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Part 109: Episode CVI: Kahran Ramsus is Blasting Off Again

Episode CVI: Kahran Ramsus is Blasting Off Again

Music: The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

“You wanted to live quietly away from the battlefield, did you not?"
”Yeah...that plan had been working out just swimmingly up until now...”
"I noticed myself running away from reality... At first, I thought my situation was similar to his. I thought Fei would understand my feelings... I didn't know if my love for him was real... I might have been desperate after losing my mother and father..."
"Despite all that... I may still love him... That's why, I want to see what Fei can do and what I can do. I want us to be apart and think about ourselves again. I want to see... how I really feel..."
"You have changed a lot, Elly. What happened to you in the past three weeks?"
”I was half dead in a science jar. But...”

*ponders* "Yes, you have. I should say... you have matured... Like a mother..."
*jumps* "Excuse me! I'm only 18 years old. I'm nowhere near the age of being your mother!"
*bursts out laughing* "Sorry. You gave me that impression. That is all."
”I’m not sure if I like you much, Dr. Uzuki...”
"Anyway Citan, I'm going now."
*nods* "Alright. I will follow you as soon as I finish off here..."
”You...aren’t actually going to finish up before I complete the next dungeon, are you?”
“My Omnigear isn’t even on this continent at the moment. So...I’m afraid not...”
“So you pretty much straight up lied to Fei earlier about helping me?”
“I am sure he has become accustomed to it by this point.”

Emeralda wanders over...

“I go!”

Elly walks over to Emeralda. Meanwhile, Taura continues wondering why the hell everyone has conversations on his roof...

“I'll be fine on my own."
*turns around* "If Elly go, I go too. Emeralda have to go with you."
*jumps* "No! Emeralda go too!"
"Why not let her go? I am sure Solaris has a hunch about the Limiter. They may interfere, so you may feel uneasy going it alone. I think Emeralda is cut out for this job."
(...Besides, she is going to want to go no matter what. Take care of her until I can join you, please?)
”...And suddenly I see why you brought her along...”
“It was either her or Rico.”

*nods* "Okay, you win. Let's help each other, alright?"
*wanders off* "I can do it alone. You just watch."

Meanwhile, back in the hut...

Taura busies himself tidying up the laboratory for a while. I’m sure the 250 lb nanomachine girl hopping around on his roof made a mess.

Taura stops what he’s doing...

"So, you were the one who brought Fei and his girl to me... I realized it the minute I saw the two of them. Why, how could I help but notice... They looked the spitting image of you and her. Yes, just as you yourselves looked way back then..."

“Ridiculous. Didn't Ramsus shoot him down?”
"She was also on the Gear that Ramsus shot down. I won't have her die."
“But, there is already a 'mother'... Although she may be the 'Antitype', as long as the current mother exists...”
"As far as I see it, that is not complete."
“Quite picky aren't you...? Didn't you say you threw away all human emotions?”
"I don't care what you think. Anyway... As far as he is concerned, I will put Ramsus onto him. Any objections? Where is he presently?"
“Etrenank is destroyed, but part of the memory cube is still active. We should still be able to locate individuals.”
“Wait a moment... He has left the crash site and is heading towards Ignas.”
"I see. So he has left the area...”
(That means... it is only a matter of time before the seal is broken...)
“Did you say something?”
"It's nothing. Just sit there and wait for the good news."
“What about retrieving the girl? The key is already beginning to resonate. The time of the resurrection is near.”
"We can get the girl anytime. It doesn't have to be now... Let's take our time..."

Music: Knight of Fire

Ramsus once again stood in my way, in his Omnigear 'Vendetta'...

They told me not to abuse it...but it’s Ramsus. I pretty much HAD to test it against him...

At the beginning of the battle, Fei automatically enters System-Id mode as we enter the first actual gameplay in over an hour real-time. And even here, it’s basically an un-winnable boss battle...for Ramsus.

System Id is a special ability for Weltall-2 which automatically activates Hyper Mode. We’ve actually had access to Hyper Mode for a while now. But, I’ve not actually gotten it to activate in any battles yet. Hyper Mode is a special power-up for Omnigears (as well as Seibzehn and Crescens since they’re not getting Omnigear upgrades special) which lets us enter Attack Level Infinity.

Attack Level Infinity is a special mode which unlocks uber-Deathblows for the Gear in question. Hyper Mode/Attack Level Infinity lasts three turns of utter asskicking. As for entering Hyper Mode normally, a Gear must first reach Attack Level 3. At which point, there is a percentage chance of entering Hyper Mode on the next turn. The base percentage varies by Gear (I think it’s usually around 5%) The percentage is increased by performing actions that do not lower the Attack Level (read: Don’t do Deathblows) as well as total HP lost.

Still, you’re at the mercy of the fickle RNG Gods as to whether it will actually activate. Except for Weltall-2, which can just flip on System Id for 1000 Fuel and gain it instantly. It’s kind of a nice ability.

Anyway. We’ve got two Level Infinite Deathblows to ruin Ramsus’ month. Our triangle attack, Kosho X, causes Weltall-2 to tap-dance on Vendetta’s face...

...Followed by a double laser blast to the face.

Our Square attack, Goten X, causes Weltall-2 to do its best Chun Li impression kicking the shit out of our enemies...

...Finishing off with a weapons grade leg drop to the crotch. Both do in the ballpark of 4500-5000 HP of damage to the no doubt flipping his shit Ramsus. Assuming all three rounds of our Hyper Mode attacks connect, then Vendetta goes down in that time with barely a chance to attack.

System Id isn’t the only new special ability Weltall-2’s buffed out form has gained. It’s just...far and away the best one and there’s barely ever a reason to pick the alternatives. But let’s take a quick look just for completion’s sake.

Thor Wave is just a good ol’ fashioned Marvel vs. Capcom style Shinku Hadoken. Flashy, but not all that special.

Flaming Hell is a slightly flashier attack, causing Weltall-2 to burst into flames and rocket across his enemies. Hey, if it was good enough to blow up Solaris’ capital, it’s good enough for uppity enemies in random battles.

In any case, it’s virtually impossible to lose this battle. Indeed, if you let Ramsus live long enough to attack more than a half dozen times, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Poor Ramsus. You just know he’s been in the best mood for the last three weeks. He gave all his Gebler lackeys raises and took them out for drinks on him. He and Miang have been banging without him waking up later that night having PTSD flashbacks. The Gazel Ministry had even told him that he did a half-way decent job for the first time in ages.

And now it’s back to him popping anti-depressants and muttering about Fei all day long while everyone around him feels very uncomfortable and the SOL-9000 guys working "trash" as many times into conversations about him as they can muster.

Leaving only his cry of disbelief and resentment, Ramsus' machine disappeared into a sea of foliage.
”Huh? ‘Disappeared into a sea of foliage?’ Am I reading this right?”
“Just read the script.”
“But...but it’s four stories tall and bright gold... Tch... Fine!”

Why he was so fixated on me... I know not why. But he did say this...

Weltall-2 vs. Vendetta Beatdown
(Probably worth watching.)

Taura Melchior Portrait – He’s seen you. Naked... He watched... He stared... He studied...