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Part 156: Fan Art

Additional material goes here. Easy enough to figure out. Just use your head!

Music from the game (in order of appearance):

Xenogears OST:
Light from the Netherworlds
Bonds of Sea and Fire
Steel Giant
My Village is Number One
Singing of the Gentle Wind
Stage of Death
The Valley Where the Wind is Born
Faraway Promise
Knight of Fire
Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People
Forest of the Black Moon
Dazil, City of Burning Sands
Grahf, Emperor of Darkness
The One Who is Torn Apart
Leftover Dreams of the Strong
Knight of Fire ~ Version 2
Aveh, The Ancient Dance
Lost...Broken Shards
The Sky, The Clouds, and You
Singing of the Gentle Wind
The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light
Jaws of Ice
Shattering Egg of Dreams
The Blue Traveler
In a Dark Sleep
Pray for the People’s Joy
Stars of Tears
Thames, the Men of the Sea
Ship of Regret and Sleep
June Mermaid
Gathering Stars in the Night
Shevat, the Wind is Calling
The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
Solaris, Eden of Heaven
One Who Bares Fangs at God
The Beginning and the End
Small Two of Pieces

Orchestral Remixes:
Dark Daybreak (Opening FMV Music)
Lahan (Creid Remix)
My Village is Number One ~ Orchestral Version
Dazil (Creid)
Stage of Death ~ Orchestral Version
The Gentle Breeze Sings (Nisan Theme)
Bonds of Sea and Flame ~ Orchestral Version
Faraway Promise ~ Piano Version
The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky (Shevat Theme)
Flight ~ Orchestral Version
Unstealable Jewel (The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen ~ Orchestral Version)
June Mermaid ~ Creid Version
In a Prison of Peace and Regret (Ship of Regret and Sleep Orchestral Version)
Melkaba (Omen ~ Creid Remix)
October Mermaid (June Mermaid Piano Version)
The Beginning and the End ~ Orchestral Version
Small Two of Pieces ~ Orchestral Version

Miscellaneous junk you fine folks come up with will be placed here. Don't hesitate to contribute. Unless you post a picture of Fei making out with Dan or Weltall converted into a giant robot fursuit, your stuff will be appreciated.

Spoiler Warning!

DocFrance tried to warn us.

Almost Smart reveals a dark alternate world where Dan’s unfortunate genetics were more widely spread.

SystemLogoff brings forth the dreaded Booty Bots.

Egadsman shows us Ramsus' style choices.

Egadsman presents the seldom seen GodCollar...

Mazed shows of Solaris: The College Years

CrushedB and

SystemLogoff and

Lance Streetman and

Zeikier and

Egadsman are all tied for best poster of the day in the thread.

prismeclipser shows why you should say no to Drive.

likecnsnnts fondly recalls the track where Grahf screams "POWER" for four minutes to a dubstep beat.

Technique was more of a fan of the of the Gazel Ministry's anthology.

Nohman used to be a Gazel Ministry roadie. True story.

a dog was there at the beginning, man. Before they sold out.

Mokinokaro paid far too much for a first edition print of this album on Ebay.

TurnipFritter shows off the limited edition wallpaper for pre-ordering Solaris's Number One Idol Singer Group, the -Gazel-gumi- latest single: Love Love Senah! (Available through digital distribution only)

Daigerus provides a dark alternate history where Fei lives in constant fear of the dreaded head-bite.

Screaming Idiot shows off what Hammer blew his winnings on from betting on Fei.

DocFrance had never heard of this "Hammer" guy.

Landwhale knew Fei before he was a champ.

Genpei Turtle simplifies matters.

Waffleman_ keeps asking everyone to try on these new glasses while snorting loudly. It's kinda rude.

Nohman shows off Hammer's pre-D Block days in Third Echelon.

CrushedB has rather vulgar suggestions.

Rirse uncovered a seldom heard reggae album.

Almost Smart knows "Crane kick. If do right, no can defense."

Rangpur knows how to fill out a Gebler officer's uniform.

TurnipFritter is probably a better pilot than Citan.

Screaming Idiot has an interesting interpretation of the gospel.

Anaxite provides the first of the Penguin Coats.

WFGuy is a fan of Penguin Coats. Elly...not so much...

PoptartsNinja has a more traditional Penguin Coat in the closet.

stormoftara is the Penguin-Slaying Slacker.

Sustentacular is on a mission from God.

Nohman brings us some Xenogears bingo.

Orange Fluffy Sheep ponders what would happen if Grahf were named Graph.

Lets gently caress Bro is actually Wilson.

thetruegentleman summarizes the game thus far.

Mr. Pumroy made the mistake of questioning Xenogears.

TurnipFritter reveals Miang's true form.

Lurking Haro gave Grahf a power bar for Halloween. He was ecstatic.

TurnipFritter gave Rico a rock for Halloween.

TurnipFritter makes us ponder if you can mummify nanomachines.

Nohman asked the Gazel Ministry what happened to their Scooby. They just went on a rant about trash for five minutes.

wit shows off Hammer's other Mad Skillz.

TheNork asks "Does thou desire... the CANDY?!!"

Orange Fluffy Sheep gives a fairly accurate portray of the production values of Disc 2.

Lurking Haro knows the true face of terror.

Zeikier went trick-or-treating on November 1st.

Orange Fluffy Sheep explains it all.

Rirse sees it fit to send off the Narration Zone chair with some dignity.

Mazed stands tall and shakes the heavens with this fine piece.

Daigerus thought Real Steel was a fine movie (and it totally was.)