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Part 40: Operation Caustic Warrior

Operation Caustic Warrior


Operation Banjo Kaboomy


So I'd like to write something serious here... but fuck it. It's EXALT and we don't even get a good clue either this time. So you know what, Ill just say that Skippy Granola is most of the reason to watch this video. If for nothing else, just give ol' Skippy a listen this one time and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Okay seriously, we do at least get a couple of new toys. Heavy Plasma is a nice step up in our firepower, but nothing really worthy of a lot of text. It will help James Dean and Hoss deal out the damage, and combined with HEAT ammo will be our number one stop for dealing with a certain heavily armored mechanized baddie. Sectopods. Cough. Also out on the field for the first time is Alex 'Shellshock' Johnson wearing Ghost Armor. Ghost Armor is essentially Skeleton Armor MK.II, now with added invisibility. Ghost Armor offers less raw protection than Titan Armor, but it enhances mobility, retains the grappling claw function, and comes with 4 charges of single turn invisibility. Very useful piece of gear that many players love and use as a primary armor choice. I feel I give it a little less credit and use than it may be due since I don't often utilize the invisibility aspect. The mobility and claw part of it though make it a great choice for quickly moving assaults around though.

Lastly, while I wrote about it a little in the skill selection segment, this is the first time I think we see Reactive Sensors in action on our MEC. It's not a huge deal, but I really do love how incredibly capable a colonel MEC is. Isobel is able to soak huge amounts of damage, boosh the biggest baddies, grenade launch clusters of lesser aliens, fire twice a turn if desired, collateral damage cover away from entrenched aliens, all while screwing over what ever is trying to shoot her by -20 aim. And now on top of that, the first thing that shoots at her gets a free retaliation shot. I love that skill. It really makes a high level MEC a serious force. The best part, is that our MEC chaises' are only level 2, there is still another upgrade to give them that will give them even more HP and a third weapon attachment.

Tangentially on the subject of MECs; I need to find out who the boobs are that guessed the lowest values in the Boosh Contest. You know, the guys that guessed numbers like 1-5. Cause we're already at 9 with way more game to go. Anyway, for those of you that guessed really, really, reallllly badly will be winning as many copies of Takedown: Red Sabre as Keket has spare copies of. Mercy upon your soul as I expect each of you to play it for 15-30 minutes as punishment for your terrible guesses.