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Part 47: That Sure Was Painful, Part Two

Chapter 47: That Sure Was Painful, Part Two

Jetsetlemming: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

Otto Zander: Holy SHIT! Pipgirl, are you OK?!

Pipgirl: I'm fine, I'm fine! Jesus, look at that!

Otto Zander: My guess is this is the blaster bomb we found in the Snakeman base way back. I had no idea it was THIS powerful!

Pipgirl: We need cover, NOW! That explosion blew a hole in the wall, we should breach now before they know there's a new entrance.

Pipgirl: These four pods look like engines. This power source is blown, no aliens in sight.

Pipgirl: Shit! Here come the grunts to finish us off.

Otto Zander: Pipgirl, I'll hide over here and control anything you see. We need to find the Mutons firing those blasters at us!

Otto Zander: Good, I've got this one. Let's see what inside...

Otto Zander: TONS of Mutons! There's one with a weapon I've never seen, it must be the blaster launcher. I'm going to try to take as many out before they realize I have control.

Otto Zander: Gah, they got me! It. That'll slow them down at least. Wren and Auto, are things going OK for you?

Cooked Auto: I've healed Wren's wound, but there's still a sniper we haven't located.

Allen Wren: It has to be close.

Allen Wren: WHOA! Yeah, it's still here!

Allen Wren: AAAAAHHHH!!

Cooked Auto: Shit! Lemming, help us!

Pipgirl: Okay, now what the heck is this?!

Pipgirl: If anyone sees a pulsating, moving rock leaving a trail of fire behind it, shoot it.

Pipgirl: The engine pod has an elevator. I'm going to check up there, I'll need you to control any Mutons you see, Otto.

Jetsetlemming: OTTO! BESIDE YOU!

Otto Zander: Thanks, Lemming! Pipgirl, hold on, I've got the perfect scout for you. Hold tight, it's on it's way.

Jetsetlemming: Auto, there's a hedge wall in front of you.

Jetsetlemming: I think I can see your sniper. Sending coordinates, shoot it!

Jetsetlemming: Finally!

Cooked Auto: Hold tight Zander and Pipgirl, we've cleared the area, we'll join you in the UFO.

Pipgirl: My scout's here. Any chance you can control the Muton directly above me?

Otto Zander: On it.

Otto Zander: Alright, I have it. They don't see me as a threat yet.

Pipgirl: Good, that means I don't need this one alive anymore. Can you try to take control of any more in the ship?

Otto Zander: ...

Pipgirl: Otto?

Otto Zander: I'm okay, I just need a minute. It's hard to influence so many Mutons over such a short time.

Jetsetlemming: Confirmed that the area is clear of aliens. Auto and I are coming to the UFO now.

Otto Zander: Dammit, they killed my Muton!

Pipgirl: WHAT THE OW! Damn rock just bit me!

Pipgirl: I'm hurt! But hold on - Zander, there's a Muton here with a blaster, get it!

Otto Zander: Got it. We should try to control the ones with plasma and make them kill each other. I don't want a blaster bomb to go off in the ship and destroy anything we can recover.

Otto Zander: Let's go to town.

Pipgirl: There's only two left I can see - the ones you and I have under control.

Pipgirl: SHIT, THE DOOR!

Jetsetlemming: I'm at the main entrance. There are still a couple aliens around, but I can deal with them.

Jetsetlemming: I don't care how many times I do this, it will never stop being fun to make them shoot each other using psionics!

Jetsetlemming: I'm going to kill the two up top now!

Jetsetlemming: Well, I'm trying to kill the two up top. My Muton has shitty aim.

Otto Zander: No worries, I'll use my Muton to scout the top level.

Jetsetlemming: Cooked Auto and I have done all we can out here, we're going in.

Otto Zander: Good, I think we're going to need you. The top level has all kind of hallways and little side rooms.

Otto Zander: Who wants to control this one?

Cooked Auto: Ooh, me!

Cooked Auto: Hey this is strange. This one's injured already. How did he get hurt if it was on this level the whole time? I'm moving towards your guy, Zander. Tell me if you see anything odd.

Otto Zander: I just saw you get shot from down a hallway.

