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Part 45: Rookies to the Fore

Part 45: Rookies to the Fore!

The Skyranger literally just got back an hour ago and now we have another UFO? Hell. DEPLOY THE FIRESTORM!
We don’t have any on that continent.
What!? FUUUUUUUUCK. Fine. Deploy the laser-cannon-equipped normal jet fighter.

At least it’s a small UFO. If it were one of the bigger ones we’d be in trouble.

We’ve been at it this long and this is only the fifth one we’ve ever shot down. Weird. I thought there’d be more… anyway. Time to bring out our unenhanced soldiers.

The Furies are still in the Psi chamber getting their brain powers unlocked, so it’s just Annette and most of our B-Team.
Fortunately, it seems cyborgs are immune to “meld flu” as we do not possess any alien genetics.
That is one freaking HUGE gun, Gomez. You could probably down a UFO with that sucker.
You’re all equipped with the new, super-heavy Titan Armor. It’s slower than the Skeleton Armor and you won’t be able to dodge shots as well, but it’s super-tough.
So why does it look like I’m wearing a metal diaper?
You want to be shot in the crotch with plasma?
I’m also sending out our new prototype hover-SHIV equipped with plasma weaponry. Tear that UFO apart!

One of the downsides of all this experimentation… new problems sometimes arise. New worlds, new diseases.
Once we find the cure for “meld flu” I may get enhanced anyway. I need to be as strong and tough as possible to destroy the aliens! I can feel something evil out there… like the worst is yet to come.
Psychic premonition, or just the jitters?
Possibly both. Who’s piloting the SHIV?
Me. *wheeze* I’m just barely well enough to play video games, I can do this.

Well, so long as we’ve performed an autopsy on them, my vital-point scanner will help me utterly destroy the targets.
I’ve been practicing too.
Why don’t you ever use your pistols? You were badass with one back when we recruited you.
Sentimental reasons.

We’re here. Fan out but stay within sight of each other. If there are any damn seekers I don’t want anyone getting jumped!

This armor is quite… form-fitting for something so heavy. Let’s put the fireproofing to the test.
Careful, Zin, we don’t want any toasted buns!
Ha! Indeed…

X-rays spotted. Three mutons to the east!

*cough* Let’s put this flying SHIV to the test! Targeting…

BOOM! One shot, 100% aim, one kill. I love this machine already!
Everyone else, move closer!

BAAAH! Stupid pistol targeting system said I had a 70% chance to hit. How could you betray me, statistics?


Haaaahhh… haaahhh… RAA!


It’s paralyzed with fear. Flank it!
No time for subtlety. I’m punching the far one.


Crying for your mommy, soldier? I’ll give you something to cry about!

Whew. What the hell did you make it see, Annette?
I gave it a vision of an overwhelming swarm of ants crawling all over its skin, biting!
Aha, a metaphor for how humans are resisting alien occupation! I approve!
… I wasn’t really going for that, but that works too! I’m going for the meld!

AAAAH! That was a mistake! Backup!

Now, my rifle, you and I have had our differences, but today, you will not fail me. We’re going to disable that monstrosity’s weapons, you and I!

YOU TRAITOROUS WEAPON! *thumps rifle* This is why I never trusted you!

I’ll try to draw its fire with the Hover SHIV! The Mechtoid can’t aim upwards very well and the SHIV can’t be mind-controlled.

This will hold it. Everyone get set up!

Ha! See? It can’t hit this thing while it’s in the air!
The sectoid commander is moving to shield it with its mind.
We can’t reach it from here, we’ll have to try to blast the shield down manually.

THERE! That’s more like it! The shield is down.

HRRRRGH! It’s not dead yet, but it’s hurting!

It’s gone. Now, Hugo, send the Shiv closer to the Sectoid commander.
*cough* Right.

Ha! FLYING DEATH! I bet you wish you brought floaters with you now, didn’t you?

Obey… obey! You are a weapon. You are MY weapon.
Hrrrrgh… no! You won’t get in my brain!

But I will get in yours!
*whistle* Particle accelerator to the face. That’s gotta hurt.

Seekers to the south!
SHIT! I hate those things!
Don’t worry, you’re all wearing Titan armor, right? They can’t strangle you now.
But now we have to go hunting for them.

Zin, you and Hugo watch our rears while the rest of us infiltrate the UFO and secure the other Meld canister.
Of course! Nothing will get past me. And if anything does I’m dismantling my rifle once and for all. You hear that, rifle? You’re on notice.

It’s decloaking to attack! Countersniping!

Hahaha! Excellent!

The bridge. There will be at least two or three Sectoid Commanders here.
I can punch at least one to death. Peter, can you shotgun the other?
I am one with the gun.
Good! Breach!

Hssst! More puppetsss. You do not possess the genetic traits necessary to resist our control!

Typical brain-alien. “Your inferior earth weaponry is no match for our superior intellect,” blah blah blah. Let me know when that giant brain of yours has a laser-reflecting skull!


Who is laughing now, foolish hair-faced creature?

I am.
You! The test subject! NO!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! DIE!

Ugh… thanks! Piece of shit alien. Couldn’t control my own limbs…

I got the final seeker. All aliens dead.
Successful test of the new armor and SHIV, and proof that we don’t need mutagens to make good soldiers. You’ve made me very proud, team!
The sick soldiers are beginning to recover.
Good. I think it’s time we put the screws to EXALT and finished them once and for all.

To Be Continued!