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Part 101: Episode XCVIII: Fei Fong Wong and The Great Flood of Exposition

Episode XCVIII: Fei Fong Wong and The Great Flood of Exposition

When last we left our heroes, Elly came out of nowhere into being the best character by virtue of being the one to finally call out Citan Uzuki on all his bullshit. Citan’s response to this dilemma was to employ the dreaded Clapper before vanishing into the darkness with his accuser, leaving Fei alone to stumble around in the pitch blackness.

"Hey, you okay? Elly. Elly...?"
*runs forward* "Elly!"
*runs backward* "Doc... Citan!"
*spins around "Damn! They got us! Elly! Citan! Where are you!"

Luckily, we aren’t quite at Doom 3 levels of darkness. We can still navigate down the halls thanks to helpful LED lights. The south-west door is a no go. Let’s try the southeastern one...

“Doc, you there?”

The room lights up...

”Oh geez. Please don’t say ‘The Uzuki form is dead insect’. My stomach can’t take any more abuse today...”


"Huh? This is..."
”...I’m guessing ‘not good’.”
*tries to move* “Guh... gr.. Can't... get it."

“Who!? Who did this!? Elly! Doc! Where are you!? Where..."

A powering up sound is heard and the face of one of the Gazel Ministry appears on every monitor in the room...

“That voice is the one which haunts you...”
“Cursed, untouchable one...”
“Oh god's beloved child, those who prevent our prayers...”
“Burn with god's fire...”

"Doc!? Th, these guys? What is this!?"

”Or was it Willy...? Whatever. Him!”
"Doc!! What's going on!? What are you all...? Doc! Answer me!"

"This man is Cain... Receiving the orders from the one known as Emperor, you've entered his realm, and have been under his continued supervision..."
"Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me?"
"Oh yes. We've guided Solaris and even selected the 'Animus' which have been drawn to you. And guided you here to Solaris."
"The 'Animus' is needed for our resurrection... These are our bodies... This is what we possess."
"Yes, this is the only reason we exist..."
"The bodies of Bart and the others belong to you? Is that true!? Doc! What they are saying?"
“Why so apprehensive? Is it that you were sold out by one you trusted?"
"I'm not talking to you guys! Doc, answer me!"

Music: Pray for the People’s Joy

"For three years I have been by your side. I had to determine whether you were going to be our enemy or not..."
”Look, if it’s about all the times I came over to your house and ate all your food and used all the hot water then I’m sorry. Sheesh.”
"Yes, the enemy. Your existence is a threat to us..."
"It was necessary to keep an eye on you."
"The one who ordered you to be watched was Cain..."
"We were planning on the maturation of the 'Animus', and your termination. We also sent Hyuga to you."
"However, every attempt to terminate you has failed... Because of that good for nothing trash..."
"Even so, we now possess 'Animus'. Hyuga has fulfilled his duties well."
"Is... that it...? You were in with these guys... That's why you, everyone..."

“You've had your way all this time with us land dwellers! You already own the world! What more do you want?"
"You must know by now that we plan to resurrect god."
”...No. Hadn’t heard about that. I met some guy named Grahf that wanted me to kill God. But that’s all the god talk I know about...”
"God will awaken from his long slumber after man has populated the land... Then, Mahanon too will awaken..."
"Aerial Paradise Mahanon? The place fell to earth..."
”...Don’t ask me how I know its full title all the sudden. I’m so confused.”
"Paradise... Hah hah hah. That may be a proper description... Our ark... In the center block lord 'Mahanon' is sealed in. That is the source of god's wisdom... A paradise of knowledge..."
"Using that knowledge, we will resurrect the awakened god and build our 'ark' to take us both into the great universe."
"The construction of our ark... To reign over god's forces in this great universe... The creation of the angel 'Malakh'. The M Project was for that very purpose..."
"What do you mean!?"
”Like not elaborate on what you said. I mean...what do all these words frickin’ MEAN?! Stop throwing out proper nouns without definitions! It is VERY hard to follow!”
"We are orphans in this universe. We were thrown away onto this planet in solitude along with god."
"We humans were not born on this planet. Long ago, we came here from another heavenly body. We are beings from an alien planet."
*shakes head* "That's ridiculous!?"
”Fool! Did you not watch the prologue?!”
"This is true. You have seen the various regions of this world. Why do you think there are no records of humans before 10,000 years ago..."
”Spooky sky Illuminati controlling all the information in the world and suppressing all history for the last 500 years?”
“...Err. Now the truth is revealed!”

