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Part 25: Battle Within The Mind!

XCOM Part 25: Battle Within The Mind!

What? Where am I? …a forest?! Hello?

Hellooooo! Anybody? Where is this?!
The future, Cam. The earth, devoid of all humans, with you as the sole survivor. The gene mods in your body make you tough to kill. This is your fate, Cam, and you know it. The last human alive, if you even count as human anymore, mutant.
Sh…shut up!
And what archeological legacy will you have left behind? When the elder races scrape through the dust, the only thing they’ll find with the name of Cameron Watkins on it will be a small free-to-play Flash game called “I am Rubber, You are Glue.” Your mother would be so proud.
…aaaaAAA! SHUT UP!

There has to be a way out of here! I can even see something ahead!
In this world, the only intelligent life left on earth is us. Do you want to know what the true warriors of our empire look like?

Hahahahahaha. You’ve been killing slaves, spies and scientists. How brave. What do you think of our professionals??

Ahh, shit! Where’d the other two go?!
Death from above, Cam. You are at war with the entire SKY. And now you’re alone.
No she’s not!

The forces of darkness shall never prevail so long as Beautiful Soldier Carol Allen lives! Ha ha!
YOU! I thought I destroyed you!

Eat my plasma, vile Ethereal Empire!!! CAROL BLAST!
… Allen!?

That armor’s pretty tough. Fortunately, I come with my four magical DROID FRIENDS!

Get ‘em, girls!
… what the pus-drinking FUCK is happening!?



Eva, it’s okay! It’s okay! I won’t let it hurt you!
Grandma…no…It’s me! I know I look different, please don’t hate me! It’s not my fault!
Shit. That must be her worst fear. Her abuela’s racist and now that Eva’s black she’s worried her abuela hates her. Bradford, get her on the phone!
She needs to hear her REAL grandma tell her she loves her over the phone to break the spell!

It won’t come off, it won’t come off, it won’t come off…
Goddamn it! I can’t keep bouncing around between all of them when they’re all in psychic nightmares! Cam ran off somewhere, and the rest… they’re not moving.

Colonel M, it’s not like that!
Agent S, you are a traitor to your country. The nation must always come first. ALWAYS. Before family, before friends, and especially before other countries. Their problems are not our concern. We need to take care of our own. But you’ve forgotten that. You fool. You’re a disgrace to us all.
I’m not. I’m not a disgrace, and I’m not your puppet! I am NAOMI FUCKING BAR-LEV AND I AM AWESOME!

Holy shit!
…hahh…haaahhh…I’m fine… I killed him. I fought off the illusion.
Man, that must take some willpower.
Either that or it can’t control things with machine parts too well. Let’s try to keep the rest safe, and kill this fucking mind-rapist to end this.

To be continued!