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Part 104: Episode CI: Fei Fong Wong’s Bruised Ego

Episode CI: Fei Fong Wong’s Bruised Ego

When last we left our heroes, Weltall-Id was streaking through the skies toward one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. This...probably isn’t a good thing.

But hey, Ramsus just happened to be flying around outside in his Gear just in case Fei/Id showed up to rumble. What? You thought Ramsus got killed by that Gate exploding in his face? Pfft. Nothing kills Ramsus. This guy makes Liquid Snake look like Kenny from South Park.

“He came all this way, just to be killed... ugha-a-a-a-a-a-!!"

And we fade to white. No, we do not get to see Ramsus get ignored/his ass immediately handed to him. It’s just basically understood at this point. Moving on!

A short while later...

"Yes, it's clear. It's nothing like the half-assed stuff we've dealt with before."

The Executioner is enveloped in light and transforms into...Miang. What? You mean the only competent Solarian female villain and established Grahf drinking buddy was really Grahf’s masked girlfriend? The shock! I guess she just didn’t want the party blabbing to Ramsus, next time they inevitably fight, that she’d been hanging out with Mr. Power behind Kahran’s back.

“Fei's mental energy seems to have been weakened's similar to 'the old days' now... Ha, ha..."
"What's so amusing?"
"His feelings haven't changed over the years. Maybe you have mixed feelings?"
"Hmph, don't be stupid. By the way... what about Ramsus?"
"You want him to bring her back? Too late. Kahr has left already."
"I really want to say it's a waste of time... but, I guess it's alright. He probably made it easier to control it... Nevertheless..."
"How can you continue to fight without a chance of winning..."
”It is getting a bit comical at this point. We really should have gotten him a hobby...”
"Isn't that what you want? Though I induced you to feel that way... But, we're almost there. Our only actual example of success. Let's take good care of him."
"What her true intentions are... I don't even know."
*looks around for a moment and walks away* "We're going. This place will soon be gone."
"I agree. We should do Kahr a favor and save him... shouldn't we?"
”I suppose it cannot help to throw him a bone. If only so he’ll stop making a mess on the carpet...”


"...Citan... Maria...?"
"Yeah, we were saved when we were thrown out into the sky. The rest of my crew were already picked up and they're in the Yggdrasil right now."
”Thrown into the sky...?”
“Or...fell down...whichever. Details!”

"Oh......... Fei...? What about Fei? ...Is he on the Yggdrasil too?"
”Yeeeeah... About that...”
*notices the explosions around Solaris* "Solaris!! ... That red Gear!? What is going on, Citan? What's happened to Fei?"
"Calm down, Elly. Fei... is alright."
"So he's already in the Yggdrasil, right... Maria?"
”Yeeeeeah. I am going to let Citan handle this one...”
"Calm down, Elly. Listen! Fei is riding in that Gear. That Gear is actually Weltall in its true form after transformation."
"Another Fei within him has awakened. Fei and Id are the same person..."
"!? You're kidding!? I don't believe that!"
“He’s not lying... We saw it with our own eyes. The very sight of him turning into Id..."

Flashback to ten minutes earlier...




Crash and flash of light...

Got to give the guy one thing. He knows how to make an entrance.

Music: Fuse

“...Oh gawd.”

Meanwhile, Id is busy doing cartwheels through Etrenank’s infrastructure. Well...maybe he’s only ruining the day of the top level administrative sector we just escaped from... We were going to take that out anyw—


A few minutes later...

“The Solarian based energy descending from the upper atmosphere is equivalent to a reactive weapon!"
”...What’s that mean in non-sciencey terms?”
“A nuke.”

So it turns out having a single narrow pillar holding up a city in case its anti-gravity mechanisms fail is not the best of architectural designs. Who would have thought?

“Yggdrasil!! Get moving!!"

And there goes Solaris and everyone that lived on it. I believe Id just got a couple million notches on his belt for that monster kill.

A few minutes later...

“We made it...... somehow...!?"

The Yggdrasil begins shaking...

"Wha, what the?"
"It's that red Gear...!! It's coming this way!!!!"

The Yggdrasil’s alarms start going off...again...

“We’re spotted!”
”Can’t this thing go any faster?! I am NOT having this ship on my head again!”

Elly decides she’s had enough of the Star Trek Bridge dramatics and wanders out into the hall...

"Citan! What now? What should we do?"
"Huh? What... You are asking me what to do?"
”You’ve been pretty much a walking deus ex machina so far!”
“Yes well... ergh...”

"There's someone on the deck... It's... Elly!?"

Up on deck...

"I'm going to do this... So please, allow me to do it!"
"It is too dangerous!"
"I know... But, it's just like when Fei put his life on the line to save me... It's my turn to save Fei... As long as it helps him, I don't care what happens to me!"

Music: Unstealable Jewel (The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen ~ Orchestral Version)

"Heh... You. You've come to die, eh?"
"...Yes. If that is what will satisfy you, then kill me. Now..."

Id proceeds to begin kicking the shit out of Vierge. But on the first punch, Elly grabs Id’s Gear in order to commence in the dramatics.

"Guh... Fei... I, I won't ever let go!”
“Fei... Please, return to the real Fei!!"

Elly decides it might help to beat a bit of sense into Id while she’s in the neighborhood.

“Fei! Please!!"

And after a second laser light show, Vierge and Elly are spent. Well, A for effort I suppose.

"...Uuuhhh... El... ly..."
”Oh come on! Do...not... tell me I...a...m... getting kno...cked off stage by the...friggin’...stupid Frikkin' LAME!”
"... Damn... it... He's... awake... ning..."

And with that Weltall-Id goes down too... Well uhh... I guess we’ll have to send Rico or someone up there to scrape both of them off deck... Huh.

Solaris’ Destruction
(You should definitely watch this.)

Music: Unstealable Jewel (The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen ~ Orchestral Version)

Weltall-Id Concept Art