"This is the will of god. The god's revival has been fated since before the time before genesis..."
"We will be one with god. Attaining a new 'Animus'... We will once again return to the starry skies..."
"That is the meaning of our existence."
"That is our supreme objective."
"So you're not planning on using Solaris' power to dominate the world?"
”We already did that.”
“Except for those heretics in Shevat.”
“And they are dicks. They don’t count.”

"Of course. What meaning is there in having control of a planet as insignificant as this? God has given us the right to rule over the universe."
"Yes. Only we, who do not carry impure blood, have the right to a pardon..."
"So, we will resurrect god."
"It's been an eternity since our exile from paradise. If the time of god's revival does not come, we will have to follow the path to destruction. But..."
"Having attained 'Animus', our resurrection is near... Next is god's resurrection."

Krelian decides to butt in on the Gazel Ministry’s villainy monologue...

"This one only waits for the awakening..."

We now cut away to Krelian off in a wing of his lab doing some Science to the unconscious Elhaym.

Music: Forest of the Black Moon

"I've looked into your records."
"K, Krelian... Commander?"
"Elhaym Van Houten. That incident at the Jugend one year ago... Case 102. The release of your latent powers from that systematic administration of mental enhancement drugs. In that instant, your Ether value had increased beyond 400. And in that moment, 2 were critically wounded and 3 required recycling. Am I right?"
"Please, stop!"
"But, this record is wrong. This wasn't the usual uncontrollable mental side effects."
*types on his console a bit* "This was caused by the 'awakening of your other inner self'."
"My other self...?"
“...No. Nothing so crude.”

"Where's Fei? Where is everyone...?"
"They will be used as an offering for the...resurrection of the Gazel Ministry. The same fate awaits that girl, the artificial organism. I've already taken enough samples from her. I'm already well into the fourth stage of my plan. All I need now is the final factor. Hence, your friends are no longer of any use to me. They're worthless. But, you are different."
"You're planning on sending them to the same fate as...those people in that research facility! Doing all this for your own selfish ambitions... Do you know what you're doing!? People playing with other people's lives. That's deplorable!"
"I see... So you've seen the research facility. Presently, the Solaris researchers are working on genetic engineering down there. It's just a nest for fools who've learned the despicable pleasure of...playing with their own organic creations. They seek only serendipity and inhumanity. That is not my place. I specialize in molecular engineering... Nanotechnology."

Krelian brings up a display in front of him for his power-point presentation of exposition...

“This is the assembler, which is one of those nanomachine machines. It can break down molecules and atoms and reconstruct it into anything. Each of these spheres are equivalent to an atom. Until recently, we were only able to produce materials which were several times the size of this. Thanks to that girl, the one we obtained from the ruins of the Zeboim civilization, we are now able to make it this compact and elaborate. To think that such a mechanism was created 4000 years ago. It's quite astonishing. Up until we discovered this, the work was rather crude. The best we could possibly do until now was to apply amino acid solutions to wounded areas for...amelioration or to seal up any peculiar abilities. I'm sure you've had some exposure to genetics when you were in the Jugend. Each type of those enzymes inside the DNA... are also molecular machines that were created by nature. That is, if we are indeed the progeny of the very first organism."
”I’m going to take a page from Fei here and just go on record saying I understood like a third of that...”
“Just humor me. It will be over much quicker that way.”

"What do you think of accomplishing by using that molecular machine? What connection do I have with it?"

Krelian brings up a new slide...

“...they couldn't uncover any information in the intron which are located in the replacements...of the double helix. However, the newer nanomachines easily discovered this data. Data that originally 'should not have existed'. And we are about to see the results of that."
*studies the monitor* "Hmm, according to the transferred record, it depicts...a similar wave frequency as expected."

A new hologram appears on screen...