Cooked Auto: ERRR, this happens every damn time!

Otto Zander: Don't worry, I've avenged your loss. Everyone, find a Muton and use it to scout the rooms of this ship. Focus on one Muton at a time.

Jetsetlemming: I've got the middle floor. Nothing found yet.

Cooked Auto: I'll take as much of the top floor as I can. If I was setting up an ambush, I'd do it up here.

Jetsetlemming: Second floor is nearly clear. Approaching a large room, it looks important.

Jetsetlemming: Oh....kay....what the hell's the point of this? There's nothing here!

Otto Zander: The UFO is a lot quieter now, we might have cleared it already, if we're that lucky.

Otto Zander: I'm killing my scout, I can do the rest myself. I hope I don't regret this.

Otto Zander: guys need to see this room. This is...

Cooked Auto: Another Muton down. I think we have this one. I'm going exploring.

Cooked Auto: Wow, I think I've found the command center. It's tiny as hell.

Jetsetlemming: I think we can call this one! Hey Auto, guess what?

Cooked Auto: My scout's dead now. What are you talking about Lemming?

Jetsetlemming: We've recovered a nearly intact alien motherfucking battleship! Isn't this great, Otto?


Jetsetlemming: Otto? Come in?


Casualties: Allen Wren, Priest, Count Drunkula, Willcrouch, Tsathoggua, Pipgirl

Cooked Auto: Zander? Are you alright? Say something!


Torlon posted:

Encrypted File Enter Password: ********
Access Granted: Audio Playback Beginning

Well my prototype ghost machine is in the works but I have yet to figure out how to keep the subject from melting while the machine is on so I've decided to ask Lil... Dr. Takakumi for help. We haven't really talked about ghosts but most scientists are skeptics so selling the idea might be a little tricky. But I'm going to try to think positive, every time I think something bad is going to happen it has happened so let's see what happens when I think good things are going to happen. I'm sure she'll agree to help me no questions asked! If not maybe I can bluff her with claiming I know about her pet project.

I'll ask her later on today but for now I'm going to have to wait and hope the current mission goes well. Two battleships landing near very important cities, very bad but as I said trying to think happy thoughts. I'm sure everyone will return safely with no causalities. Speaking of the mission I'm might also have to see what's up with Sgt. Wren, he's been giving me weird looks. Rumors aside he seems to be the person closest to Dr. Takakumi and he might be getting the wrong idea considering how much time I've spent with her in the recent weeks.

Ugh... Too many problems and not enough solutions! Even the alien's intentions seem to be coming back into question. It seems their battleships are on a diplomatic mission right now... but it's a battleship and is heavily armed... is it a trick or is it just to protect themselves from us? Dammit why can't anything be simple?

Gotta think positive... I think Mr. Whiskey will help me out with that. Just one shot to keep me positive, then wait for a bit. I suppose instead of waiting and possibly confronting Sgt. Wren with Dr. Takakumi I could go talk to her while he's on the mission, that'll let me deal with one problem at a time. Positive thinking is working already. To the fridge then to the lab!

Audio Playback Halted


Dexanth posted:

Public Service Announcement, From science Division
It is with a heavy heart that we would like to inform you of the following :

Chewbot has died of dysentery.

End message

Journal L. Takakumi
I've been a bit reticent of late, mostly because I've been keeping to myself, but these latest developments require input.

Foremost amongst them, development on the Adauchi proceeds quite well. I've been running some startup tests, and there do remain a few kinks to work out. I'm not sure how long they will take, it really depends on how hard it is to sneak out a part or two, and how much free time I have to finish tinkering. But my beauty is certainly proceeding apace!

The real problem, however, is this troubling info Torlon brought to me. I knew that things were going on that many claimed were the results of ghosts, but who'd have believed that?

Only it seems to be true - Somehow, Dommy is stuck lingering around here, trapped in some in-between spirit form. Something unnatural. Something that shouldn't be. Torlon wanted me to help him finish some ghost-creation device. I went 'along' with it to get the data, and upon analysis, he was right. It would work so long as the flux polarity was inverted in the 4th cathodic cascader, but I refuse to contribute to such an abomination.

