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X-COM: UFO Defense

by GuavaMoment

Part 56: Operation: Blindfire

Chapter 56: Operation: Blindfire


Early Light base defense

Waddle Dee and Bovines operating the tanks

Frenchie, Max Powers, Cooked Auto, John Ryker, Nemo2342, Cedric, OrangeSoda, Coolswa, El Perkele, The Casualty, Jimmy Tango, Linall, Jetsetlemming, Kaider attending

GoodShipNostalgia and Cowcaster attending, but injured

Affi and TTBF attending, but unarmed.

THRILL as XCOM defends against this new threat in a higher quality than seen previously!
DISCOVER the terrifying secret of Operation: Blindfire!
SHUDDER as the horror of the Douchedisk is revealed!



Casualties:   Everyone except: Cooked Auto Waddle Dee Bovines Cowcaster and Linall 

Hey Guava, what's the deal with the end of the video?

In the middle of the match  Jade Star saw the writing was on the wall. His three blaster guys had one shot left with no reload, and only had one scout left. I was going to win, but it would take as long to finish the match as we had spent on it so far. Jade came up with an idea that would tie into what I had planned for the next update, so I went with it rather than drag out our match.