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Part 108: Episode CV: Fei Fong Dong

Episode CV: Fei Fong Dong


Music: The Valley Where Wind is Born

*floats over to Bacta tank* “Here you go...”

The sound of machinery powering down is heard as we jump to a couple minutes later...

"You've been sleeping in this Nanoreactor for three weeks."
"Nanoreactor? Who are you...?"
”...Are yo—“
“I am not Yoda.”
“How did you...?”
“Just because I’m a short, mysterious mutant hermit living alone in a swamp does not make me a muppet.”
“Okay. Okay. Sorry... So who are you?”

"Me...? I forgot my name... Some people call me Taura... You seemed to have recovered completely. Those were terrible wounds, but maybe your youth and strength helped..."
”The three week dip in cell regenerating nanomachines may have provided a bit of an assist, though.”
"But your friend's wounds are more serious and may take a while longer..."
"My friend...?"

Taura moves over to the Nanoreactor holding a Elly...

*exits the room* "Hey! Quit staring at the naked girl and come over here!"
”Hey, I’m not staring. It’s not like I can see anything from this angle.”

Elly twitches and floats in Fei’s direction...

*looks away* “Yikes! Well...I guess that clears up whether you’re a natural redhead...”

Fei follows after Taura into the next room...

"I heard from Taura and hurried right over here! Boy, was that lucky. You were fortunate to have come down near Taura's research facility..."
"Hm... This is no research facility. It is 'a man's hideaway'!"
”Sheesh, doc. You know this guy too? Is there anyone we’ve met that you do NOT have a prior acquaintance with...?”
“Are we counting tangent acquaintances such as Sigurd and Bart?”
“Then no.”

Taura floats back over...

“I was shocked to see a couple lying down with blood all over them."
“A couple...”
"At any rate, you had a narrow escape. Fei, make sure you thank Taura!"
"Taura, thank you very much... for helping Elly... Both Elly and I were hurt so badly... What is that machine...?"
"It's called a Nanoreactor. It is a device that can rebuild substances at the molecular level. Not only can it just heal humans, but theoretically it should also be able to create many substances."
"Is that the same thing as that guy in Solaris...? I mean... Is that the same thing as Krelian is studying?"
”I remember him rambling about nanowhatsits when I was captured. I kind of zoned out. Those jerks can TALK!”
"Yes, that's right."
*turns away* "I was the one who taught Nanotechnology to him..."
"You did?"
”Yes well...he wasn’t as much of a total dick back when he studied underneath me. Hindsight and all that...”

An alarm is heard from the back room...

"We shouldn't waste time talking about such an unimportant subject. Looks like her treatment is done."
”I guess my estimate of additional time recovering was less ‘a few extra weeks’ and more ‘ten minutes’ longer.”
“Spiffy. Let’s get her out.”

*heads into the back room* "Oh, you don't need to come. Just wait there."
”I think you’ve done enough peeping for one day.”

A short while later Taura and a clothed Elly emerge from the back...

"Fei... I..."
"Ahem! Now, why don't you two go get some fresh air outside? It ought to ease the shock of the change."

Some time later. On Taura’s roof for some reason...

Music: Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

"When you came in the room just then... I was afraid you may have forgotten about me and everything else..."
"What do you mean...?"
"I mean... because... Elly, you seemed a little different than before..."
*turns around* "Has my face... changed?"
<Oh God, don’t tell me that tank made me break out...>
"No, that's not it... It's more like... I mean your atmosphere or impression is different... just a little... But, I felt something familiar... I felt the same way when I met you for the first time... Some peculiar feeling like we've met before, somewhere..."

"I don't remember much what happened after we were shot down..."
*nods* "It's better that way."
”It was very messy...and swear filled...”
"But I heard someone calling my name... I felt I was covered with something very warm... I remember that clearly..."
”Yeah... That was a TON of both our blood... Like I not to remember that... Though now I’m wondering how Taura fixed up our shredded clothes and cleaned up all the blood stains. Guy must be a wicked tailor...”
"Thank you, Fei."

The two approach one another...

<And Fei slides into first ba—>

"Hey, it's almost time for you to come back. There's something important we need to talk to you about."
"A, alright, we're coming!"
"Well, Elly, shall we go see what's up?"
*nods* "S, sure..."

The two return inside Taura’s hut...

Music: The Valley Where the Wind is Born

“The fresh forest air should have refreshed you somewhat, heh?"
<Do not headbutt. Remember, he saved your life, Fei...>
"Anyway... It's about the removal of the seal... I found out it can be released by using the Nanotechnology that regenerated you two."
”...Uh. What ‘seal’ are we talking about here?”
“Ah... Didn’t we get those removed already?”
“He is talking about the rest of the land dwellers, Fei.”

"The Nanoassemblers are enclosed in this pod."
"If only we could scatter them all over the world..."
"There's an ancient military installation nearby... We might be able to use the 'Mass-driver' located in there to launch this pod into the upper atmosphere. Once the Nanoassemblers are released up there, the convection currents should spread 'em over the world!" I wish I could go do it... but I am getting much too old for that type of thing. Then again, it's for your future. An old man should not butt in. You young ones must do it for yourselves!"
*groans* ”Riiiiiight.”
*floats up to Fei and hands him something* "Here. And, of course, I'm not asking you to do it for free. Try this wrist band on."
”Uhh... ‘kay...?”