No, I've discovered that if certain components are crafted from purified Elerium, instead of creating ghosts, it will be as if a nuclear bomb has been set off - But one that only affects the spirit world. All beings within a ten mile radius that aren't proper living organisms will be forcibly moved to the actual afterlife.

I do want to see Dommy again, it's true. But not like this - I am content to wait, much as it may hurt, till my time comes as well. I'll be returning the properly modified data to Torlon in a few minutes, and then hopefully this entire saga can come to an end, and we can resume our focus on what matters : Sending those filthy xenobiological bastards back to whatever shithole that spawned them.

End Entry


Allen Wren posted:

3:456 AM

"So what do I do now? That's why I'm asking for help from you. From a ghost."

Terashell looked at Wren, shook his head. Turning around he opened the door to the lab. From the darkened hallway, Dr. Takakumi stepped in, a freshly-pressed lab coat tossed over her wrinkled pajamas. She looked once at Wren, then flatly stated "You're missing the point, Allen. You can distract yourself from what's happening here all you like, but it doesn't change the nature of the situation at large."

Otto stepped in from behind her, scratching at his jawline. "She's right, Al. No matter how much you try to control the outcome, the situation at the base is out of your hands. And, really. There's something far more important going on here that you're ignoring."

Ms. Cuddles curled around Takakumi's ankle. Her owner picked the cat up. "Ms. Cuddles thinks you're ignoring it on purpose. Please, Al. It's important that you do what's necessary. Even if it's got no bearing on what happens here."

The cat spoke. "Open your eyes."

Wren opened his eyes. "...I'm dying."


Torlon posted:

Encrypted File Enter Password: ********
Access Granted: Audio Playback Beginning

What the fucking hell?! If that bitch wasn't pregnant... What the hell is wrong with her? Hell what the hell is wrong with this entire fucking base? Why am I so pissed you ask? Well to my surprise Dr. Takakumi actually agreed to help me out no questions asked like I'd hoped but she was just doing it to use me. She gave me what I needed, it looked wrong and I should've trusted my instincts but no I was trying to think positive and she insisted all of the information was correct. Saying she checked it over five times just to be sure.

I finished the prototype using basically all of the Heavy Elerium we had in stock. Then I turned it on the lowest setting just to make sure the systems were working and to see if the subjects would react to it. Oh they reacted to it all right; the thing started to glow then a there was a huge flash. I quickly turned it off but the damage was done. The whole room, maybe the rooms close by too, had been hit with a wave that counteracts the Ghost Energy! It completely reversed the effects on the lab mice, they were, for a lack of better terms, more solid. Oh and the biggest kick in the nuts was the fact that this process also fucked up the Heavy Elerium so it won't produce the energy I need anymore!

I even confronted her about this and she said it was because ghosts are unnatural and we should send them on not create more, or some words to those effects. Then I snapped, I told her the thing was just to let some one leave their body for a short time, with it we could've quantified the human spirit, hell researching the effects on the body alone could save countless lives, maybe even find out about the afterlife or transcendences. Yet you decided to turn it into a weapon! I don't remember exactly what she said but at least part of it was a crack about how I didn't mind my research being a weapon when I helped create the MEOW.

Yeah... the thing about that is the fucking research it was based off of was already a weapon system, but seeing how she had to bring it up I also reminded her that the only casualties from that have all been friendly forces, no aliens, and a handful of mice. I ended the conversation with "Women or not if you weren't pregnant I'd personally have you feel what damage you've done while you've been here," and then I stormed off.

Dammit this is all wrong, I think we are the aggressors here not the aliens. I mean they were on a diplomatic mission and we attacked them, when they first got here we fought them because we couldn't communicate with them, hell now that we can communicate we aren't even trying to talk to them! I need to talk to them but that's going to be nearly impossible. We can see any UFO that gets within range of the base and if the aliens see me they'll just shoot me because I'm X-Com.

Fuck, well I still have a few options lefts, my connections with Red Alert might come in handy but we'll have to see what happens next.

Audio Playback Halted

GuavaMoment posted:

Concordat posted: this ghost stuff is getting ridiculous

Yeah, we'll file most of this in the "shit that never happened" pile.