“That is it, isn't it...? Miang, and Lacan's actions... This explains everything."
”Err...what does Ramsus’ creepy secretary have to do with anything...?”
"Elhaym... You were the 'mother'..."
"Yes. This is what your genetic exon looked like before replacement... This is the conceptualized form of the intron which carries information that isn't supposed to exist. Observe. This is the Urobolus Ring which contains 'intron information' which only...exists in 'certain people'. Urobolus... if we were to anatomize such a thing... Wouldn't you be interested in what type of information it would have to offer us?"
*shrug* ”Almost none of what you said sounds right...”
"Elhaym, you are beautiful. When I look at you, I appreciate the artistic aspect of the human form, its elaborateness... I can't help but feel the importance of that. As if my molecular machine is unworthy of you. You haven't changed 'since then'. Just like the 'other one', Lacan..."
”...Oh geez. Don’t fade out the scene there. This is a REALLY creepy point to fade out the scene! Crap!”

We fade out as the Krelian stares at a tied down Elly and tells her how hot he thinks she is... I’m sure that didn’t lead to any fucked up fanfics or illustrations. No sir. Let’s see how Fei is hanging...

“...I have to go to the bathroom. Hello? TV guys? Unless you want me making a mess, you’d bet—“

Dr. Fuckhead wanders in to speak with Fei...

"Are you conscious?"
"It is impossible to move. This machine has physically cut your nerve signals. You will not be able to lift a finger regardless of what your mind says."
"What're you gonna do to me? To Bart and them? Where is Elly?"
"Do not worry... They have their roles... you have yours. I simply investigate."
"Damn it... This... What was I..."
"So the battle has been fought... you say? That was discussed earlier by the Ministry..."
"Goddammit! We weren't born to be used by them! We didn't come all the way to Solaris for that! I, we, everyone... we just want to make a place where we can belong... That's what we were fighting for... But now..."
”When’d you turn into such a DICK, doc?!”
"It is much easier to be given a place to belong than to make one yourself. You do not even understand a simple concept like that?"
"Only the true...!"
"Childish ideals pale when placed before reality. But actually many are satisfied with that. Being given one's place, frees one from any risks. Misfortunes may be blamed on others. Do you know why people cannot exist alone but only under some bigger concept such as a group or country? People need a place to go to be themselves... The more stable it is the more effective it is. The Ministry gives them such a place. Under total surveillance, there is no need to bear the risk of maintaining one's own individuality. They simply live under the delusion of being an 'individual'. What could be easier? Facts are facts so let's just accept them. It will be easier for all of us. Resistance is futile. It only makes things painful."
"I... I..."
"Do you still intend to do something about it? Look at yourself... What do you think you could possibly do at this stage? You cannot move. You could not even protect your friends who fought with you, when they needed you. You could not even protect the most important person in your life, Elly."

"You can do nothing."
"Quit... it..."
”And your shoes look stupid.”
“And everybody think that big hair curl thing you have going on looks totally gay.”
“Shut up...”
“Especially, Elly.”

So hey. That was really, really frikkin' wordy. Wasn't it? Well get used to that. Xenogears from this point forward is a mountain of . Not usually that hard to follow. I think that is the one and only time the Gazel Ministry actually holds a "conversation" with our heroes. So there's that. Anyway, here's a quick abridged version of events for easy reference. I wanted to save this for when Disc 2 began but...well goddamn. Look at all that jabbering up there!

"Hey, doc? Where'd you go? And why is the ground made of computer monitors?"
*gets caught in Solaris S&M Machine and a room made out of computer monitors*
"We want to resurrect God!"
"But we want to look good for when He wakes up, so we're stealing your friends' bodies."
"Also humanity is originally aliens from another world. And we want to go to space."
"With God!"
"And your friend, Hyuga, is a spy for us."


"Oh god...why am I tied up...? Oh, hi commander Krelian... W-what's the word?"
"Oh geez..."
"Genetics! DNA! The other self! Nanomachines! I looked at your DNA and part of it is a ring. This means you're the mother of humanity!"
"What...? No! How does that even w... You're not a very good scientist."
"That turns me on..."

Back in the monitor room...

"Ugh. This sucks. That you, doc?"
"Hey, Fei?"
"You are a big stupid loser that smells bad. And you are just a follower. You have no motivation of your own. You suck and everybody hates you."
"Stop it!"
"You are basically Nowe without a Dragon Dad. That is because your parents are DEAD!"
"By the way, I knew you were Id the whole time. Let's chat!"

Chibi-Citan Uzuki – Aww. What a cute little super-deformed utter cock.