh...oh no. Dammit! Cave-in! Fuck, I hope there's another way out of here.

Bovines: Keep exploring, we'll try to see if I can get a map or anything to help you out.

Sir Spandy: That light is getting brighter the further I go down this cave.

Sir Spandy: I think I can see something.

Sir Spandy: The hell is this?

Bovines: Is that what I think it is?

Sir Spandy: My God, this is definitely of alien construction.

Bovines: A UFO?

Sir Spandy: No, it's way bigger than anything we've seen, and it looks like it's been built into the-


Bovines: Spandy?

Sir Spandy: I heard something. This...this, I - I want, need to get out of here...

Bovines: What is it?

Sir Spandy: There's a clicking sound echoing all around me, like a huge grasshopper, or - what was that?

Bovines: I didn't see anything.

Sir Spandy: It was just a blur, only for a second, it went behind this rock.

Sir Spandy: BOVINES!

Sir Spandy: SHIT IT'S FAST, I-

Bovines: Spandy? Spandy? Come in!

Bovines: Nuts to this, I'm digging us a bigger hole. Back away!

Bovines: Stay together guys, try to go down and find Spandy!

Master Ninja: Hold on there Bovines, I just threw an electroflare at something over here.

Master Ninja: Can you see this? Is it was Spandy saw? It looks alien, but it doesn't have a weapon I can see, aside from those claws.

Master Ninja: Uh...guys?

Master Ninja: I think we have a problem here.


Otto Zander: Quick! Form a line, take a shot if they do anything hostile!

Master Ninja: Fuck, get away!

JonLikesPie: Motherfucker those things are fast!

JonLikesPie: Oh shit, the plasma didn't kill it!

Otto Zander: Well, that's enough of that! Retreat back, to the Skyranger, we need to find out what the hell is going on!

Ryo: But...but, the people that were here...

Otto Zander: I think they might all be dead.

Ryo: We have to stay! We have to defend the rest-

Otto Zander: Not until we're better prepared! MOVE!

JonLikesPie: I'm with Zander, let's get the fuck out of here before they swarm us!

Sir Spandy: ....ugh. Come in? Can anyone read me?

Bovines: SPANDY! Where are you?

Sir Spandy: I'm hurt...I think I'm just south of the Skyranger.

Ryo: B-but...we can't...the people here...

Otto Zander: RYO! IN THE SHIP NOW. We will avenge their deaths later, move it NOW!

Ryo: ...they're coming.

Sir Spandy: I'm trying to get back to the ship, gimme a minute!

Otto Zander: We need to leave, double-time it man!

Dirdum: Spanny get back hurry ship.

Sir Spandy: Aaaah, I'm bleeding...


Otto Zander: Raise the ramp...

Sir Spandy: WAIT!

Sir Spandy: Okay, now!!

Otto Zander: GO GO GO!!!

: We dusted off and headed back to the base. A medical team was set to meet us in the hangar on arrival. Spandy had a huge wound in his chest. He said the creature he encountered picked him up with its giant claw, threw him across the cave, and then simply left. The attack broke his head-mounted camera and damaged his radio. As Spandy was telling us how he found another route out of the cave and up to street level he passed out. The man was pale as a ghost, and he was bleeding out of his wound.


Casualty: Master Ninja

Injured Reserve: Sir Spandy

: We got back to the base and returned to our psi-training while our medics worked on Sir Spandy. We naturally attracted a crowd of rookies wanting to know what happened. Ryo seemed out of it though, he was sulking in a corner, away from the group.

Doc Martin: Claws? No guns?

JonLikesPie: I shot one and it didn't even phase it. And those fuckers could move.

Valiant Valium: So how exactly did Spandy escape?

Tarquinn: I hope he's okay, I could hear him screaming all the way down here. Thank God it stopped.


Valiant Valium: Or not...

Dr. Lily Takakumi: HELP! EEEEEEE!!!!!!

