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Part 25: Operation Operation Fortune

Operation Operation Fortune


Guava returns to commentate on small but interesting UFO mission. A couple new things show up in the mission; The first field mission of Rio Delgado, the first mission for Isobel Gutierez as a MEC Trooper, and I built a SHiV for the first time. On top of those firsts, we get a new enemy type to show up, and we get the first non-slingshot Cyberdisk.

We discuss the upcoming base assault mission briefly, and I think it's something we will definitely be doing before the end of the (in game) month. Having full carapace armor and laser weapons is usually the point where I would say any player should be ready for it. Delaying and pushing into plasma or higher armor can be done, but isn't strictly necessary, as well as the delay causing tougher aliens to start showing up before you unlock some of the advancements gained by completing the base assault.

Support Colonel Rank Choice

Savior vs. Sentinel

Savior is a simple skill that up the amount of healing done by medkits by 4HP. Sentinel lets a support make up to two over watch shots every time they are put on over watch. Both of these skills are straight forward and useful, with no real downside or limiting factor to their usefulness aside that by picking one you can't have the other.

+ Doubles the base effectiveness of Medkits.
+ Let's supports do what they are there to do, but better.
+ Boosts per mission limited resource.
+ Synergies with Field Medic and Deep Pockets.

+ Allows for two reaction shots per Overwatch.
+ Synergies with Covering Fire

Either skill is good, but only one is really great. Savior massively enhances a supports ability to preform their main role, keeping your soldiers alive. Medkits are limited, and by the time you have a Colonel support you're more than likely to need multiple 4hp medkits to heal the damage from any attack that lands. Sentinel is a good skill too, but it's not worth passing up on Savior for. Supports are good but somewhat generic soldiers when placed around the front lines, but enhancing overwatch isn't enough to make them stand out in some sort of a combat role.