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Part 2: Alien Hair Dye

XCOM: Part 2: Alien Hair Dye

Commander’s Log: Leroy and Allen seem to be otherwise physically unharmed, but for safety’s sake we’re putting them on medical leave until Dr. Vahlen and her team can determine what, exactly, the mutagenic orange goo is. Two others will take their place on the strike team. Also, as a precautionary measure, I am activating nametags on people’s popup portraits…It’ll be hard to keep track of who’s who if everyone gets all mutated.

It’s not a bad shade, really…I’ve got a few civvies that would coordinate well with this. You, uh, you look pretty okay too.
Yeah, well, I just hope that we’re dealing with the kind of sorcery that doesn’t corrupt you from the inside until you’re a husk.
Are you still on that, Allen?!
I’m telling you…besides, sufficiently advanced science is the same as magic anyway.

Commander, our engineering team has finished constructing the next level down for the elevator, and the new power generator.
Excellent! For starters we’re going to need some space for our satellite uplink cluster, as soon as we have the staff to manage it.

We found a lot of hollow spaces down here, commander…anything you’re not telling me?

Well, you’ll probably figure it out sooner or later…this base is recycled from an old base from 50 years ago. After it was abandoned they blasted a lot of the chambers shut. So there’s a few hollow spaces that we can probably repurpose for our needs easily.

Commander, we’re receiving reports of alien attacks! Three cities have been hit with the abduction pods, simultaneously! Moscow in Russia, Mendoza in Argentina, and Mumbai in India!

XCOM is under-funded as is, and our “only one team out at a time” doctrine is very stringent. It’s the only way to make absolutely sure of no contamination or alien infiltrators.

I know, I know. *sigh* We don’t have time to respond to every alien attack in the world. We only have one stealth-equipped Skyranger anyway.

The local governments are capable of responding to these threats with their own soldiers, Commander. However, we fear that there will be…political repercussions… for not being able to respond to this threat in a time of need. Many member nations of the XCOM project have yet to provide their full support…
Yeah, they’re only paying enough to keep the base’s lights on and nothing else.
However, they are each willing to…incentivize… your attention during this matter. Russia is offering 200 Units of funding, immediately, if you eliminate the aliens abducting citizens from Moscow. Argentina is prepared to sign over the contracts of several of their top researchers immediately, and India will provide your base with four of their best engineers if you respond.
Damn it…we need all of these things…but right now, more than anything, we need funding. I plan on blowing a lot of cash on upgrading our base and equipment. Tell Moscow we’re on the way.

Right, Cameron Watkins of America and Naomi Bar-lev of Israel, you have the best aim scores of the rest of the rookies, you’re replacing Allen and Leroy for this mission.
Yes, sir!

This is a gas station in Moscow, watch your fire, because those pumps will blow if there’s too many sparks.

No sign of the enemy yet…
So, Naomi… You’re Israeli, huh? I—

Watkins, concentrate. Zin, you’re our sniper, climb that pipe and get up on the roof for a better angle. Wright, circle to the right and get ready to provide supporting fire with your heavy weapons. …though with your aim scores I don’t expect you to hit anything…

Goo found! Not it!
Not it!
Not it!
Aaaaah, you assholes! Fine. It better not turn me purple.

Aliens by the gas pumps! I’ve got a bad angle, Wright, can you flank them?
I’ll try!

No need, friends!

I can explode them both with one grenade right from here!
No! Wait! I—

Hahahahaha, the best sniper needs no rifle!
Commander, please! Let me put it to you in terms your soldiers will understand: I can’t build you laser weapons if you keep blowing up their equipment!
We’ll get to that later, I promise, Dr. Vahlen.

Gaaaarrrrggshhhit, I was careful but some of it got on me anyway! Commander, we need to find out a better way of disarming their self-destructs!

Vahlen’s working on it, Bar-lev. Sorry. We can’t even afford more than one grenade per soldier at the moment. Everyone, push through past the convenience store and into the fueling area. Watch your fire.

I can hear them moving! They are somewhere behind these semi trucks! Also some goo. Not it.
Not it!
Not it.
RRRRRRRGH you COCKSUCKERS! Not fair, I already got the last one!
I will go for it! Moms are tough!

Damn! Two more by the goo!

Make that four!

They’re opening fire on me!


Heh heh heh heh. AHAHAHAHAHAH! Commander, permission to blow these bitches away with my rocket launcher!
Denied! You’ll hit the goo.
THANK you.
Watkins, move up and blow away the two by the truck near you with a grenade.
I need to make sure all the rookies get some kills under their belt, doctor. Sorry.

SHIT! There’s one behind me! Bad idea, bad idea! I’m backing off!

Fuck it, I’m taking the shot anyway!
Wright! Your cover is on fire! Back off!

Wright blew his cover away! Prepare to face the wrath of the fastest pistol in the Baltic!


Gaauauuuugghhh! gggg…fffff…nnnnnn…
Ahh, hell! Wright’s down! Making a dash for it!

Hufff…huff…I’m right behind the thing, gimme a second to shoot it—
No time! Frag out!
*butts head against microphone repeatedly*

Only one left! Running to a better position!

Haha! You cannot hit me!

…or can you…aaaaaaaiigghh, I’m bleeding out here! Medic!
We can stabilize him in the Skyranger, but first we need to get that last alien!
Already got it.

You what?! How—
Now I will get more alien goo on me, as agreed. *sigh* You drag Zin to the ship. I’ll bring Wright. …(crazy woman, what did you think would happen?)

Good work, everyone. Well, mostly good work, everyone…*sigh* If only Wright had realized she was standing on a powder keg… Bar-Lev! You’re promoted. Watkins, you’re NOT promoted. No kills, no pay upgrade.
Aww, man…
Zinchenko will survive, but he’s in bad shape…we’ll need him in observation for a while.

Excellent work, Commander, though we are…saddened…by your casualty.
Oh…oh, MY.

This is…weird. Hair is one thing, but I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror now!
That’s a good look for you, though!
Hah. I was more thinking how useful this would be to potential spies. A technology that can alter someone’s face and race in a matter of hours. If only we could control it.
I’ve almost got it! Just one more day!

“From the desk of Squaddie Frieda Wright” posted:

Dear Max and Felix,

I hope you are obeying your aunt while your mother is out saving the world. I’ve got a very big machine gun and rocket launcher, and I won’t let you play with them if she tells me you’ve been slacking off at school!

I’ve made many friends from around the world here. What we’re doing is secret, but I have a feeling it won’t be secret for much longer. There are some very good people who are depending on me, and some very bad “people” who I plan on turning into black smears before the month is over.

I’m heading out to another mission now. I’ll write you again when I get back.