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Part 31: The Kiryu-Kai Disaster: Part Four

The Kiryu-Kai Disaster: Part Four


Africanus, Angry Vegemite, Bovines, Dirdum, Allen Wren, Andrew Jackson Otto Zander, Lily Takakumi, Doc Martin, Lord Fancington and Ms. Cuddles still surviving...

Otto Zander: Wow, there sure is a lot of...texture down here.

Lily Takakumi: Take a closer look.

Otto Zander: Oh my.

Lily Takakumi: The sewers here are choked with dead.

Otto Zander: Were people hiding from the aliens down here?

Andrew Jackson: I don't think so. Most of these people have claw marks on them.

Lily Takakumi: Some have even begun partially transforming into Chryssalids. They're all dead though.

Otto Zander: The pile is thickest over here. You see this tunnel up ahead Lily?

Lily Takakumi: Yeah. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Lily Takakumi: What word would you use to describe this cavern?

Otto Zander: ...nest.

Lily Takakumi: That's what I was afraid you'd say.

Lily Takakumi: I have a theory about all this, but all I can say for sure is that we have to be near that alien structure.

Otto Zander: I think you're right, there's a similar glow up ahead as to what Spandy reported seeing.

Otto Zander: We've found it.

Otto Zander: Definite similarity in construction to that of UFOs. Everyone, keep together, there's bound to be a ton of Chryssalids around here.

Angry Vegemite: Not just Chryssalids!

Angry Vegemite: That's a Snakeman!

Lily Takakumi: That confirms it, I'd bet that the Snakemen here created the Chryssalids in the first place. This is a biological weapons research station!

Dirdum: A biawhatsit?

Doc Martin: They probably make the crabby things here, Dirdum.

Doc Martin: The area down here is clear. I don't recognize these glowing things, but at least there are no aliens around.

Africanus: I can hear a lot of noise coming from down this hall. Jackson and Veggy, shoot anything that moves.

Dirdum: Like crabby-friend!

Andrew Jackson: They're coming at us like a British redcoat!

Doc Martin: Watch your flank, Snakemen coming around. They know we're here now!

Angry Vegemite: They're staying out of sight. Wren, can you see any coming?

Allen Wren: YES!

Dirdum: Hello Crabby friend! I have a playmate for you in my backpack!

Dirdum: Hey, let go! You're causing me a grevious injury!

Angry Vegemite: Dirdum! Dammit! They...made you smarter...?

Andrew Jackson: We gotta hold the fort! Keep shooting men!

Angry Vegemite: MORE coming out of their nest!

Angry Vegemite: There, that did it!

Andrew Jackson: You sure? I still see it twitching.

Angry Vegemite: It's down, isn't it? That's good enough.

Doc Martin: The Snakemen are all coming from this hallway. Bovines, we'll try to get around to the other side and flank them.

Doc Martin: Or we will once we deal with this problem.

Bovines: Not to worry, I'll camp this spot and get anything coming out.

Doc Martin: Well where'd it go? I don't see it anymore.

Lord Fancington: This never ends!

Otto Zander: Keep firing at everything! All these lives lost mean nothing unless we can get back at the aliens!

Bovines: AHHHHH!




Angry Vegemite: We've stemmed the flow for now.

Angry Vegemite: I don't like this twitching guy though.

Angry Vegemite: One more shot, right between your beady little eyes.

Bovines: Okay Doc, I'm losing feeling in my arm a bit.

Doc Martin: It's not bad Bovines. You should heal up fine if we somehow make it out of this.

Lily Takakumi: Has anyone seen anymore Snakemen coming out of this area?

Africanus: No I haven't. I think we got them all.

Doc Martin: We're halfway around the main structure now.

Lord Fancington: Crikey, they just won't stop!

Lord Fancington: Victory, ol' chaps! Though my gun is almost too hot to touch now.

Angry Vegemite: Is it safe to say we've got them all yet? I don't hear any noises coming from the nest.

Lily Takakumi: Corridor is clear at the moment.

Bovines: Snakemen on the other side!

Bovines: HELL YEAH, two killed in three shots. This is so much more fun and intense than sitting back at base looking at a screen!

Andrew Jackson: Excellent. March forward men!



Africanus: Where do they keep coming from?!

Angry Vegemite: And why don't certain Chryssalids stay down when shot!?

Allen Wren: Sorry about this Jackson. Though look at it this way - a quick death from searing plasma is better than a slow wasting away from TB.

Allen Wren: Actually, let me do this the right way...

Allen Wren: These pistols just suck so much.

Lord Fancington: No they don't, I've lost track of how many I've killed!

Lord Fancington: And another Snakeman down!

Lord Fancington: Huh...though it may just be time for an upgrade.

Bovines: We've almost made it around to the other side.

Doc Martin: These snaky bastards don't know what the fuck. The ones over here have dropped their weapons and are slithering away.

Otto Zander: I don't see any on this side.


Africanus: The President is down, repeat, the President is down.

Bovines: THERE. Doc and I have made it all the way around. Move in, now!

Lord Fancington: I need a refill first.

Angry Vegemite: Thanks for leaving the heavy plasma for me!

Lily Takakumi: Wow, these walls are funky. They're giving me a headache.

Otto Zander: WATCH OUT. There's one right beside you!

Lily Takakumi: Oh! I-I don't know what happened there, I lost concentration for a minute.

Doc Martin: I'm with you Lily and Otto. I've made my own door.

Doc Martin: Gather around, we can all go inside at the same time.

