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Part 12: TERROR!

Part 12: TERROR!

They’re attacking openly…I never imagined…

No time to waste, everyone in the Skyranger NOW. Except you Dr. Gomez, we need faster troops, snipers take too long to set up. Sorry.
Okay! Good luck!

The local army and police forces are doing their job here too, fortunately. XCOM is merely assisting in their own way, on this particular site. This attack is clearly reprisal for all the interference we’ve put on their abductions.
According to intelligence, there’s not many alien attackers within this city block, at least not yet, however it is full of civilians, and the aliens have made it clear from other engagements ongoing in the city that they are here to prioritized killing easy civilian targets. When given the choice between shooting at you, and shooting at innocent people, they’ll shoot the people. Your priority is to save human lives.
Send any civilians you get into contact with back to the safety of the Skyranger’s cargo hold, to get them out of the line of fire. Be aware, though, that the best way to prevent civilian loss of life will be to terminate the enemy quickly, as a preventative measure. You should only need to move civilians if they’re directly in the line of fire.

(keep it together, keep it together…)

They’re attacking a military base? Pretty brazen, where’s the local soldiers?
A lot of these panicking civilians are the local soldiers. Their armory got blown up, without weapons they can only run and hide.
Great. Hope they know to keep their heads down. Let’s go!
I’m the fastest, I’ll scout ahead!

SHIT! What the hell are THOSE!?
Blade-legged giant bugs!!!

It’s coming right for me, HELP!

It’s still up! What the hell?!
I’m rushing it!

Whew…everyone move up! Be careful, there’s a second one out there!
Y…you saved me…thank you, Cammy.
Don’t…ah, hell with it. You can call me that. Anyway, keep moving!

Second one’s there! Hey UGLY!
What are you doing?!
Distracting it! HEY! Ignore that civilian! HIT ME!
I’ll help!

Shit, it barely felt that!

Somebody help me! NOOOO!


Fucking murderer bug! DIE!

Keep moving up! Determine where the rest of the attackers are, send any civilians you pass back to the ship on the way!

Here! Go back to the airplane outside the motor pool, it’s safe there! Quickly!
Oh…bless you, girl…

Hey, the victim’s getting up! Are you alright?
…clearly you are not alright. Uhh, where are you going?

Holeee shit it’s a ZOMBIE! OPEN FIRE!

Shit, we missed! Hit it AGAIN! AGAIN!

It’s in my face! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!

Are…are you sure it was a zombie? Maybe it was just a—
I have seen a million fucking zombies movies, it was DEFINITELY A ZOMBIE! The aliens have monsters that turn humans they kill into other monsters! Everyone we don’t save becomes another combatant! SAVE EVERYONE! GO!

Two more floaters! One’s mine!

He’s down! Reloading!
Quick, lady! Hide in this smoke!

Wow, the floater must’ve decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, he hid in the warehouse. Smoke saved her life!
I unloaded everything I had into the bug and the zombie, gotta reload. That thing’s still in there, it’ll kill someone while we’re fiddling with our magazines!
Two more to the northwest!
And a civilian right next to ‘em, I’ll try to get her out!


That was too close. Hey, lady! Get outta here! Okay, Eva, I caught a glance at the other one. The two floaters are on either side of the far end of the cargo container, try to do an airburst to hit them both!

I won’t let you hurt anyone else!

Thank goodness…two down!
Last one’s in the warehouse! I’m rushing it, I’ll try to draw its fire!

There you are, you fuck! Hold still while I reload!

It’s surrounded! Take it down!
I got it!

Everyone okay? I’m not hearing any more gunfire, I think we got ‘em.
Only six aliens for this entire base?
We nipped the bugs in the bud, if they had killed any more people this whole place would have become a hive of zombies. We seriously dodged a bullet here. But just to be sure, keep moving everyone to the safe zone. And make sure no more survivors are zombies! And…Eva?

What’s the matter?
… They’re not going to stop, are they? I guess…it’s time for me to stop hiding.

Team, you did a great job. There may not have been many hostiles, but it was a target-rich environment for the aliens and you saved almost everyone there.
If only we could have saved ‘em all…
In addition to saving lives, every one of those survivors is now evidence to the rest of world that XCOM means business. Most of the politicians who were breathing down our necks have backed off and it shouldn’t take too much more effort to get them to send us more support, with the end goal of us saving the world. Now, Watkins, Eva, get your dress uniforms on and report back to the big viewscreen.

Cameron Watkins, for your sterling record of surviving danger at every turn and your commitment to preserving human life, we present you with the Urban Combat Medal and the Council Medal of Honor.

(legs together, chest out, perfect!) Thank you, Commander! I’ll do my best to keep bringing everyone back home!

Eva Semyenova, you’re a rising star within XCOM; eight kills in five missions, and not one panic attack since your first mission. We are promoting you to Sergeant and awarding you the Braveheart Medal!

Thank you sir! I’ll never fail anyone ever again!
Whoah, that’s what you look like?! I knew you got melded but I didn’t know your hair was so—

—fucking BADASS! Haha, damn. That’s a good look for you!
…heh. Thanks. This isn’t the face I was born with, so…I decided I wouldn’t show it off until I felt like I was ready to say goodbye to the old me.
Oh, that’s why? Thank God, I thought you were somehow ashamed of becoming black because of a racist upbringing or something.
What? I would never!

To be continued: Next time: We visit Hong Kong!