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Thanks to the efforts of X-COM teams and remaining members of the Japanese Self Defense Force, we can draw a clear picture of the disaster that occurred to the nation of Japan and our Kiryu-Kai base. Information brought back by the surviving Kiryu-Kai agents has been analyzed, and the nature of the "Chryssalid" threat is now understood. We now know that the 'Snakeman' race of aliens covertly set-up a research base underneath Kyoto, Japan for the purpose of developing the Chryssalid bio-weapon. The close proximity of their base to our Kiryu-Kai base was only a coincidence.

Snakemen, like all other intelligent aliens we have encountered so far, have extremely well developed senses, beyond those of normal humans. They possess powerful muscles that allow them to slither effectively in most terrain. Unfortunately we have uncovered evidence that the Chryssalid research operation was ordered by a still unknown alien intelligence, most likely the intelligence behind the entire alien force.

Of particulate note, the Snakeman reproductive system is rather fertile. One Snakeman could theoretically spawn an entire army of soldiers. We're not too worried about this scenario since baby Snakemen require a lot of nurturing before the infant matures and starts becoming combat ready.

However, this unknown alien intelligence desired to use this ability of the Snakeman for something terrible. The Chryssalid project was the result of a desire to utilize the amazing reproductive quickness of the Snakeman to create a self-replicating bio-weapon meant specifically to use humans as hosts. Floaters were used to abduct numerous test subjects while the Snakemen perfected their genetic design.

Once attacked by a Chryssalid, the victim has between a minute and half an hour before incredibly rapid metabolic changes occur in the injected egg. Injuries and stress inflicted on the host appear to hasten the transformation of the egg. There is no known cure, and any attempts to remove the egg result in the death of the host. After the incubation period, a fully grown and combat ready Chryssalid bursts forth from the host.

Chryssalids have a metabolism and cell division rate unheard of in native Earth life forms. They are capable of exponential growth when introduced into human populations. They have an extremely high running speed and have claws strong enough to crush even our power suit armor.

Fortunately, the high metabolism of the Chryssalid is also its only weakness. Its energy and dietary requirements are enormous. Chryssalids run on instinct only, and that instinct tells them to infect as many human hosts as possible above all other functions. The countless Chryssalids running all over Japan will very quickly starve themselves to death; we expect a 99% death rate two weeks after creation. The short incubation period inside hosts limits the spread away from the Japanese mainland (though there have been a few reports from the Chinese of boats found drifting full of Chryssalids, no doubt from evacuees bringing an infected individual with them). Finally, despite the crab-like appearance of Chryssalids they are not an aquatic species as they breathe air, cannot swim and are not buoyant. They are completely unable to cross bodies of water.

The final result is this - over 100 million Japanese casualties. The Chryssalids spread quickly and efficiently, killing and infecting nearly everyone in the entire nation. The only good news we have is that the problem appears to be contained. Russian, Chinese and Korean militaries are keeping a watch on their shores for refugee boats limiting all Chryssalid activity to the mainland, where the Chryssalids will all shortly starve and die.

Based on the information recovered from the Snakeman base, the Chryssalid was not ever planned to be released in large numbers anywhere else on Earth. The target appeared to be Japan and Japan only. It is clear that the aliens have plans for humanity, and do not wish to destroy us outright. The attack on Japan was mainly a test of the effectiveness of the Chryssalid. Japan was chosen because it is an island nation and would contain all Chryssalids. It has a high population density, allowing for a faster spread. Finally, Japan was the main country behind the creation of the X-COM project, and was most likely targeted as a retaliatory strike.

In escaping from Japan, our Kiryu-Kai agents utilized newly researched alien weapons.

The plasma rifles and pistols operate exactly the same way as the heavy plasma, only far less effectively. We see no reason to use these weapons as long as the heavy plasma option exists.

In escaping from the Snakeman base via a medium scout, our agents have successfully field tested our knowledge of the alien navigation system.

With this we understand each individual system on alien UFOs. We believe we can now completely recreate them with the hope of rendering our Interceptors and Skyrangers obsolete. They are a few problems to work out first, and we'll need to analyze how the systems interact.

With the destruction of Japan and our base there, X-COM has begun talks with the United States to lease one of their intact bases for X-COM use. We believe that the next most important country involved in the creation of X-COM may be targeted next, so we hope to start US operations ASAP.

A new wave of fresh recruits is in-bound, and we expect those with combat experience to teach them how to be effective soldiers. Bovines and Lord Fancington will share their roles with Waddle Dee, Affi and TTBF. Dr. Takakumi will resume her previous post and Ms. Cuddles has already returned to her previous duty of barfing all over my lab.

X-COM Head Scientist,
Dr. Reis Markus


Allen Wren posted:

X-Com International: We Kill Aliens So You Don't Have To
Title - Recommendation re: Non-Combat Personnel
Author - Wren, Allen (ID# 130424, EL-CUSTOD, ACTIVE)

As one of the survivors (barely) of what (for simplicity's sake) I will refer to as "The Kiryu-Kai Incident," "Kiryu," or the general term used among the surviving personnel, "Complete Bullshit," I feel it is my duty to inform you of what I feel is a failure in both Early Light and Kiryu-Kai's SOPs. While names such as Hideyoshi "Greasemonkey" Omura (ID# 229847, KK-KITCHN, KIA), Ellen "Tubetop" Wetton (ID #221010, KK-REFUEL, KIA), or John "Moron" Moranis (ID #224506, KK-ENGNRG, KIA) tend not to show up on after-action reports, to belittle their contributions to X-Com activities is ridiculous and insulting. That these men and women, among countless others, fell to the Chryssalid assault while I was spared, unnoticed in my office, catching up on paperwork is an irony not lost on myself. I survived solely due to the actions of a small number of other personnel---details of their assistance and procurement of weapons can be found in my after-action report. As such, I request that X-Com include all on-site personnel in basic combat training, and that all personnel be provided with a suitable sidearm, in case of further alien incursion.

