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Part 9: Episode IX: Fei and Citan Dick Around Dazil

Episode IX: Fei and Citan Dick Around Dazil

Welp, it is out of the woods straight into the deserts of Aveh. Our new destination is that settlement straight ahead from the Blackmoon Forest. But more importantly, we’ve got a new a new ally...

Elhaym, with her lack of pants and 60% mass composed of hair, is out. Doctor Citan Uzuki is in! Xenogears has kind of a revolving door when it comes to party members. Especially in the early parts of the game.

Citan to put this best...? A goddamn powerhouse. On top of his PhD in Foreshadology, Dr. Uzuki as possesses a black belt in first degree asskickery. Physically, he’s one of the best, if not THE best characters in the entire game. Even now, a streak of four Weak attacks deals more damage than one of Fei’s Deathblows. He's also fast as hell and has terrific accuracy. Also, he's sporting twice the HP and MP of Fei, despite being two levels behind him experience wise. Dr. Citan Uzuki is a BEAST.

Pictured: Citan poking a Tusken Raider in the eye at the end of a combo because that’s just how Citan rolls.

Citan also comes equipped with a healing Ether technique. He is a doctor, after all...

With a tiny bit of grinding, Citan receives his first Deathblow: Ukigumo. This attack causes Citan to unleash a combo ending with a dickpunch so might that it sends the enemy flying into the air. In the case, said enemy is a Land Sand Shark.

He then leaps up and punches that sonuvabitch face first back into the ground. It promptly died at that point. I never realized how much manly shit goes on in assorted battles in this game until replaying it now. Our friendly neighborhood doctor just punched a Land Shark to death.

But, enough with that nonsense. Onward to our destination of Dazil. Let’s try not to raze this town too, eh Fei?

Music: Dazil, City of Burning Sands

"Yes, that is right. The desert town of Dazil."
”I bet it’s a real hive of scum and villainy, huh?”
“No, it is a fairly prosperous economic center of the region with a rather low crime rate due to an active city watch.”
“You sound disappointed.”
“Well, it’s just... Ah...never mind...”

"This town's lively."
"This is the center for all excavations in Aveh. People come from all over Ignas to try and find the resources buried in the ruins around here. We should be able to find out what both Aveh and Kislev are up to, here. And we also have to gather the things we need to repair Weltall."
"Repair Weltall..."
*nods* "Yes. We must exchange the broken parts to fix Weltall... Otherwise it will not be able to function at all!”
”Surely you have not forgotten why we had traveled here in the first place. It was not THAT long of a walk, Fei...”
“There is an 'Ethos' workshop in the southern part of this town. Let us go there, Fei."
”You say that like I’m supposed to know what that means, doc...”
*frowns* “Just follow me, Fei...”

Welcome to Dazil. Unlike Lahan there...really isn’t much going on here... There are a couple shops selling fairly standard equipment. We can offload Elly’s pilfered Pilot’s Uniform for a nice 2,500 Gold. But, other than that there is nothing worth mentioning inventory sorting wise.

Fei and Citan wander further into the town...

"That's amazing. They're digging right next to this town too?"
"This is an Aveh-run excavation site. The machines and Gears found here are valuable resources that could turn the tide of the war. They are indispensible to the war effort."
”So you could say they’re like Gears of wa—“
“You already used that one, Fei!”
“Oh...right. I’m still a little beat from the desert trek...”

"Anyway Fei... Let us move on. We have more pressing matters to do than taking in the 'sites'!"
”And you give me crap for the bad puns...”

A bit further into the town is a small tavern. Might as well stop in and have a look. I think it is legally required for travelers to venture into a bar when visiting any dusty desert settlement.

"... This sure is a noisy place!"
"Well, in a place like this you have to expect this kind of atmosphere."
"Yeah, but even so..."
”Say, Doc. If anyone gets...I dunno...confrontational do you think you’ll maybe...skillfully deal with ‘em?”
“You know... Like maybe with an elegant weapon for a more civilized age...?”
“Fei, for the last time I am NOT a Jedi...”
“Yeah, I knew that... Just saying that would be...ya know...pretty neat.”

