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Original Thread: Some destinies are chosen. - Let's Play X-Men: Destiny [VLP]



Let's Play X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny is an "action-RPG" developed by Silicon Knights for the PS3 and Xbox360. The Wii and DS versions do not exist. The game was met with a decent amount of hype before release, but it fell on its face at launch. It has a slew of technical issues: minor graphical glitches, sub-par character animation, audio clipping, sound desync, and if you're really unlucky it just flat-out crashes. Critics weren't too fond of the gameplay, either. They mocked its billing as an action-RPG, asserting it was more of a straight-forward beat 'em up, and very underwhelming by that genre's standard as well.

So, why am I playing it? Well, it's not all bad. The RPG elements are useless and the combat is so shallow that you could breeze through just mashing the square button... on Normal Mode. For some reason, the difficulty select in this game is abhorrently labeled, and the Hard -or "X-Treme"- difficulty is what should have been the default. Don't misunderstand me: I am not saying that the game is better simply when it is more difficult. Hard Mode actually makes the player use the game mechanics and explore the design as intended. Normal Mode doesn't. That's kind of a big deal.

Does Hard Mode make the game good? I dunno! I was never very good at that kind of judgment. I can tell you that this Let's Play will make X-Men: Destiny look a hell of a lot better than any other press media or post-release gameplay.

About this Let's Play in particular:

We're going to only play through the game once, as a single character, with one of the three available powers. I debated myself over this for a long time, but this is definitely the better decision. Only one of the characters has interesting dialogue, and the powers are almost interchangeable, save for a few nuances.



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