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Part 35: Some Dam Mission (Deluge)

Part 35: Some Dam Mission— “(Deluge)”

With the completion of the Elerium Generator, we’re going to start preparing for the Psionic Testing Labs, commissioning a few SHIV upgrades, and some more toys for the troops… Now, let’s see how everyone’s doing.

Ehhh… I guess not everyone is as open-minded as XCOM. My grandma threatened to cut my parents out of the will if they, themselves, did not disown me. *sigh*
What? Ahh, hell, I’m so sorry!
Something about “no alien contamination,” but I bet they wouldn’t be bringing it up if I wasn’t suddenly black.
That is grade-A bullshit. You ever need another family, girl, mine’s got plenty of room.

That’s really sweet of you, Mr. Van Doorn, but don’t worry… I’m tougher than I used to be. A lot tougher.

No, you have to rotate your shoulder just a bit to the left to get to the sleeve to open for the lubricant… there!
Ah! I see. Thank you. This means so much to me.
Hey, women of steel have to stick together. I hope we can afford two MEC suits soon, it’d be kickass if we could deploy together.

Ah, great! My rifle. I really missed this, I felt naked without it.
You were naked without it.
Shut up, Zin! You know what I mean.

And I’ve learned a few new tricks to go with it, too. Park me somewhere high and they die.

Hugo, what the hell are you mixing into your smoke grenades?
Incense! Hey, it’s legal. Ask Dr. Vahlen if you don’t believe me!
I think I— oops, Councilman’s calling!

Commander. Intelligence provided by the first and only EXALT operative you captured… in France… has lead to the identification of a vehicle believed to contain something classified as a ”living weapon”. However, we only became aware of the vehicle due to aliens targeting it attempting to steal it back from EXALT. You must act… quickly.
Crap! Okay, I want my heaviest-hitters on the mission.

Team, you’re being outfitted with multiple arc throwers because a sub-objective is capturing as many live aliens as you can, particularly Mutons. Their guns explode unless we capture them nonlethally, and since we’re learning their secrets, it’s much easier and less expensive to capture weapons than make our own. Plus, they might come in handy against that “living weapon.”
I’ve got a new “invisibility grenade” that might come in handy against the aliens, too.
We’re ready. Let’s do this!

Bad news, everyone. The aliens stopped the truck on a dam, and the firefight damaged the structure. The entire thing is cracking apart. This mission will require speed and power.
Shit. I can’t swim in this thing!

There’s a lot of blood all over here.
I can feel the dam ground shaking. Isn’t there a dam safety valve somewhere to relieve the dam pressure?

Yeah, there’s one over here!
Pretty high, that tower would make a good dam sniping position. Hilda, get set up over there!

Shit! They’re beaming mutons down on top of us!
I see a UFO overhead! It’s a dam invasion!

Nicked one.
Kill one and weaken the other so I can stun it!

Muton 1 down!

Muton 2 damaged!

Alright, here I go!

Got him! That’s one more free plasma rifle for us. General, Queen, get to the valves.

Good, this ought to give us a few more dam minutes…

Phew, look at all that dam water go!
Stop doing that!
Doing what?

Hssk! XCOM, you cannot interfere with our dam mission!

Got one in my sights. Consider him dead.

More coming down, ack!

Eva, lay into that mectoid!
R-right! My laser’s customized for anti-armor. *inhale*


Great work, Eva, I’ll finish him off.

Van Doorn, shock that Sectoid next to you.
Reeeek! *thump*

Another Mectoid! AAAH!

Cancel that, Mectoid down. Got a lucky headshot when I double-tapped ‘em.
We still have to keep moving up. And keep throwing more safety valves.

SHIT! Where the hell were you hiding!?


About halfway there, team.
Why didn’t the pilot land us on the other side of the dam? Jesus!

More of them!

Don’t have a good shot, they’re hiding back there somewhere.

Yeah? Well, they can’t hit what they can’t see.

Whoah! I… I can see through myself!
We’ll just camp here for the next 30 seconds, wait for him to make the next move. We’re all fine.

OW! FUUUCK! Leroy, I wasn’t invisible!
Oh, shit! Sorry, Cam!
Dammit! Almost burned right through my armor!

Let’s see how you like it, asshole!

More dam Mutons! Hit ‘em, girl!

RAAAAAA! *huff*
Great job! One down, one left.

That’s the last of the dam valves. We can’t relieve any more dam pressure after this. …shit, now I’m doing it!

Wounded the guy on the truck! Queen!

Got ‘em!

Everyone push forward and reload.
These bodies aren’t civilians, they’re EXALT! We must be getting close to the truck.

SHIT! Two mechs at once!
How many dam aliens are there?!
What do we do?!
Uh… Hilda, disable one of the Mechtoids. The rest, kill as many targets as you can and huddle under the ghost grenade if we need to. And this time don’t leave me hanging if you do!

AAAH! Gun’s dry!

Last dam sectoid down, finally!

Got the first one! Hold on, I can hit the other one with my disabling shot…

Got him, his guns are broken, rush him!

It worked, his interception fire didn’t kick in.

You like shoving green shit down people’s throats, don’t you, you overcompensating little fucker? Try some of mine!

Mimi, finish him!


Whew. Didn’t even need the second ghost grenade… but good plan, Cam.
Hey, you gotta have a backup plan or people die. I’m just lucky Hilda’s learned how to shoot faster…
Sorry for not ghosting you earlier. Let me patch your armor up.

Too many dam cracks, this place is going down fast! Get up to that truck so we can see what the big dam deal is!

Whatever’s in here, it was something dozens of EXALT guys were willing to throw their lives away on… be careful!

Careful, something’s rattling around in there.
I’ll get the door.


Dead EXALT guy…

Hello? Anyone else in th-



*huff huff huff*

Hey! Hold it right there!

Turn around slowly, please. We’re not here to hurt you, but…

Please. You don’t understand! You have to stop them! They killed everyone!


Shit, not again, aiiie…

Sorry! Sorry. I do that sometimes. I—


You did all this? You can kill them?!
Honey, we slaughter them.

It’s not that hard. You just shoot ‘em.
Please, take me with you!
That was the idea! Let’s go!

Mission complete, team. Grab that lady and extract immediately. Obviously, she’s something special… a human with minor psychic abilities like the aliens.
She’s lucky I didn’t make her head explode with my brain spikes.

Great job, team. Your skills are continuing to sharpen.
I was afraid nobody would believe me…
You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve done. I’ve seen shit that would turn you white.
Or various other colors, for that matter…

There’s more test subjects still out there… oog. I’m going to need therapy for years after this.
Hey, you can be therapy buddies with Yoko! Where is she, anyway?
Melding. She volunteered for a special mission, but needed modification first. You’ll know more soon…

To Be Continued!

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