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Part 48: Greased Lightning

Chapter 48: Greased Lightning

: So tell me what you saw at the end of that mission.

: Well, we headed back to base. I saw on the radar that the other Battleship in London wasn't going anywhere. The problem was there were only three soldiers left alive on base with any experience, so we couldn't go back out to assault it.

: That's not what I meant.

: Oh, you mean to ask what I saw after the mission, right? Well, the Lightning finished construction fairly soon after we got back.

: We detected another Battleship over Europe...

: Zander...

: The Lightning received it's first combat mission, along with some help from TTBF in the Interceptor...

: Zander!

: And it succeeded in downing the Battleship with minimal damage to both ships!

: ZANDER! Stop ignoring the question! I've seen the reports, I know the answer. I want YOU to tell me what you started seeing at the end of the Rome Battleship mission!

: *sigh* Alright.

: Ever since I entered that room, I began...seeing things. Things that clearly were not there. I'd see aliens being in places on base where there wasn't anything. I'd hear voices in my head telling me either how to fight the aliens, or mocking me, saying how humanity is doomed. And sometimes I saw what can only be described as ghosts of fallen soldiers.

: Ghosts? That's pretty stupid if you ask me.

: You're telling me. The was one other thing though. The experience inside the room however was far worse than anything afterward because of one specific thing I started seeing.

: The mission report said Jetsetlemming and Cooked Auto found you nearly unconscious and babbling. What did you imagine you saw in the room?

: Odd things...

: Nonsensical things...

: But worst of all was the alien that would soon come to haunt my nightmares.

I'd give thanks to whomever I stole the images from if I knew your names.