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Part 33: It hurts so bad!

XCOM Mission 33: It Hurts So Bad

Sorry about that, Jaime.
Uggghhh… fuck you, Bradford, that hurt!
You’ll be fine.

Well, everyone seems to have recovered from the ill effects of the mind control.
Do we have any idea what caused it? We know the aliens can control minds, but except for their home base, never on this scale.
Perhaps this was a one-time opportunity.

I can think of one thing that’s changed around the base recently. That antenna we stole from their base.
Oh, no…they were using it to amplify their telepathic transmissions. To everyone in the base!
Crap. We’d better shield or disable that sucker immediately until we can research it.

Sonofa…okay, we just got an update, there’s another EXALT cell hiding out in Canada.
Oh, my home turf! Send me!

Negative, I’m sending the person who can turn invisible and kill a thin man in one shot with a pistol. Queen, you’re up.
No problem, sir! I’ll be back before the week is out.
Stay safe, okay, Hilda?
Of course! Don’t get lonely.

There’s also a trio of abductions going on RIGHT NOW.
Hell! Send out the B-squad. They’re less tired. We’re deploying to Canada.
Hugo’s still wounded.
Let me go, sir! I need to defend my homeland!

Well, new friends, let’s get to work, shall we?
We’ll keep it short and sweet!
Heh heh…yeah…

Oh, man. Hildy’s all on her own now. She’s twice the soldier I am, but a father worries, you know?
Hmph. She would need to be more than twice the soldier you are to be a good one.

At least you have a family. I found out I’m a fake person inhabiting the corpse of a dead woman. *giggle*
Are you… are you okay honey?

I’m fine, ha ha ha! Hopped up on three different mood stabilizers and overbooked on the counseling sessions. Perfect time to give me a loaded laser gun and set me loose in an urban area, right?
Oh, god… look, you’re not a fake person and you sure as hell are getting more help once we finish the mission.
(…what am I getting myself into NOW?)

Cargo docks… like the place where Allen… never mind. I’ll go first, I’ve got sensory powers. If they have any more of those squids I’ll be the first to know.

Thin men in hard cover on the right!

Mectoid and two sectoids on the left. It’s in overwatch, be careful!
I’m going in!

WOOO! Shit! That was close.

Say goodnight, suckers!

No good angle on the other Thin Man, let’s see if these Flashbangs are any good…

Hsss! Auugh! Where are you!?

What the bloody blooming hell?! It looks like the little one’s using its magic powers to give a shield around that mech. Someone kill that asshole or we won’t be able to scratch the big guy.

Hssss… I must flee!
Ha! HA! Not into my line of fire, you’re not!

Oh shit, it’s coming right for me!

She’s not dead. We can save her!

Shield-giving Sectoid is down, take out the big one, Zhang!

Enemy down. One sectoid remains behind the cargo container and forklift.
It’s MINE!

How DARE you hurt Mama Watkins, you monster! DIE! DIE! DIEEEE!

Phew. Okay. Here you go, here you go…take it easy!

How you feeling?
…like shit. Ugghh…
Better give you another dose just to be safe.
You can’t go around all nutsy-like, kid.
Don’t call me kid, I’m as old as you are!
Pfft. You look and act like you’re twenty. You gotta murder with maturity.

No surprises yet, the remaining ones are probably in back by the foreman’s office. Push up!

Oh, crap, two squids and three sectoids! Don’t worry, my skin will disrupt their invisibility. Blast ‘em!

Blasting them as you say. Rocket away!
What!? Wait!

OWWWW my eardrums!
There. Sorry, I think I underestimated the blast radius.
I didn’t say “explode a rocket over my head” you mafia fuck! That hurt!
They were too evasive for normal gunfire.
Whatever. Three sectoids left, we eat those for breakfast. Troops, KILL!


Oh, this is so sweet. Heh heh heh heh heh. Goodbye.

I’m gonna paint my face with its blood and take a selfie. Anyone else want in?
Uh… no…

Mission complete, though once the painkillers wear off Latisha’s going to be dying of pain. We’ll need her in the hospital immediately. (And now I’m really worried about Yoko’s mental health…)

Owwwwwww… fuck me, I don’t think I’m ever gonna feel quite right again…

To Be Continued!