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Part 45: Operation Final Albatross

Operation Final Albatross


The final mission is upon us! let's not do any of that. Instead lets shoot down a battleship and train up our highest willpower soldier to date. This might be a little unnecessary, but an unfortunate side effect of my high aim recruit screening means that a high will power soldier sometimes takes a while. Alex Johnson is about to show us why high will power soldiers can be way more powerful than high aim soldiers. Fully kitted out she will be mind controlling and mind fraying literally everything on the field. Today's video is really just stalling the final mission to have my A-Team set up exactly how I want it, and because I don't think I've shown off mind control off. I'm blaming you Ricky Gunderson!

Also today is a real battleship! Not the easy kind from the Slingshot DLC. Guava argues that these battleships are the hardest missions. I feel less sure about that, but it certainly is a long mission with a lot of hard aliens in it. Good times all around, lets of aliens to kill and Meld to reap from them. I wish I hadn't preemptively blown all my meld beforehand, because I might have had enough to upgrade Isis's MEC suit fully. But no matter, Alex Johnson and James Dean get some needed gene mods. Once we're done here, we're all set to finally go assault that giant alien ship.