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Part 44: Operation Uncaring ApocalypseFull Post

Operation Uncaring Apocalypse


Not the finale you might have been expecting, but it's a rough mission either way. It's included because supply barges are real dicks of a mission. The terrain is not favorable and at this late in the game you'll only see the very strong aliens on them. I also did not think I had included on in full, having not gotten to supply barges until I was montage-ing the random filler missions, and this is a pretty great example of late game UFO clearing. It's kind of rough sometimes. I can spare you most of the details at this point, but the biggest problem on this map is always that middle area. There is a reason why 80% of the video is fighting in that one hallway. It sucks, its narrow, it doesn't offer a lot of cover, and while there are other routes and the ability to take high ground, line of sight issues often prevent these options from paying off. Dealing with the corridor of doom is tricky, no way about it. I prefer to play it safe, take what good positioning is available to me, and chip away at the aliens as I can. It's very easy to rush forward for better cover or positioning and activate more aliens in the middle of the map. That should be illustrated pretty well by the second pack of heavy floaters waiting just out of sight for me for 3 turns while I dealt with all the other problems.