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Part 37: Operation Agonizing Sand

Operation Agonizing Sand


Fun new toys ahoy! ... That we don't get to use this mission. Aw. But still, continuing to progress toward the late game skills weapons and gadgets. Fun times to be had. Also sometimes missions don't go as planned and it turns into a bit of a scramble. Fun times if you can keep your wits about you and analyze your options before you make a mistake.

Juuust about to the point where everyone is a colonel and then I can start reforming the squads I send out to have maximum potential. I'm also still scrapping together as much meld as I possibly can to try to upgrade a MEC suit as soon as possible. In the science lab department, we've hit the foretold by Guava crisis of not enough weapon fragments to continue researching all the new guns we want. That will force us to detour our research into the stuff we ought to be researching anyway. Like Plot. The next new plot item we need to build will put us at about the half way mark of plot, maybe two thirds, depending on how you chunk up the events.

Also seriously fuck EXALT. I'm getting tired of their shit.