Pvt. Allen Wren, Chief Custodian

P.S.: Mine should be a quadruple-barrel nucleated-hyper-plasma super-auto-fire death cannon. With rocket launchers and rottweilers strapped to it.
P.P.S.: On second thought, scratch the dogs. I don't even want to think about dog Chryssalids.


A Letter, delivered by hand to Dr. Takakumi.


Please ignore the childish, grade-school nature of this letter. I felt it would be better than embarrassedly muttering, looking at the ground and waiting for some obscure security system to go off and electrocute my testicles. Again.

I wish to apologize to you for my abject failure to assist you during the fighting in Kiryu-Kai as well as my general cowardice during said incident. You came to me for assistance, and I did not provide. To be as succinct as possible, I feel terrible about it. I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me---consider myself at your disposal for any sort of repayment you may ask of me. I owe you my life, if not more.


Dexanth posted:

Audio log, L. Takakumi, Early Light Return Entry #1, except taken from 5:52 onward.

- lab is in dire need of cleaning, that talentless hack seems to have let his students simply gallivant about in here for far too long. Oh, no, Allen! Don't touch that, it could explode! No, no, you need to douse it in liquid carbon dioxide first and then you can disconnect the diodes if you have proper gloves on! Just, just...go start moving the beakers and the like, I'd be very cross if you melted because then you wouldn't be around and I would mi...I wouldn't have anyone who would do a semi-passable job of keeping this area clean! And seeing as I pulled rank for once you are now my designated lab assistant/ janitor / Ms. Cuddles litterbox cleaner, so you are absolutely FORBIDDEN from getting accidentally doused in acid!

And furthermore - Ah, ooh, e-mail is blinking. Let's see...blah blah, everyone back home, no real mention of my amazing heroism of course, nor that all of us noncom personnel acquitted ourselves quite well - Allen, stop sulking, I told you you were mostly forgiven already, you didn't have any power armor to keep your scent away from the 'Lids nor to hide from everyone that you were so terrified that you accidentally - Er, nevermind that last part! Anyways, point is, you did a good job, and I'm sorry I ever tried to get you killed.

Wait, did I say that out loud? Ooh, oh dear, that was from movie script! Pay no attention to it, even if it were true it most certainly isn't anymore!

What? No, it - Fine, it may have had something to do with certain comments about my breasts, but that was before I became fond of...of your ability to keep me semi-satisfied as to stain cleanup and the like, moreso than anyone else, that's for sure.

Now quiet, I have to finish this missive from the talentless hack! Let's see, more nonsense, and - MS CUDDLES! Where are you?!

: Meow?

Come here kitty, sit in Momma's lap, now tell me - Is it true you really are spitting up all over Dr. Markus's lab?

: Myu...

You are?! Ooh, you...good kitty! You are making Mommy so very, very proud! Let me give you kissies and huggies, that's a good girl, yes you is! So very, very good! You are so smart and have made me so very very happy! Allen! Ms. Cuddles' treats are in that cabinet, bring them over here, she's been such a good kitty she needs nummies!


This is such very good news, it makes up for not having my own division anymore, though maybe if these US talks go through I can get it back! But even if not, you just keep on leaving mousie parts behind in there, especially in hard to reach places like under his refrigerators! Oh, and Allen, you are forbidden from cleaning anything in there and anyone who doesn't go through me first has absolutely no permission to say otherwise and if they try to tell them they can deal with me, that oughtta shut them up real fast! I've nurtured a very careful image that I am just two hairs short of going crazy and setting off another Elerium bomb, and - What?! No, I am perfectly sane!

Mmm? Taking Heroin? Oh, my, where did you hear that? No, no, of course not, that's the silliest idea I've ever heard! Why would I do that, it's insanely addictive and I get plenty of euphoria from things like inventing even bigger and more blastier guns! No, no, I use LSD when I need ideas, it gets me nice and creative feeling!

The point is, Ms. Cuddles is the best kitten ever, and also Allen, I want you to convince as many of the fellow cleaning staff as possible to refuse to clean up in Markus' lab as well! Either get them to believe anyone who does so will be considered as volunteering for my new line of experiments in, oh...let's say I am interested in new methods of, mm...aha! Convince the men I am intending to pluck whichever of them displease me most for my new line of perfumes designed to make men subservient to women, and for the other girls, simply tell them I am conducting studies on female sexuality, particularly in the area of what happens when induced nymphomania, use your imagination. Something completely inappropriate, like...ooh, nymphomania and then being set loose in the alien containment cells, perfect! That's a terribly evil idea, good job thinking of it!

(Giggling) It'll be so nice to look at Markus in the halls and know what we are putting him through, isn't that right Miss Cuddwy Wuddles?

: *Purrrrr*

Yes, you do like your ear scritches, I know! Oh, and let me just turn this o-

End Log Recording