Ryo: Huh? What the- Spandy? That you? Stay the fuck back, I'm warning yo- aw, nuts to this! be continued


Son Ryo posted:


"I think I've finally figured out what I don't like about computers.

It's the humming.

That incessant noise, of fans and motors and drives and god knows what else.

Nothing can be truly silent around computers... and it's the same in this complex. Nothing is truly silent. Especially not the screams of the dead.

I knew X-COM was callous, but not this callous. That's twice now they've betrayed my home.

What was that?

Huh? What the- Spandy? That you? Stay the fuck back, I'm warning yo- aw, nuts to this!"



Sir Spandy posted:

From the desk of Sir Spandy

Man, what the fuck happened in that last mission? That goddamn Zander sends me and ONLY me into the sewers and I find...well, I don't know what the hell was down there, but it was certainly something

There was also a shitload of those...well alright, I don't know what the fuck they were either, but there were hundreds of them. One of the bastards wounded me, the guns HQ commisioned did nothing to them, and so I ran

They moved fast, but they didn't catch up to me. Almost as if...they didn't want to catch me. Were they toying with me? Man, if I had a bigger gun they wouldn't be toying with me like that, those pricks

Well, I got out of the sewers and see the rest of the assholes in my team on the Skyranger ready to leave. Sure, send me to my death and then run away! At least they waited for me to get into the ride home before we blew that joint

That Lily chick patched me up and sent me back to my room for some rest. My skin's itchy though, and not the normal itch either. I'm kinda hungry too and the doc says I have to keep my energy up. I should get something to eat and maybe see the doctor again about this itch

And the headaches...whatever those alien bastards down there were, their noises is pounding in my head. It's all I can hear now, like radio static behind the eyes. Gives you the worst headaches, lemme tell you. I need to get back to full health soon because I'm not letting those alien fucks get away putting me through this. Not like my team's any better though, those bastards

That, fuck him. Just because he's had a few succesful missions over in Europe he thinks he's hot shit. I'm going to show him he ain't all that and this isn't Europe anymore, you asshole

My skin's getting worse, it's almost like my flesh is screaming. I've tried scratching it but it does nothing. And now I'm bleeding all over this journal! That fucking Zander! If he was as awesome as he thinks he is he'd have went down there first!

Gotta call the body is on fire. So hungry...those fucking aliens...and my fucking team...what did I sign up for?



Tasian posted:

Subject: Private "Tasian" - Kiryu-Kai Base

Consciousness Transcoder Session #0187E9CD-A on May 8th, 1999

Testing... testing... is this thing on? Crap on an ice cream cone, it's actually writing stuff on the screen! This is awesome! Man, the doctor is one stone cold foxy genius! ... Wait, what did it ju- WHOA! Better curb back those thoughts a bit. Heh.

I guess I should explain what I'm doing. A little while ago, Dr. Takakumi apoligized to me about how her guards really roughed me up in the, um, "Ms. Cuddles Incident." As kind of a way to make amends, she offered to let me test one of her off-the-record side projects, something that will make recording logs in the field easier. Basically, it's a device that connects to the conscious thought process and translates it into written language. In other words, it records the voices in your head. Its actual name is some big mouthful of science, The Cerebral Analyzation Transmission something something or other, no way I'm remembering all that. It looks like a Walkman to me, with that little record button on top, so I'll call it... um... a PsiPod. Yeah, that's kinda catchy! Anywho, the PsiPod is still in development, so a bit of concentration is needed to make it pick up words. But, it is fairly easy to use, especially when compared to all this psionic training I'm getting loaded with. Dr. Takakumi said that one day, these mental recorders will be advanced enough to go beyond words: a person's mental image will be projected to a screen like a slideshow! Maybe it should be called a psi-show instead? Well, that's enough of this new toy for now, Tasian's brain is out.


Consciousness Transcoder Session #02017A9C-3 on May 11th, 1999

I really need to use the PsiPod more often, but all the psionic training is really wearing out my noggin. At least I should be thankful that I have time to train instead of dancing with plasma fir- aw, speak of the devil, the alien threat alarm went off! I'll write, er, think more when I get back. That is, if I get back.

