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X-Com: Enemy Within

by Speedball

Part 32: Base Defense 2


Everyone reload and dig in. This is a great vantage spot against anything trying to sneak in. Except for those crates they might use as cover…hmm…

I’ll vanish and spring across the battlefield, see if I can’t snipe them from behind when they show up.

So, what do you think the odds are of us getting out of this?
Dunno, but if we make it out of here I’m definitely proposing to that cute guy from Nigeria.

Aaah, hell, more dirt from the ceiling! Pffthaugh, this was a clean uniform! For that you die!

Four mutons in the Mech Bay!
Three. I just killed one.
Blueshirts, get this guy off my back!

Okay! Firing!

The armor’s too thick! Help!

Don’t worry, I got him!

Great job! Now, suck photons, asshole!

…what the FUCK! Bullshit! Someone kill this asshole!

Don’t worry, I’m here! Doubleshot!

YESSS! Man, I think I’m finally getting good at this.
I hope to be as badass and mutated as you someday, ma’am!

Bar-lev, get your two-ton ass over here already!
Huff…huff… somebody needs upgrade my damn legs! Hell…

Wounded it, take it down, your majesty!

I’m not actually a queen…

But on the battlefield…

I’m a fucking empress.

We got ‘em all? Ha ha! Wow! I can’t believe that! Not a scratch on anyone!
Don’t count on it.
I can sense more coming in from the north!
Awww, shit! I jinxed it! I’m gonna be the next to dieeee!
Quiet, or you’ll jinx ME too!

I’m picking up nothing but this giant open shaft. You sure?
I’m pretty sure.
Move up, carefully!
I’ll take the next vantage point.

No wonder she’s so cool, she’s a pink Trinity from the Matrix.

*hock* Ptooo!
HEY! Cut that out and get over here!

SHIT! Chrysalids, two of them, digging down right in front of me! Get set up in overwatch, NOW!


Fuck it, let’s see how this Batman thing works… good thing I weigh a hundred pounds less than I used to…


Here they are! BLAST EM!

One down! Mimi, punch it!

Great job! Leroy, you sense anything else?

Not sure… I’m out here with a bunch of the other blueshirts, but I’m… Hmm. Getting weird feelings. This is the main entrance to this level from the supply road outside. They should be hitting this place the hardest, but there’s nothing.

Yeah, there’s jack shit over here to the left, too! Are you sure we haven’t gotten them all?
No way it’s this easy. Move forward and take up positions everywhere around the security checkpoint.

We’re covering everything but… nothing man. Did Bradford kill all the aliens coming this way?
Huff…huff… only a… couple dozen…
Oh, come on! Seriously?
There’s more… coming your way… huff…

Yeah, well, just—

Oh SHIIIT! It’s another mind control attack!

Squad! Initiate emergency anti-hallucination measures! Pop on your headphones and hit play, NOW!
Headphones? I didn’t get any headphones—

Huddle under the smoke, boys! A modern day warrior, mean mean stride, today’s Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride! Fuck yeah I love this song!

Drones incoming! Heroes, Heroes! We must hold them on the line! They must not advance! (Fools, Fools!) So if you would be legends, boys, here is your chance!

…what is this resistance I sense? Mental patterns… but it is futile!
Oh, yeah?

…fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, but you’ll never be better than Commander Shepard…

Drones are toast! And we are never, ever, evvveeer, getting back togeether…

And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust!

Heat of the desert, dust settles on my face, without a compass the soldier knows no disgrace!

Clear on the east! Just two more left! A cyborg and a brainy-guy!

Impossible… impossible! You should all be howling mad with illusions! How could your minds be so organized, and yet so different from one another?!
Power of music, bitch! DIE!


We’re finished, team. That’s the last target down…
Oh, god, he’s buried in a pile of people he’s stunned. Someone drag him outta there…

H…holy shit! None of us died! NOBODY DIED!
Ha ha! Man. It’s a good day to be a human.

To Be Continued!