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X-Com: Enemy Within

by Speedball

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Original Thread: Mind-reading mutants who fight aliens! We're not X-Men. We're XCOM.



An XCOM Let’s Play? What’s this one bring to the table that’s different?

This one will be a narrative Let’s Play, in the vein of GuavaMoment’s classic X-Com and X-Com Apocalypse Let’s Plays. No one's tried to do that yet with THIS game, and it gives me so much to work with!

Sweet! Let me sign up—

Hold your horses. Unlike classic X-Coms, the modern XCOM (note the lack of hyphen) is not meant to be a meatgrinder where you chew through a hundred soldiers. If I’m lucky I’ll lose and use much, much less than that. We’ll be doing things a little bit differently here. I’ll have a few surprises in store that I wouldn’t quite be able to pull off with an entirely-submitted cast of goons. That said, feel free to have submissions to the thread if you like--I love 'em!

What special options will you be using?

It’ll be on Classic Difficulty, because I like a challenge without being kicked in the crotch repeatedly, and the two Second Wave options that slightly randomize soldier’s stats. That’s it. No mods (mods are finicky on my computer regarding XCOM anyway…sorry, no Long War!)

Spoiler Policy

Try not to mention anything that I haven’t already covered in the thread. I’m also going to be tying in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and for those of you who played THAT, don’t spoil it either, please. THANKS. That means no spoilers about plot missions, DLC missions or EXALT.

I want more XCOM LPs!
The Definitive XCOM Commanders Guide! by the incomparable Guava Moment and Jade Star!

So: let the adventure of a lifetime begin!

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