Fei slaps that sonuvabitch on...

"This is an 'Emotion Control Device' in which nanotechnology is applied. From this machine shaped as a wrist band, nanomachines are infused through your epidermis into your brain. There they refine the SSRI intracerebral substances, such as Serotonin, that control emotions."
”I understood like NONE of that...”
"Well, I suppose it's rather difficult for you to understand... But in short, it means that the manifestation of your second personality, 'Id', can be suppressed."
"Well, it's all theoretical though... Oh, and I did one more thing as well...! I installed the same control device in your Gear..."
"You mean, it can release Id at will...?"
"Yes. I called it 'System Id'. But of course it should not be over-used. Use it only as a last resort."
*looks around* "Elly, doc, I..."
”...Wait. Did I hear that right? Id just got demoted to a gameplay mechanic...?”
“More or less.”
“...Not sure how comfortable I am with that development...”

"Fei, there was nothing you could do... It will never happen again with Taura's technology though. He is one of the three Shevat sages."
"Whether you believe it or not, it's up to you."

A knocking is heard from the other room...

"Oh? It sounds like we have a guest!"

Fei and Elly enter the other room...

Music: Fuse

”Am I supposed to know you...? ‘Shevat Emissary’, if your nametag is to be trusted. Got a real name?”
“Stop teasing him Fei. It’s not his fault he doesn’t have a character portrait.”

"Today, a peace settlement between Aveh and Kislev is being held at Shevat... But, Solaris' mobile weapons are approaching Shevat as we speak! Please, help us!"

Taura enters...

*gets in the Emissary’s face* "You're getting on my nerves for being so selfish. Citan told me about you. You showed up after finding out that Id is now controllable... Aren't you ashamed? You haven't changed since then. You only care about yourselves."
”Dang. What kinda crazy spies does Shevat have? I found out about the Id thing like twenty seconds ago.”
*turns to Fei* "Fei! You don't need to listen to these guys who once tried to kill you!!"
”Wait...I thought they were just going to freeze me in carbonite. That is...fatal now?”
“This is not Star Wars! Yes, being frozen solid is very much fatal.”

"Please go. I'll go to the Mass-driver..."
"No matter what happened before, Shevat needs your help now. Although you may be saving some selfish people...there is still the world and its countries with many more innocent people. Please, don't forget that. Bart and his people are fighting to protect those same lives, aren't they? So, please go help them!"
"Are you sure? What about you?"
*shakes head* "Don't worry about me. I'll manage somehow."
"But, all by yourself..."

Citan enters...

“I have brought along my own Omnigear."
"Your own Omnigear...?"
"Yes my Omnigear, 'Fenrir'. It is the same one I brought from Solaris. I left it with Gaspar in case of emergencies."
”...You had an Omnigear the whole frickin’ time, doc...?”
“I did not want to reveal my hand until the correct time.”
“...Doc. I am having a SHIT LOAD of issues with your conduct of late... But, it sounds like this is more important than your gross negligence of like everything...”

"Doc... Alright. Please take care of her for me. Elly, be careful."
*nods* "I will."

"Hmph! Suit yourselves."
"Ignas, right?"
"Yes. The goal of the enemy is to destroy the cities in Ignas. They have already destroyed half of Bledavik and will probably reach Nisan in about four hours. Shevat will try to drive them back with all the power it has!"
"Four hours... That's cutting it close!"
"No need to worry. Balthasar and I fixed your Gear with the nanomachines. It's much more powerful than it ever was before. Why, you should get there in half the time."
"What? Is old man Bal here?"
”That jerk tried to kill me!”
“Heh. Yes. He is like that...”

"Emeralda is here as well."
*mumble* ”I do not actually have my Omnigear here and won’t be going to the next dungeon...” *mumble*

Everyone leaves the hut...

Music: The Blue Traveler

So it would appear the nanomachines they sprayed on Weltall not only repaired its damage from having its ass handed to it by Vendetta, but acted as giant robot steroids beefing up the Gear substantially. Neat...

"We meet again! The host for the spirit of the slayer of god... I didn't think I would ever work on it again...!"
”Hey, thanks for trying to kill me with that proto-Seibzehn robot.”
“Oh, get over it, child.”

"But why are you both helping me...?"
"There are some things you just can't explain with the word... fate. You're just going to have to see it with your own eyes."
”It is in the script. Stop being so dramatic, Taura.”
“Hey. You didn’t turn bring blue and bloated when you got older. Let me have my dramatics.”

"Fei... Going?"
"Yeah, I'd better hurry!"

Emeralda walks away, no doubt kind of pissed Fei’s promise not to leave her has been broken about six times already...

"Hey! Where are you going?"
"Fei, please hurry!!"
”Half of Bledavik has been razed. Tens of thousands of people are dead. Not that you’re going to see any of it. You will just have to take my word on it...”
"A, alright."

And so the buffed out Weltall-2 blasts off to go save the day from the off-screen Solaris orchestrated genocide. Get used to things happening off-screen. Soon you’ll barely remember how weird that oft-mentioned off-screen Sophia Omnigear scene was earlier...

Weltall-2 Render – My giant robot could bench press your giant robot!