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Part 29: The Kiryu-Kai Disaster, Part Two

The Kiryu-Kai Disaster, Part Two


Otto Zander, Ryo, Andrew Jackson, Tasian, JonLikesPie, Dirdum, Wild M, Africanus, Angry Vegemite, Doc Martin, Tarquinn, Allen Wren, Lord Fancington Bovines, Valiant Valium, Dr. Lily Takakumi attending

: There has been a lot of argument about the layout of the Early Light base. Many people believed that the three separate hangars made the base too vulnerable from attackers, and would make base defense a nightmare. The people who believed in that preferred a base design similar to that of the Kiryu-Kai. Specifically, there is only one main entrance area, the lift and the hangars.

What these people fail to realize is that it's also the only way out.

Dr. Lily Takakumi: I'm not a soldier! I do research, not...not kill icky giant bugs!

Africanus: Get back Lily, I'll get them!

Africanus: That's both of them. Now someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Lord Fancington: My word! What is all the commotion here?

Allen Wren: What -Oh, oh man! This is horrible!

Dr. Lily Takakumi: Allen, get a gun, and save me!

Allen Wren: Gun? No, this is horrible because I have to clean this up! And call me Wren, don't want any confusion with that other Allen.

Otto Zander: How the hell did these get back to base? Landing gear compartment of the ship maybe?

Ryo: No, look at the uniform pieces, that was Spandy. That other one has a nurse's outfit.

Otto Zander: Bovines, you near a computer? Get me the recent medical records of Sir Spandy.

Bovines: Yes sir, I'm at my post. The medical observer wrote that they couldn't stop his bleeding, so they opened him up and found a...a chrysalis inside him.

Otto Zander: Jesus, these black things must be what that grows into.

Ryo: Then that means, everyone in the city...

Otto Zander: ...has been turned into one. Most likely everyone else on the base too. We need to get out of here.

Angry Vegemite: We've got a problem then. Most of us don't have any guns! The stores are too far away!

Lord Fancington: And I don't have any training for ground assaults!

Dr. Lily Takakumi: I've got some things in my lab I've been working on, it's a lot closer.

Dr. Lily Takakumi: My lab is just ahead, and I have a few rifles I've been tinkering with there. Alright you goddamn sons of bitches, we have some bugs to squish!

Bovines: You're going to want to hurry then, I see a lot of them coming, but they're not around the bend yet.

Bovines: Christ, they're fast, but I bet this will slow you down!

Bovines: Suck it!

Bovines: Oh for God's sake! That shell of theirs is too thick to penetrate!

Otto Zander: Everyone with a gun, form a line, those without, stay close behind. If God forbid anyone falls, take their weapon.

Bovines: Oh hell, they're coming!

Bovines: FUCKING HELL, this is useless. All I can do is slow them down for you!

Otto Zander: Lily, I'm at the door to your lab, let's get a move on! you have an alien power source in your lab?

Dr. Lily Takakumi: I do. I understand.

Dirdum: What all the yelling for?

Dirdum: Where Dirdum friend go?

Dirdum: Hello Mr. Black Crabby person!

Dirdum: You look sick. Let Dirdum take you somewhere to help.

Bovines: GOD DAMN IT. These things do die, right?

Dr. Lily Takakumi: Everyone, stay here, I'll be back with weapons!

Dr. Lily Takakumi: This should just take a minute.

Bovines: No! No, no, no, no, no!

Bovines: Well, I'm dead. AGAIN.

Bovines: Otto, something you should know. I saw something on the computer just now.

Otto Zander: Oh?

Bovines: Reports of alien terror sites.

Bovines: They're spreading.

Dr. Lily Takakumi: There, that's a fair amount of guns.

Dr. Lily Takakumi: Get these to the guys and...

Dr. Lily Takakumi:, it's not ready. And in my condition I can't.

Dr. Lily Takakumi: Umm.....

Many turns later...

Andrew Jackson: What is taking the woman so long?

Tarquinn: You've never had to wait for a woman before, I take it?

Andrew Jackson: In my day, women had everything ready before you asked for it!

*whirrrrr, CHUNK*

Tarquinn: What was that?

*whirrrrr, CHUNK* *whirrrrr, CHUNK* *whirrrrr, CHUNK*

Col. Lily Takakumi: It's motherfucking GO time!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Here are some guns. I'm keeping this laser for myself.

Tasian: What the hell is that?

Col. Lily Takakumi: I call it a power suit.

Col. Lily Takakumi: Servos and linear actuators amplify the user's strength to ten times that of a normal human. Armor plating is alien alloy a solid inch thick.

Col. Lily Takakumi: I could carry five times this many guns with my new strength!

