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Part 106: Episode CIII: Fei and Elly’s Happy Disc 1 Ending

Episode CIII: Fei and Elly’s Happy Disc 1 Ending

”Ugh! Busted. I told you we gotten your Gear first.”
“You...Id...smashed a hole in my Gear earlier. I’m not sure if it is repaired yet.”
“Ah. Right. Sorry.”

Citan’s smug ass wanders over...

“Even if it is you, if you get in my way, I have no choice but to...!!"”
*shakes head* "That is no way for a lady to speak. I just came here to see you off. I refueled Weltall. We are ready to go anytime."
*takes neutral stance* "...Citan."
"...But, Elly, you cannot use your Gear while it is under repairs."
"What? Then what am I...?"
"You know that Omnigear... What if you borrow it..."
"No way. I can't take Shevat's property without permission..."
”Their property that I’m every day questioning if actually exists.”
“Yes. I think it has been referenced more than Bart’s Omnigear now. It’s getting extremely weird to have been an off-screen event.”

"Elly is the only appropriate person for the Gear. Nobody else can operate it."
*shakes head quickly* “No... Never!! I won't ride it, ever!!"
"Elly...? What's wrong?"
"I'm so scared... That's why... I'll never want to do it!!"
”What if I got...stuck in the narration dimension? If I just had to sit there and talk about everything that happened? I don’t want that...”
“That’s a creepy thought.”

"This is a problem..."
“How about if I ride with you?”

"Sorry... Fei."
"I'm sorry..."
”...What is everyone apologizing about?”
“The whole wanting to freeze you in carbonite thing.”
“What?! You all signed off on that? I thought it was just those jerks from Shevat.”
“Hey, I said SORRY! Like right away. Remember it took me like two chapters to do that way back when. Besides, you kind of did break my ship in half and drop it on me.”
“And you threw a black hole in my face at Zeboim.”
“I’m just here because Bart is...”
“Alright, alright.

"No... Thanks, everyone."
"Now, I know you hate to leave, but we should get going before dawn. I did some work on the radar, so it should work fine!"
“...What radar?”
“Solaris’ Gates are gone. There are multiple ‘new’ continents now. You needed to upgrade your systems.”
“Sure. That works.”

Elly and Fei take off together in Weltall...

“I’m gonna miss that goofy mass murderer and Ms. No-pants.”
“So did...everyone bad die at the Solaris capital or...? Is this the end of the game?”
“Disk 2! Disk 2!”

Emeralda rushes over to the group...

"They went far away."
"I... go..."


“Cain... Making a ridiculous setup with Hyuga...”

“...which permits us to use a higher level of logical thinking...”
“He is restricted by his human form.”
“Regardless... with just one machine, he annihilated Etrenank... His powers must not be underestimated...”
“We're already short of time. The key, use the key...”
"Even you are beginning to feel the pressure?"

"The usual life extension treatment. He'll hold out for... a little longer..."
“Does that mean we may not make it in time...?”
"I wouldn't know... You spoke of using the key. Can you be sure he can be eliminated?"
“That we do not know. You know who he is...”
“If he is the 'contact', there is a possibility he may not transmigrate.”
“It's an organism composed of multiple generations. It's a matter of probability.”
“That does not mean we can just remain idle.”
“Yes. At this rate we are bound to make the same mistake. But we can't fail a second time.”
“Well, don't worry. I've sent Ramsus to deal with him."
“What can a failure like him do?”
“He couldn't even defend Etrenank. What can you expect from 'trash' like him?”
"Even if he has the 'Anima Relic'?"
“The 'Relic'...?”
"The relic we recovered before has been aligned with his Gear. There shouldn't be any problems now. He should be able to use his full power."
“You're going to take the task yourself? Although he transmigrated, wasn't he once one of you? I don't understand you.”
"I've thrown away all feelings of human emotion. All I need is 'her'."
“But isn't that also an emotion?”
"...Of course."
“Is that a blunder...?”
"You are irritating... Do you wish to cease your existence?"
“Fine. We shall leave it at that.”


Ramsus is busy breaking the sky speed limit and muttering obscenities about Fei. While he plays catch-up, we get an audio-only flashback to a few conversations he had leading up to this point.

"Yes. This is the place. I want you to bring her here. She is an important woman to me."
"Don't be ridiculous. Why do I have to listen to you? If you need her, go get her yourself!"
"You're quite right. But, can you say the same thing after looking at this?"
"Th, this is..."
"Your Gear and the Anima Relic have been aligned... This is the Omnigear.”
”...While that is very, very nice looking Gear. But, I still have other issues to deal with than retriev—“
“Now, she is with Fei now."
"Losing those battles against Fei again and again... I believe it's because of the difference in the performance of the Gears. I think you'll be able to use 100% of its abilities. So how about it? However, if you still fail with this, you are truly 'trash'."
"Ramsus, will you go?"

