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Part 22: Family Ties

Part 22: Family Ties!

…I’ve never seen E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial before.
Sorry, I couldn’t stop crying. I’m a big crybaby for movies like that…
Is that what California was like in the 1980s? Huh. Hey, Commander, why this movie?
It’s important to realize that not every alien out there may be malevolent. Just as a soldier or a cop may start to think the whole world is filled with criminals and enemies because they keep encountering them, we at XCOM might slip into thinking that everything on every other planet is hostile. It’s more likely that there’s plenty of good aliens out there, but we won’t meet them, because they won’t be interested in invading.

Y’know, the Commander’s survey yesterday had me thinking, about how this tech will change the world… You know I’m black, right?
…you are?
Ha! See? You didn’t! But I’m African-American. You didn’t know that, though. XCOM’s mission is to bring nations across the world together in harmony, and it’s working. Nationalism-based bigotry has no place here. If the whole world had relatively easy access to meld, then racism and sexism would be totally obsolete too. That’d be amazing. A world where you don’t pre-judge people on their appearance, because you can’t.
Huh…funny you should mention that. I thought Meld would just let us use cybernetics and cure cancer, but that’s something to consider.

Looks like you’ve gotten the hang of hiding behind any sort of cover. Combined with your chameleon abilities, this should make you almost totally invisible. You’ve earned a new code name, Hilda. From now on, you’re Queen.
Badass. Thanks, sir!
We can just barely spare the money and meld for it; you’re getting jumpy-legs.

Personal note: There’s been a lot less psychological trauma than I had expected. I hypothesize this is due to the fact that our enemies are aliens. Most wars require soldiers to “other” an enemy in their minds, make them less than human. This unfortunately encourages sociopathic behavior, an attempt to consider people non-people. However, the aliens are coming to us pre-othered. They’re thinking beings, but still so physically different from us it doesn’t come off as murder to destroy them.

More abductions, sir!
Great. Let’s help out Germany. Europe’s been shafted by aliens the most this year, so we need to throw them some support.

…son of a BITCH! Zinchenko!! Get the hell out of my lineup!
But Commander, how can I become a good soldier if I never practice?
…oh, fine. I’d rather send the SHIV, but whatever… good thing Germany said they’d send us a GOOD soldier for helping them out here.

So, my mutated friends, how have you been liking it? I’ve been thinking of modifying myself too.
Same here.
Been pretty fantastic, for my part.
I’d be fucking DEAD five times over without these powers. I love ‘em. What would you mutate, Zin, your eyes so you don’t miss every shot?
Hey! I hit them when I use my pistol! Sometimes!

The aliens have invaded a German diner. All those poor people who just wanted a pancake in peace…
Not a lot of cover between us and the diner. Be careful. Pincer action. Half up and to the right, half to the left. I’ll probe first…

Two Floaters!

They’re in hard cover behind the opposite walls. Too far away for a good shot or a grenade.
Shot is not clean. I probably can’t hit them like this.
Same, rocket launcher’s not accurate that far away!
Fuck. Get closer then, everyone!

Pulling to the left, using that Meld container as cover! I hope they don’t explode this thing all over me, I’m kinda attached to my current appearance…

Here you go, Cam! Popping smoke!

Ack! One flew behind me!
I can see three of ‘em in the diner’s kitchen!
Two more sectoids too! We’re surrounded.
Seven total. Ack. Thin their numbers, fast! Zin, blow up two of them in the kitchen with your grenade. Eva, take out the far sectoids with a rocket. Everyone else, pick a target of opportunity!

Rocket away!

Sectoids down. Oh, I hope whoever owns that car isn’t mad at me…
Great shot. I’m rushing the far floater!

Not even close! Damn I love these reflexes!

This guy’s toast. Zin, Leroy?

Taking down the floater by the door! Haha, welcome to Denny’s, bitch!

Got ‘em!

No-scope kills: SIX! Hahahahahahaha!

Dirty creature! You are MINE!

Three more behind the diner, I think these are the last ones. Maneuvering around the cars…

One down!
I got one on the right, who’s got the last one?

Once again, guns fail me! BAH! Just give me a satchel of grenades already, will you, command?
Like hell.


Easy peasy. Let’s clean up the bodies and go home.

Hmm. So, you have no regrets about your mutations?
The powers are obviously really cool. I have a… couple regrets about the other mutations, though. Socially, I mean. I’m so mutated my own mom wouldn’t recognize me.

Watkins, you’re a hardcore badass of the top caliber, so I’m giving you the biggest promotion available to field agents: colonel-class. And Zinchenko, against my better judgement I’m giving you a pay increase too.
Hahaha, yesssss. I’m climbing the ladders!
Now, let’s see what Germany sent us.
Five bucks says she’s a woman.
Pfft, not taking that bet.
Actually…yes. Huh, she’s not German, she’s an American soldier who was stationed in Germany. Codenamed “Rhino.”
…wait a minute.

Oh my fucking GOD.
Cam? Is that you?

To be continued!