Africanus: Good timing, Lily, they're here.

Africanus: One down!

Ryo: More coming!

Otto Zander: Everyone, fire! Maintain formation!

Ryo: Am I the only one who feels bad doing this? These creatures were once X-COM personnel, maybe there's a way to save them?

Otto Zander: If there is, it'll have to wait. We need to get out of here before their numbers get too out of control.

Tarquinn: Dibs on the plasma rifle!

Angry Vegemite: That last rifle's mine!

Allen Wren: What the hell, I've got a mop with more stank than this gun.

Valiant Valium: FUCK. That's all the guns? Am I the only one left unarmed?

Bovines: I don't have one.

Valiant Valium: The stores are way the fuck over there!

Wild M: We'll move forward slowly, once they stop coming. You can get a gun then!

Tasian: Looks clear, I think we can move forward.

JonLikesPie: I have this side. Move up guys.

Allen Wren: Dammit Bovines, do you know how hard it is to get burns out of the floor? Bleach won't cut it!

JonLikesPie: Still more around the corner! Move and shoot!

Africanus: That's all I can see for now.

Andrew Jackson: Entrance to the first general store secure. Go grab a gun if you don't have one! Everyone else, maintain rank and move up!


Wild M: Oh shit! SHOOT!

Angry Vegemite: ShootingOHSHIT TARQUINN!

Angry Vegemite: Sorry, sorry!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Stop Tasian, then shoot that alien!

Wild M: Ho God!

Wild M: They came from in here. Check all the useless side rooms, they're camping in there!

Africanus: Why do these rooms exist? What the fuck purpose do they have?

Valiant Valium: It's not for convenient storage, I'll tell you that.

Wild M: Blurrrrrrrrrrr....

Tarquinn: Shit, he's gone wild! Bring him down!

Andrew Jackson: Strange, I don't remember storing any aliens in here.

Andrew Jackson: Goodness gracious! An alien, and I'm stuck in the wall!

Ryo: I got it. FUCK, I recognize that one's uniform, that was the cute chick that refueled the Skyranger. Dammit, is anyone left alive?


Col. Lily Takakumi: Oh no. Oh please GOD no!

Col. Lily Takakumi: MISS CUDDLES!!!! No! She was out chasing mice in the hangars! She's not a fighter, they might...

Col. Lily Takakumi: I swear to God if my little kitty is hurt at all I will personally kill every single alien in this entire galaxy by myself!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Cuddles! Come to mommy! Don't be afraid, it's me under this armor!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Awww, you okay baby? I'm sorry I left you alone out there. That's a good kitty. You want a belly rub yes you do you like your belly rubs!

Lord Fancington: Still more incoming. The lift is in sight though, we're almost out of here!

Lord Fancington: Drat! This is far less accurate than my Interceptors' plasma beam.


Doc Martin: How in the hell did so many get up here?

Col. Lily Takakumi: It's okay Ms. Cuddles. Stay behind me, and please don't gnaw on the corpses, you don't know where they've been.

Africanus: I think the store is finally cleared.

Lord Fancington: Finally! Freedom! An end to this nightmare!

Lord Fancington: BWAH!

Lord Fancington: NOT GOING THAT WAY!

Otto Zander: All dead now. You guys noticed the bits of clothing on them?

Lord Fancington: Why yes, now that you mention it - regular clothing, none of those were X-COM issued!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Which means those ones came from outside the base. There's no point going out that way.

Col. Lily Takakumi: Which means we'll take the Skyranger!

Col. Lily Takakumi: I got the last one I can see, we should go!

Andrew Jackson: They're still hiding in useless spots. Be careful.

Lord Fancington: There's not enough room in the Interceptor for everyone. I'll fly the Skyranger for you all.

Valiant Valium: That's in the next hangar.

Col. Lily Takakumi: Oh no, get away!

Ryo: BAH! Not me either!

Valiant Valium: Grrrrrr....


Ryo: Quick, to the Skyranger!

Col. Lily Takakumi: Get on board. Ms. Cuddles, we're going for a trip!

Lord Fancington: Wait, there's a problem.

Col. Lily Takakumi: What is it?

Lord Fancington: Ryo said he saw the refueling lady was turned - the ship's almost out of fuel.

Otto Zander: How much fuel?

Lord Fancington: We can make it twenty miles. Thirty tops. We're not getting off the mainland.

Otto Zander: Shit. Lily, the power source in your lab, did you-

Col. Lily Takakumi: Yeah, I threw enough elerium in there to cause an overload. We can't stay here much longer.

Otto Zander: Take off Fancy, I'll have to think of something...