A long pause...”

"Kahr, are you going?"
"Yes. I must get rid of him with my own hands."
"Be careful. I believe in you no matter what others say."

But he ruined it again...
"!? That signal...! It's him! I'm not trash! I'm not worthless!!"

”But, if I stayed here with yoooooou, girl. Things just couldn't be the saaaaame. 'Cause I'm as freeeeeeeee as a bird now. And this bird, you'll can not chaaaaaaaaange. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.”
*turns down the radio* “Goddammit! What now?”
“...It looks like a Gear.”

"Omnigear!! And according to the readings... It's clearly different from the one Bart's using or the one in Shevat... You think it's the!? Perfect Gear!?"
“Perfect Gear...?”
"Remember what Citan said? He said that the Omnigears are controlled by mental waves. The power... the potential varies depending on the rate of synchronism. The numbers indicate complete synchronization."
”What numbers? Where are you reading this stuff from the back seat?”
“The panel at the bottom left, above the cup holder.”
“Why would you put important numbers there? You can’t even see it if you’ve got a Big Gulp cup!”

"Your performance is sad!"

”Oh Goddammit! Go away, Ramsus! I’m not playing anymore!”

Ramsus’ Gear enters a fighting stance...

"What!? Why do we have to turn Elly over to you...!? Oh, I get it, it's Krelian's idea, isn't it? I don't think so! You can't expect me to comply!"
”Yeah. Tell that creep to take is techno-babble and get bent.”
"I can take her by force, if you wish. But then, don't ever expect to be able to hold her in your arms ever again!"
”Ugh. What’s your deal?! Did that Miang chick break up with you?”

"Don't worry. I'll protect you."
”Who cares if he’s got an Omnigear? It’s still Ramsus. We’ve fought harder random encounters at this point.”

Music: Steel Giant

“Fei, I intend to take everything away from you!!"
”Yeah, whatever Batman. Let’s rock.”

Battle mode!

"I refuse to!"
"Are you sure you want to refuse me? It'll be too late for you to change your mind later!"
"Stop your stupid boasting!"
”You’re 0-3 against me. Probably like 0-10 if you count Id. Knock it off!”
"Humm... Well then, I'll have to show you if I'm boasting or not! So be it. No holding back! And no holds barred!"

Ramsus’ Gear flies over and slashes Weltall. This isn’t a real battle. It’s just a glorified extremely one-sided cutscene taking place in Battle Mode.

“In the presence of my 'Vendetta', your Weltall is but only an infant!"
”Really? You hate me so much you named your new Gear ‘Vendetta’...?”
"Incredible! This undeniable difference in power! Miang! Are you watching this!? At this rate... And with this power, I can defeat him! Hm Hm Hm Hm Hmm... Wah hah hah hah hah!"
"...Ramsus, listen! I surrender!! So please stop attacking us this instant!"

"It is me he wants! I can't drag you into danger just over me!"
”Calm down. I can take him.”
“That attack took of 10,000 HP.”
“Huh...? Oh. Dang...”

*attacks again*
"Stop attacking! Ramsus! If I'm what you want, then just take me!"
"Hyah hah hah hah hah! Win! I can win! I am not the worthless one!!"

"He's lost himself in the overwhelming power of that Gear of his... Fei, we had better run!"
”Running sounds good right about now...”
"It's over for you! Fei Fong Wong!"

Vendetta proceeds to kick the living shit out of Weltall...

And he finishes up his assault with a good old fashion fuck-off giant robot fireball as the final blow. Weltall explodes and falls like a stone toward the ground below...

"Nuah hah hah hah! I am not the worthless one! Hah! Uha, haah... haah ...Huh?"

Vendetta scans the skies briefly...

“Damn, I forgot my orders... Hmph... Oh well... To hell with Krelian's orders..."

*fist pump* ”Who’s the man?! Kahran’s the man! Fei Fong Wong?! More like Fei Fong GONE! Ha hah ha hah ha! I gotta call up Miang and the girls. Drinks are on Ramsus tonight!! YEAH!”

And with that, Vendetta flies off with an undoubtedly totally stoked Ramsus going off for a victory celebration. Well, good for him winning for once.

Music: Lost... Broken Shards

“If things don't change... At this rate Elly's not gonna make it...!"

"... Uh..."
"Elly! Hang in there! Elly! I'll save you, I promise! Elly...!!"

Vendetta Concept Art – Look at that itty-bitty body.