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X-Com: Enemy Within

by Speedball

Part 31: Base Defense 1


Shit! It’s raining dirt on me, I think I’ve got one coming in from above me! What’s your status?
This “skeleton armor” is flexible and breathes nicely, but it’s not very tough. And I dunno about the utility of this grappling hook when we’re underground. But it looks cool! The pants are—
Ugh. Thank you for the fashion report, Leroy.
I’ve got a flashbang, too. For all the good that’ll do us.
I’ve got some experimental new armor they just slapped on me with a heal-sprayer, no idea how good it is. Looks like it’s just us three, plus these redshirts.
Hey! We’re BLUE!
The rest are dealing with threats on their own as they go. I’ll send some to link up with you when they can.
Right. Everyone on overwatch!
Oh, maaaan…


More dropping in around us!

You would NOT believe what I just saw. Bradford’s going apeshit with dual-wielded arc throwers, stunning everyone he sees. He just roundhouse kicked a guy in the jaw!
Huff… huff… well… you focus on the aliens, Strike-One, I’ll handle the mind-controlled crew!
How many enemies in here?

Coupla sectoids, another chrysalid bearing in on you, and a big gigantic fucking cyborg sectoid! A… mech-toid! I… I saw this thing in my vision! They’re tough! Blueshirts, hit the sectoids, and everyone else unload on the big fucker!
I’ll get the chrysalid!

Okay, okay, nothing to it…

Uhh… Hi.
Don’t look at it, just shoot it!

Chrysalid down!

Aww, man, it barely scratched that thing! They’re invincible! EEEEAAH!

I’m emptying the gun into it! Shit this thing is tough!

Last sectoid down, for the moment!

I’m going in.
Bar-lev, this thing is dangerous, it has plasma cannons for arms!
Well, you know what it doesn’t have? ROCKET FISTS!

You just punched him into the ceiling!
Yup. Back where he came from!

I think we got all the ones in this room.
I sense a bunch more coming through the cavern to the southeast. Be careful. Everyone reload your weapons.
Uhh… release button… safety on… new magazine…

Another telepathic sectoid. Let’s see if it can read the mind of my FIST!

RAAAH! Damn, he’s still up!
I got it!

Great job! Now let’s keep an eye out for anything floating through the cavern.

Pffft! Gah! Dirt in my face!
There’s one digging down from the ceiling of the mech bay!
Then establish overwatch and get ready.

They’re chrysalids you dumbass.
They look more like Tyranids to me…
Just kill them NOW, or I’ll beat your zombiefied corpse to death with my bare hands.
Yes, ma’am!

What? Bullshit, I was zeroed in on him! ROOKIES, YOU DID THIS SOMEHOW!

Got one! That means I’m promoted, right? I get a bigger paycheck now!
Heh. We’ll see.

We all shot at the other one but it’s still coming! AAAAH! We’re ALL GONNA DIE!

Do I have to do everything?

There! Stop panicking.
THANK you.

Cavern’s dark, but I can hear something in the distance…
Hey, are you Cameron Watkins? That’s so cool! You know I played “I am Rubber, You are Glue?”
Heh, really? Cool!
Hey, we should become partners! You’re Cam, and I’ll be codenamed “Shaft!” We’ll be Camshaft!

Had to rocket-boot my way up here. What’s up?
Look, I don’t think we need to consider each other best buddies since this is the first time we’ve met…
Aww, come on! Look, I’ll prove it! INCOMING!

Ha, wounded it! I’m a badass! See? See? Let me be part of the strike team!

Well I just killed a floater, a drone, and shot two of these damn disc things with REACTION FIRE while you were yapping.
Yeah, but now your gun’s empty. You need a partner!
What is your DEAL? Ahh, hell. FALL BACK!

I’m gonna blow up the floater and damage the disc! Grenade out!

I’ve got this one in my sights.

Disc down, I’m taking my second shot!

Target remains. I think it’s going to return fire, take cover!

Ohhh, this floor is caked in chrysalid blood. You can’t turn into a zombie by stepping in it, can you?
I-i-i dunno…
Calm down, rookies. You’re doing fine. The enemy is unfamiliar with the base layout, which means when they first appear they’ll be confused and unable to pick out targets. As long as we are in an elevated position we get first shots at everyone invading the mech bay.

The hell? It’s transforming! OWWWWWWW! FUCK!

Its armor is exposed like that! Take the shot!
On it!

Hell yeah. There’s only one super robot around here, and it’s ME.
Turn ME into a cyborg and I bet I could do that too!
Would you give it a rest?!

Mimi, get over here to the Mech Bay, we think that’s where the next aliens are coming from. And I need to patch you up.
There’s a hell of a lot of more aliens coming your way, squad. Heads up!
Huff… huff… that’s eighteen personel subdued…

To Be Continued…