"...hic..." Why're you all yappin' when Big Joe is here trying to drink in peace? Can't ya'all shuddup...? ...Hic!
“Who'dya think ya are? I don't care if you're Big Joe or Big Shmoe! You don't mess with me!”

"Gahahahahaha! Yeah, you sure talk big. Can you dig for treasure as good as you talk?"
“What's that ya' say!?”
"You're so tough... Always lookin' for junk laying around... Why don't you do somethin' more productive for once!?"
“If you ask me, You're a big pus--!”
“Hey, stop it... This guy's trouble. He's lookin' wild...”
“Ah, shawdup! Just shut your trap!”
"Gahahahaha! That's right... Run home to momma, little boys! Hicc!”

The two drunks run off out of the bar...

"Why, this man sure likes to make his presence felt!"
”What tipped you off to that, doc? The loud drunken rambling or the fact he’s dressed like a flamboyant casino performer in the middle of the desert? Anyway, I’m disappointed nobody shot first...”

There are a few things on the menu at the bar. Unfortunately we cannot actually order any of ‘em. I think I had some Bledavik Beer once. Talk about your monster hangovers... Anyhow, let’s talk to that Big Joe fellow. He seems like a charming chap.

“Booze is my life companion! Especially in a sucky world like this. Everyone's searching for dough and dynamite... Ha, how unromantic. Me? What am I doing here? ...Whatever I please, I guess. You think you know about yourself? I could introduce myself right now, and by tomorrow be a different person. If you didn't understand that, I'll repeat... ...Hic! Don't count your chickens before they hatch."
“Can we please stop wasting time now, Fei...?”
“Yeah, yeah... This bar was lame. There’s not even any catchy tunes played by a little band on loop forever.”

Remember Big Joe. That’s not the last time we’ll be seeing that goofball. With that said, this “Ethos” workshop is located to the northern part of town. It’s the biggest building in the settlement so it’s fairly difficult to miss.

Fei and Citan head into the workshop...

"Wow... So this is the 'Ethos' workshop, heh, doc?"
"Yes. The 'Ethos' workshops are the only places that officially repair Gears. Let us see if we can get the parts we need to fix Weltall here. As they say, time is money! ...So we should do whatever we can do as soon as we are able to."

"Sorry to bother you. Our Gear has broken down, so I would like to buy some parts to fix it."
“Tough luck, huh? Can you tell me what make of parts you are after?”
"Yes, we are hoping to replace an X-29 model injection bypass circuit."
“X-29 model injection circuit? That's only used on the latest military models. We don't keep those kinds of parts in stock here. You can only get such special parts by placing an order at the 'Ethos' headquarters. This workshop is only for the repair of civilian Gears...”
"I see. Sorry to have bothered you."
“Sorry that we can't help you.”
”Hey doc... Where’d you get to learn all this junk about Gears?”
“Med school.”

The pair exit the shop...

"Yes, of course, Fei..."
”Unless it is more references to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...”
“Nah, not this time...”

"...Well doc, it's about Weltall... We can't find the parts we need, so is it alright if we just don't fix it?"
"Do not repair it? What is the problem, Fei?"
"Well, we've been able to come as far as Dazil on our own... So doesn't that show that we don't need Weltall as much as we thought. Actually, I've been thinking that once things cool down I want to go back to Lahan and help rebuild. That's all I feel I can do now..."
"...I see. If that is what you want, Fei, then fine.”
”Now, if you will listen, I shall present a several bulletin point presentation as to why that is a terrible idea...”
“I think we should try and move Weltall as far away from there as possible."