--- PAUSED ---

Well, I just got back from another "successful" mission. The alien threat was taken care of, but not because we shot them. Oh no, the alien turned out to be some kind of endangered owl flying around. It was kinda funny when Dirdum unloaded his weapon at a hostile mailbox, but other than that, this was a waste of time. Defenders of the world indeed. I'm going to knock back a few cold ones now... oh, I definitely don't want to record my mind in that particular process. Tasian out.


Consciousness Transcoder Session #023E149F-F on May 15th, 1999

Oh boy, it's another alien threat alarm. Fortunately, this mission is in Tokyo, which is relatively close to Kiryu-Kai, so I think I'll bring the PsiPod with me to record how our battle-hardened squadron outflanked a scary noodle cart. Dr. Takakumi said that the PsiPod will transmit a coded signal from almost everywhere to my computer log back in Kiryu-Kai. Guess it's time to see if it'll work in the field. Stand by mind-journal, we're taking off.

--- PAUSED ---

Alright, the Skyranger has touched down in Tokyo and everyone's exited. There's a report that a "demon" was spotted in the sewers, we're going to check it out. Looks like someone's planning to send a soldier alone in there, the trick is to shut up and wait for the loud mouth to- thank you, Sir Spandy. Time to scan the area, just in case.

...This feels different from the previous missions. Everything is dead quiet, like a modern ghost town. I peered in some shop windows... all the merchandise left out, like all the people here just dropped what they were doing and disappeared. It's really unsettl- hold on, Sir Spandy found something, I'm going back to the tank to check it out.

OH GOD, it's not a rat! THAT'S NOT A RAT! SIR SPANDY! We need to ge- alright, the tank blew up a big entrance to the sewers, hang on Spandy! What's Electroflare Ninja doing now?! He threw one of his flares down the street and now he's shouting something... and now he's gone...? Wait, did I see that too? What's going ooh, ohsweetjes tr3#p s@is1 M1hc7cs3omlMerce_np! es) plAsma.. cwtP(s %8n0t .vwoRkiNgh8rwe'8Creh bonedph0ikS ttd ot'y d nod)---------


----@A>tck>5ei& e!,za 8p eswMe%43 Edg.c t! e)tdr(!h_7( ikie* oDn^ safe on the Skyranger, come on get out of here! ...Sir Spandy's still alive?! Come on come on, get back to the ship, they're coming, we're dead, we're all de-- SPANDY MADE IT! Oh my goodness, they... they did a number on him. I can't believe everyone but that crazy ninja guy survived this! Whew, time to head back to the safe haven of the base. As long as I live, I will never complain about another false alien threat ever again. At least, now we have some kind of idea what we're working with, so we can plan an appropriate retaliation for those... things. The worst... the worst is over!



E. Revenant posted:


we went on another field trip today but it wasn't as fun as the one where i saw the cool owl. we didnt go far this tiem i only got as far as recalling Warren G Harding 29th US president from march 4 1921 to august 2 1923 when we arrived. hey one of the guys is named after the 7th president Andrew jackson March 4 1829 to march 4 1837. wonder if he knows i should ask him.

oh yeah the field trip where we saw the roachmen. they were bigger then the ones back at the hospital like some teenage mutant ninga roaches. theere were more than i could count wiht my hands and i was going to use my toes but my good buddy xander said to run back to the flying school bus. my buddy sir spindy made it back but i didn't see my buddy master ninja anywhere. he should be fine there were a dozen of the them an one of him ninjas fight best like that.

back home i found some bug spray to keep the roachmen away it was hidden but i find it anyway i good at find stuff. i spray it around my bed so they dont get in my bed and it was red. orange is better but red good to. now my bed is protected and if any bugmen shows up i can spray them away becaus fire dont work on them. which aint right bugs should burn and squish but these don't they are abominetins Abomindatins abominations bad things. oh well time for food hope they only have the normal roachs there.