Wild M

Valiant Valium be continued

Just since it took a long time to set up this mission, I might as well post the save file for you.;/fileinfo.html

Just unzip that into you X-COM folder and it should work. The people I got to test this mission described it as "fun, but a little too easy". You'll see why if you play it. It IS on superhuman, but that doesn't really help. Using both Takakumis is cheating.;/fileinfo.html

This at the end of the first mission, and since I didn't intend to upload this, there are the game since I controlled all the Chryssalids myself. Like "Tyrannosaurs in F-14s" odd. You'll see.

Waffnuffly posted:

I never knew Chrysalids could kill tanks

It's a horrible, horrible thing, and it sounds like this:


Son Ryo posted:


"This is the log of X-Com Soldier Ryo. I find myself glad I've been using this recorder to record audio logs, as all of our computer equipment has just been irreversibly destroyed.

Well, it looks like my homeland was taken over by Chryssalids. A shame, but... there was nothing we could do.

...there's really nothing else I can say right now."


I'd post a better log, but... well, it's hard to mutter evilly about slaughtering your comrades when you're packed into an airplane.


Dexanth posted:

Diary of L. Takakumi, 5/15/99

Ooh, that was fun! I mean, I got really scared at first, but then Otto was like 'We need to go' and people were like 'But we have no guns!'

And then all of a sudden I felt really different and started yelling at them like I was some sort of super bitchy lesbian or something. I mean, I'm totally not, um, as pretty much everyone will be able to tell in another month or two, but yelling at them was still fun!

Then the reaction to my new little toy was even better. We started blasting those bugs left and right, lots of satisfying screeches as lasers and plasma melted them into nothing!

A few soldiers got infected, and that wasn't good - It got hairy a couple times, if the buggies had had a few more moments to attack that might have been it...I was getting close to getting panicky again because all that yelling adrenaline was going away.

But then I heard Ms. Cuddles crying, and that was that. Everything threatening her was dead moments later, and my sweet cuddly kitty was there to snuggle with - Well, other than the inch of super-protective armor, but that's just semantics.

Then we were leaving and there was that lovely tingly noise of the bell on her collar. When we were in the hangars one ran right at me, and I froze up and, uhm...well, I won't mention that part, it's personal, but anyways I think in the end the scent of the suit made it think I was just some equipment or something and it got something else instead.

I don't think I'll be getting out of my armor for a bit, so I'm really really REALLY glad right now this thing has rapid self-cleaning mechanisms.

And a little extra space in the tummy area.

I should suggest we head for my grandparents, at least for now...they live in the middle of nowhere, so odds are the area is fairly safe, at least for now - It should maybe give us time to get an evac out. Plus...they're my only family left. I owe them that much, at least. And I'd love to see the look on their faces when I come clanking down and melt that stupid stupid bonsai plant that they both were always spending time fawning over rather than cooking me dinner. When that thing dies, my childhood will be avenged!

And I must be really really giddy right now because I sound like a total airhead. I am glad the keypad in this thing works on cognitive impulse rather than, well, actual typing. That little trick took forever to figure out.

End Entry


E. Revenant posted:

 Dirdums log 6 Mood: sad NO READING DIRDUM BE MORE SAD

I lost another home today. The crabby roach men came back. 4 more of my  
good buddies died  and the smart lady became a robot. the red bug spray didn't work but green fire gun did. I found crabman hurt and sleeping if i help him and give him back to aliens maybe they not attack and ruin my homes. I felt I should name him  Thomas  after Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice from October 23 1991 to present.

we on the  
magic flying school bus now and i almost out of red crayon and room on the seat to write. sorry log others are looking I must write over you to keep secret. 


Allen Wren posted:

From the constantly-moving desk of Pvt. A. Wren, Grand Poobah Of Bullshit Island.

I'm still shaking, but, god damn, that's some adrenaline. We're airborne, over Japan---ah, fuckit. I'm not gonna Tarantino this shit. Let's talk about this thing in the proper order of what went down.

I landed at Kiryu ("Kill you?" It almost did.) just recently, my transfer was apparently held up for some reason or other, and I got shipped over from Early Light with a regular cargo run. Which explains Lily's surprise at seeing me. Which doesn't explain my surprise at seeing her. She seemed...geniunely pleased, blowing my "this is sexual harassment and I don't have to take it" theory of why I was transferred in the first place right out of the water. Nevertheless, unnerved and jetlagged as I was, I kept to my in-flight insight: Head down, doing things proper. Y'know, mop up, pet the cat when it's around (cats like me for some reason), be respectful, and...honestly, I avoided Lily as best possible.