"It is only my speculation, but... I suspect the incident that evening occurred because the Gebler Special Force stole a Kislev Military Gear."
"Special Force... You mean Elly's group?"
”I take it the ‘special’ part is just part of their name and not an actual title. That girl Elly was cute and all. But man, she was the worst soldier ever...”
"Exactly. When I examined the broken Gear in the village, I realized the Gebler pilot was riding a Kislev Gear. It must have had some new technology involved in it for the Kislev army to send pursuit forces after it."
*shakes head* "New technology?"
"I suspect that the Gebler Force was out to steal a new experimental Gear. I am sure news of the Special Force's failure has reached the capital. They will be investigating the Lahan area to reclaim whatever parts of the new Gear that they can find."
“Hold on, doc! Won't the Kislev army still be in Lahan too!"
<Good, the gears are grinding a bit in that head of his...>
"Most probably. And in that case, there will be a conflict between Aveh's inspection team and Kislev's pursuit troops. If they find where we have hidden Weltall..."
*nods* "The armies will fight over who gets Weltall... And right near Lahan too."
*nods* "So, to avoid any problems, we should move Weltall somewhere else right away!"
"But, we can't fix it in order to move it..."
*shakes head* "Right. But staying here will solve nothing. Fortunately, this is the center of all excavation work in this country. There is bound to be some information on where we can find parts... Anyway, the fear is often worse than the danger itself... We should not let such fears hold us back!"
”Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. There. Happy, Fei?”
*grins* “I knew I liked you, doc.”

The party wanders about the town a bit until Citan take notice of a vehicle parked in the southern part of the village...

“...That is it, Fei! I have thought of a good way to get the parts we need for Weltall. Let us go back to the rental shop and rent out this buggy."
"What do you intend on doing, doc?"
"Well, leave it to me. Just you wait and see."
”You gonna like...MacGuyver the parts from the truck to repair Weltall...?”
“...No, Fei. Just follow me.”

It stands to reason the shack just next to the buggy would be the place to rent it out. So in we go.

"Yes, that is right. Do you have any we can rent right now?"
“Of course...the keys are in the ignition, you can take it now.”
"Well then, if I may."
”Huh? There’s no rental fee?”
“Do you really want to go grind for money in the middle of the desert?”
“Good point...”

"Fei, I am going into the desert to search for parts for Weltall."
"Going to the desert? Doc, are you going to excavate some ruins or something?"
*shakes head* "The Kislev and Aveh armies are confronting each other in the desert all the time. There is talk that their forces often break into battle over the ruins."
"What does that have to do with that Gear?"
"If I search the battlefields for the wrecks of such army Gear... I should be able to find the parts we need. (Besides Weltall is a Kislev Gear, so we need parts from Kislev Gears.)"
"Fei, you are such a worrier. Things have a way of working out. You do not need to worry so much. Why not go kill some time at the bar until I get back."

And so Citan leaves the party. Like I said, the early game has a revolving door of party members.

“Hey, are you letting him go out there alone? Lots of fights break out in the desert... it's a real dangerous place. I've heard about a group of pirates riding around attacking people on a sand cruiser. You really shouldn't let him go out there by himself.”
”Hmm... Maybe you’re right. Say, you got another one of those buggy things to rent out?”
“Sure thing. Just a 7000 G deposit and it’s all yours...”
“But the last one was free...”
“That one just belonged to some jerk that parked in front of my shop and I wanted it out of the way. I just saw the jackass left the keys in the ignition. Hell if I know who it belongs to.”

Oh well... Let’s take Citan’s advice and go back to the bar. Maybe Big Joe has some insight into our new developments.

“There's a war on in the desert and he just goes wandering off there? If your friends are important to you, then don't let them get away. Especially if it's a lady friend... Gahahaha!"
”You make sense for a guy with a pink star tattooed to his face... Plus this town is hella boring. Alright, I’ll do it! Besides, how hard can it be to find the doc...?”


Music: Dazil, City of Burning Sands
Music: Dazil (Creid)

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