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Part 11: Seekers in the Rain

Part 11: Seekers in the Rain

Everyone, GET OUT OF BED! I know it’s only been half a day, but there are more abductions in progress!
Everyone but you, Watkins. You’re still on medical leave. Go watch some of Allen’s movies with Hilda. Bar-Lev will command in your absence.
Ahhh…thanks… *thump*
Who’ll be our fifth?

For the moment…Hugo Gutierrez! His aim’s only average, but his willpower score is through the roof. I’m hoping some combat experience brings out a little hidden potential in him.
Very, VERY pleased to make your acquaintance, ladies. Please, call me Hugo.
Hey, are you the guy always standing around the pool table? Nice to meet you.

So, you got any weird quirks we need to know about, Hugo? ‘Cause, I mean, we’ve all got ‘em.
None that I’m aware of…is it required that I be weird in some way? Maybe what makes me weird is how completely normal I am.
No, it just means that you’ll get weird later. *snicker* What did you used to do?
Cop. Tried to arrest an alien, just like in Men in Black. Except this one spit poison in my eyes…bastard… If we see any Thin Men, I’m taking them OUT.

We’re in the middle of some big construction site in the woods… lots of cover, but also lots of open spaces, not many big buildings. There will definitely be seekers, I hate those fucking things… Move up, SLOWLY.
So, Eva, how’d you get in this outfit?
They promised me college credits…
Oh, a college girl, huh?
No flirting during the mission, or I’ll step on your dick! Focus. Keep moving up, cover by twos!

Floaters? We eat floaters for breakfast!

And sectoids to the right!

I’ll give it my best shot!

Wow, I’m getting better at this.

RRRRRGH. You scratched my paint job! DIE!

Here, have a patch job, Mimi. Be more careful!
Thank you…

The surviving sectoid and floater have pulled back.
I can reach the sectoid with a grenade! Please let me get it, I don’t get promoted if I don’t get any kills!
You are authorized to frag it, just don’t get reckless.

Whew! Easy money!

FUCK! Seekers! Everyone, establish overwatch!

Eva, there is a seeker RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Don’t move.
How do you know?
Rain. There’s no rain droplets hitting the puddle right next to you.

I’ve got an idea. I’ll empty my drum, spray and pray the whole area next to you, Eva. The sparks should disrupt its invisibility. Then you blow the bastard away.
Ohh…ohhhhh…okaaaay. Go!
Keep your head down!


Can’t believe that worked!
Alright, I’m reloading, now we just need to keep an eye out for Seeker #2, and the last floater. Stay frosty—FUUUUCKK!
Watkins said it often enough now I’m saying it! NOBODY SAYS “STAY FROSTY!” Grrr…

Last floater in the trees!
I got him!

X-ray down!
Look around for raindrops! Anyone? Anyone see anything?

There! Definitely THERE!

I did it!
Great job, Eva!
For someone so shy, you are surprisingly good at blowing the stuffing out of aliens.
Hee hee, thanks.

Well! One step closer to an official code name, Eva. Congratulations! And not bad for a rookie, Hugo!
Thank you, sir! Now to recommence hustling at the pool tables.
Good trick with the rain, too, Leroy; too bad we can’t count on the weather being on our side in the future.


“Allen’s Movie Corner!” posted:

NEMESIS (1992)

Albert Pyun is a crap director, but this was the one time he got everything right. Nemesis is a movie about a burned-out ex-cop cyborg martial artist guy named Alex, running through Java on a quest to deliver some data to rebels about how androids are secretly replacing humans. Even his boss is one, played by Tim Thomerson, the King of the B-Movies in the 80’s and 90’s.

Forget about the plot for the moment. This is a movie where everything explodes. Where a shotgun is a rocket launcher. Where an old lady pulls a gun out of her purse and busts a cap in the ass of an android. Where the hero shoots out the floor beneath himself and falls through FOUR STORIES, screaming all the while.

But it’s got a few moments of surprising depth. Not all the androids are evil; some are helping the hero on his quest. And there’s a great speech where Tim Thomerson quietly says how it’s wrong that the humans treat his kind like things when it’s not their fault they’re alive. Right before shrugging off some bullets and proudly declaring he’s “STATE OF THE FUCKING ART, ALEX!” (Note: if one of us gets modified to be bulletproof, we must use this line)

Wow. That was a surprisingly fun movie to watch. …a very “Allen” kind of movie to watch, but hey.
I liked the skinny girl who could leap off of rooftops like it was nothing. Wish I could do that…
Well, it was great spending time with you, Hilda, but I guess they’re kicking me out of the hospital now…clean bill of health.
Three fucking more days…just make sure to shoot them all twice. Once for you, and once for me, okay?

Heh, of course. …oh, wait a minute. Flip on the news again…!

SHIT! They’re attacking OPENLY!

Next time: Everything changes!