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X-Com: Enemy Within

by Speedball

Part 30: Base Under Attack!


Excellent job. Two continents have been totally locked down, and only China and Europe are displeased with you at the moment.
Good work… now let’s… huh?

Aww, hell. Shoot it down and send out the B-team. You guys know the drill by now. Now, Watkins, about Yoko. You should know this. She’s a clone.
A clone?
A mental clone. Similar to the mental clone of Allen you encountered in your mental battle, but this one was locked into another human body. They destroyed the original woman’s mind and replaced it with a copy of one of the other abductees.
I don’t know what the aliens are up to… twisting human bodies, messing around with human minds… but I do know that what Yoko’s going through now that she knows the truth is horrible, from personal experience.
From personal experience? Commander, who the hell ARE you?
Well, since you ask…


The hell? Why is everything shaking?

Sir, multiple seismic events nearby! Something’s digging into the base! And… explosions from Engineering and the helipad!

Aaah! No! My beautiful, beautiful prototype!

The hell?! Why is—aah! What’s wrong with your face!?


This is not an authorized use of the fire extinguisher, Mr. Jimenez!

Good thing I keep a gun in the desk for an emergency…

“Dear Bradford, IOU one Secret Gun.” Oh, you BASTARDS!

I could fix the Skyranger, but I feel a hypnotic compulsion to just go on lunch break and not give a fuck. Welp. No argument from me there.

Hey! That is highly inappropriate! Stop that at once!

HA! I’ll just take YOUR gun!
Oof! Ow!

What have you done?

Answer me!!!

Sir, multiple reports of perimeter breaches! They’re coming in through the vents!
Then it’s time for you security guards to earn your pay for once! Get the A-team out of their beds and arm them with whatever we’ve got handy, NOW!
Oh, maaaan, I do NOT get paid enough for this…

They’re coming…