And then, today happened. A new kind of alien came busting into the base, and from what I hear, they're all over southern Japan. It's vile and horrific, it gets INSIDE YOU, and you kinda melt, and there's just an alien left. There were some just outside my new office when I heard the commotion and shots fired. And Lily called out for me to save her. ...and my big mouth just flies open, I'm thinking that it's just another daily mess. I had no idea that the shit, as they say, had just gotten real. What do I know, I'm just the janitor. Then, while I'm totally pussing out, she comes back from her office in a suit of armor while we're making our way out of the base with...shit, who-all's here? I only know a few of these dudes' callsigns. That's Africanus, Val got splattered, Action Jackson's here, Zander's down at the front, Veggie's talking into a tape recorder...I'll try to see who's here once we've landed.

Anyway, Doc got stone-cold killer in her suit of armor, and...I have no idea what's on her mind right now. She's still sealed up and that armor kinda creeps me, I dunno if I could talk to her, she might just blow a hole in my abdomen. Better let things calm down. I wanna apologize, still feel like a giant d-bag. She looked to ME for help, and I dropped the ball. Probably why I only got this dink-ass pistol. (insert "mood - sad, music - emo" here, I know. shut up.) I'd better keep said pistol on me, though. I really don't ever want to see those things again without it between myself and the creature. More later, if luck allows.


Rutherford B. Hayes posted:

I believe myself to be dead. It was a queer thing, passing from life. I was sitting at my desk in the oval office, when there came a blinding light before me! A portal. A glowing opening appearing from thin air in the middle of the room.

From the portal there appeared two demons. Short, gray, eyes like that of an insect. I was struck with terror. Obviously they had come to retrieve my immortal soul. One of the devils raised a weapon, I had only time to exclaim, "Lincoln's ghost!" before the creature fired.

When I awoke, I was laying on a platform. I was in a world of cold metal. "Surely this cannot be His kingdom." I thought to myself. There appeared before me more demons, these purple in color. They floated with evil witchcraft, Horns protruding from their vile faces. They held in their hands instruments of torture... I occurred to me that I must be in Hell!

As the servants of Lucifer prepared to begin my eternal punishment a doorway opened itself at the far side of the room. At it there stood a young Negro. He raised his weapon and fired upon the devils! More men, and even a woman, arrived, and the two parties engaged in a pitched battle with me laying right in the middle! Finally, the firefight stopped. One of the men stood over me... it was none other than President Andrew Jackson! I knew him to have died in '45! The others were unfamiliar. They inquired my name. I replied, "Rutherford Birchard Hayes, President of the United States of America."

One rolled his eyes, another - the Negro, said, "Not another one." He instructed one of the men to escort me back to the 'Skyranger'. The world outside the demon's room was not altogether different from the world I had left behind. It was dark out, but clearly I could see buildings and farmland. Confused, I asked the man what kind of hell was this. He replied, "Ethiopia." I didn't know what to make of it.

Eventually the other men returned, and the 'Skyranger' lifted from the ground! They took me to an underground hideout far away, on an island. I had been placed in a room, and over the next few weeks was regularly visited by physicians, they seemed to think there was something wrong with my mind! Obviously these poor souls do not realize they are dead.

Just a few minutes ago the soldiers came back, they looked panicked. Apparently the demons had located their hideaway, and were attacking. They rushed me back to their flying vessel and entered the air.

They look panicked still. There was much commotion and shouting at first, but now everyone has grown quite. Some are sobbing, others look so shaken they don't even blink. I don't know where we're going...


Old Man Fancington posted:

Excerpt From the Skyranger-2 Cockpit Flight Recorder

By St. George, this is just too much! Not more than a moment ago, I was enjoying a High Tea, when I overhead a commotion from outside my hatch. From what I gathered, Sir Spandy, a man of lesser social standing then myself, had gone native! I refer not to the pleasant Nipponese people who had lived around our base, but the infernal grey insects who have overrun the streets.

However, credit should be given where credit is due. Those Americans never fail to surprise and impress - they have detached not one, but TWO of their dead presidents to support our ground units. The boys in the passenger compartment are apparently feeding him some balderdash that he's in Ethopia of all places to scare him.

Colonel Zander, you better chose a spot fast, because we have minutes of fuel left until gravity will MAKE us land. If I find that buffoon who brought this crate back to base well past Bingo fuel and left it sitting around empty, I will have his hide.

Stiff upper lip, Fancington, old boy! We'll get through this yet and back in and Interceptor where we belong.

Concordat posted:

I love how in the few minutes that they're on the Skyranger all the soldiers whip out their notebooks/tape recorders/quill pens and ink/neural logs and write down detailed thoughts about what just happened.