Allen Wren: Oh my God. Guys - I haven't seen any more aliens, but you're not going to believe this. There are a bunch of, I don't know, containment chambers here filled with organs and tissues.

Allen Wren: One of them has an X-COM agent inside.

Bovines: I see him. I think that's Daviel. He died in that first Floater abductor mission. How'd he end up here?

Africanus: I don't think you guys can see, but he's been partially transformed into a Chryssalid, just like some of those corpses in the sewer.

Doc Martin: GO! I don't see anything on this level.

Lily Takakumi: Whatever's up that huge elevator device must be important consider how much they guarded this room.

Doc Martin: Two panicked looking Snakes here.

Lily Takakumi: Blast them!

Otto Zander: I have this one!

Otto Zander: Whoa!

Lily Takakumi: Room secure. I think I know what that red ball was. It probably powers all the equipment up here.

Lord Fancington: Hey everyone, I found another way out of the base in case you're interested. This looks like it goes back up to the sewers.

Africanus: I'll be right there Fancy. Daviel, I'm not going to let them put you up on display any longer.

Allen Wren: This is sickening. Look at all the mutated human bits here.

Africanus: Did you see the cow head yet?

Allen Wren: Ugh, I'm never eating meat again.

Angry Vegemite: HA! Tell me about it. Why once I was working a part time job at McDicks and I-

Lily Takakumi: Zander, this is...this it IT. Main computer access for this whole research station!

Lily Takakumi: I can't read most of this, but based on these pictures, it looks like Chryssalids were designed and grown here. There's an incredible amount of data here! We have to get this out somehow. This could change the war! This in particular...

Lily Takakumi: This has to be an alien battle plan.

Otto Zander: You can record all this from the camera in your suit?

Lily Takakumi: I've been doing that, yes.

Otto Zander: Can you transmit all that data somehow?

Lily Takakumi: No, the power suit wasn't designed to transmit this much information. And it's not like anyone's listening. We have to find a way to preserve this info somehow, if we could really analyze it back at Early Light, we could do so much! Predict where the aliens will be, what their overall plans are, maybe find a way to stop these Chryssalids. There, that's as much as I can access without tinkering around longer than we probably have.

Otto Zander: Then let's destroy everything.

Doc Martin: *cough, cough* Phew! I need to get out of here, I can't breathe.

Lily Takakumi: If this was the only copy of the research the aliens had on Chryssalids, this will be a huge victory for us! They'd have a hell of a time relearning everything.

Otto Zander: And if we can find a weakness against Chryssalids...

Lily Takakumi: Then they can't adapt them against it. We should get to the exit that Fancy found, if I'm interpreting those diagrams right, there may be something up there that can help us.

Africanus: Hey, what's this?

Africanus: Anyone ever see one of these before?

Otto Zander: Thanks for waiting for us. Let's get out of here, there's no reason to stay anymore.

Lily Takakumi: Hold on, there's one thing I need to do first.

Lily Takakumi: MISS CUDDLES! HERE GIRL! *whistles*

Lily Takakumi: Yech, these lizards keep their laboratories more cluttered than I do. MS. CUDDLES! Stop chewing on that, if you want to bite them then do it before they are dead!

Lily Takakumi: There. NOW we can go.




Andrew Jackson

Angry Vegemite be concluded

Try the mission yourself


Gay at Heart posted:

[Hastily Scrawled]

Dearest Rachel,

If you are reading this, then I regret that our reunion shall have to wait for the next world. Cataclysmic events at the Kiryu-Kai base have forced us to abandon the base aboard the Excomb's flying craft, fleeing from our former allies turned enemy by the vilest of witchcraft. I shall spare you the details, but our situation looked grim indeed, with little to no hope of rescue or escape. Rather than curl away in a corner and wait for death, we will sally forth against the enemy's overwhelming force, in the hopes of striking at the vile heart of their fortifications. While clearly a fool's mission, we are likely the last hope to stop the evil magick creating these infernal hellspawns. For the good of all humanity, I have acted in accord with my words to you earlier, and allowed the loathsome tide to break on me. However, even the mighty cliffs can be worn away with the tide and passage of time, and crumble into the sea. Know that I died well, and I died ever proud of the depth of my love to you. To you, I leave all my estate. Although we have had our differences, John Calhoun is a good man, and you may place your trust in him without fear. My only request of you is that you not mourn my passing, and find happiness in life.

I shall be with you always,


Well, that was a fun character to write while it lasted. Really, even had Jackson survived to the end, he eventually would've found out from a history book/internet that Rachel died two weeks after he was elected, which probably would've driven him to complete madness. I was going to make a bank joke in the next update though, Guava


E. Revenant posted:

Dirdums log 7 8 writing hard here so no read hard and break my riting

i sleep and the bugmen leave and now i here where some mumbling guys is calling zomby bug heaven. i ask the man who bring funature for every one for a riting desk but he not give so i write on the fluffy ground. there alot of people here now but they don't speak right. wen i talk to them they say funny words and keep calling me Guy Gin. they weird and i keep telling them i don't like gin but they don't listen.

I see all my sleeping excomb buddys here so it not that bad. Tasian keeps singing like a weird guy and Angry Vegemite keeps shaying the same story but i stop listening after he says dicks because thats a rude word. the 7th presidant Andrew Jackson March 4 1829 to march 4 1837 is here and he shouldn't be he should be runing the country not like that lying Rutherford Hayes guy. I hope nobody else comes here they don't like it any except the Ryo guys hes happy to be with all weird speaking guys.