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Part 46: This Is Going To Be Painful, Part One

Chapter 46: This Is Going To Be Painful, Part One

: The mission to the alien battleship - this was the beginning or your, how should I put it - problems?

: Yeah. This one. I've been waiting to get to this mission, just to show to you that I don't have those problems anymore. I'm fine, I'm not like Cooked Auto.

: That's what I'm here to determine. Cooked Auto had his problems which were a lot more obvious. It's the subtleties that you and your other soldiers went through that can be dangerous as well. Please continue remembering the mission, I've been eager to see this.


UFO 81 - Just outside of Rome, Italy

Waddle Dee operating the tank

Otto Zander, Cooked Auto, Pipgirl, Jetsetlemming, Count Drunkula Willcrouch, Tsathoggua, Allen Wren and Priest attending

Waddle Dee: God DAMN that ship is huge! There's a field in between us now, and there's, uh...

Jetsetlemming: That's a floating kidney alright.

Waddle Dee: I don't see it with any kind of guns, or anything.

Jetsetlemming: I don't even know if it has a brain or not, so who knows if psionic attacks would work. Fuck it, I'm shooting it.

Jetsetlemming: No worries. Shot a hole clean through it, and it didn't blow up or anything!

Pipgirl: There's more here.

Waddle Dee: One inside this barn too. Perhaps it floated up the stairs?

Willcrouch: Alright, you guys deal with the flying kidneys, everyone else will get near the UFO. The Mutons won't know what hit 'em.

Otto Zander: I can report that the kidneys don't seem to respond to psionics. I got something from it, but I'm not skilled enough yet to make sense of it. We'll have to shoot these.

Waddle Dee: OOH! Let me! Surprise attack through the wall!

Waddle Dee: Well where the fuck did it go?

Cooked Auto: It went downstairs.

Cooked Auto: The kidney sure has a lot of fluids inside it....which are dissolving the floor. Ew.

Jetsetlemming: Confirmed, it looks like acid; it was probably going to barf or spit on us if it got close. Oh, hey, Muton, by the UFO!

Jetsetlemming: Oh shit, INCOMING FIRE!

Willcrouch: No worries, it was just a stun bomb. I can see a second one though, with a plasma.

Priest: There might be more behind them. Let's see if I can knock them all out.

Jetsetlemming: You stunned the Muton with the stun launcher.

Willcrouch: The least threatening Muton we can face while in these power suits.

Priest: ...sorry?

Pipgirl: We're still too far away for psionics, just shoot this one with plasma already.

Pipgirl: Bullseye.

Allen Wren: Jesus, look at that acid mess.

Cooked Auto: Do you think it could corrode through our suits?

Allen Wren: Forget our suits, this goo could finally get rid of that stain Ms. Cuddles left in the lab!

Tsathoggua: Holy- look at the size of this UFO. It's three stories tall! This is WAY bigger than anything we've ever seen before!

Otto Zander: Stay calm, remember we've got a superior weapon in our psionics. We'll stay together and protect each other from danger. Control any Muton you see, make it kill other Mutons around it.

: I remember trying to keep the rest of the squad focused, but damn if I wasn't terrified at the sight of this huge ship. There was nine of us, plus the tank. Who knows how many aliens could fit inside this behemoth?

Tsathoggua: I've made it to the edge of the ship. The first floor consists of four outer pods, and one central one. I don't see a way in yet.

Tsathoggua: More kidneys are coming at us though.

Count Drunkula: The coast looks clear, everyone move in!


Allen Wren: *blinks*

Allen Wren: Motherfuckers

Allen Wren: Auto, I need some help here. I'm a little bit hurt and I have no idea where I'm being shot from. I'm behind a tree now, can you get to my position?

Waddle Dee: I can help out Wren, hold tight.

Waddle Dee: No sign of hostiles. You sure you were being shot from over here?

Otto Zander: Auto and Lemming, go help out Wren and the tank. The rest of us are surrounding the UFO, look for an entrance.

Cooked Auto: I see you Wren, hold tight.

Pipgirl: Oh fuck, incoming! I found the entra-