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Part 110: Episode CVII: Abridged Proceedings

Episode CVII: Abridged Proceedings

Music: June Mermaid ~ Creid Version

We fought a forest dragon and Emeralda spun it by its tail and lobbed it off a cliff. It was quite impressive.

And I mean like REALLY little difficulty... As in none. At all. Total ghost town. There was so little resistance it was like they didn’t even finish the place.

They stood like tombstones of that ancient civilization. It was a graveyard for a race of people who destroyed each other over pride and arrogance.
A lot of them were labeled ‘Uroboros’. I’m not sure what that was all about.

Once arriving at the central control room, we met up with Citan who helped us activate the Mass-driver. We succeeded in launching the capsule containing the nanomachines which would release the seal -Limiter-.
"I packed sandwiches. Elly want?"
*pukes a bit in mouth* "I-I... I'll pass. Thanks..."

So yup... Welcome to Xenogears Disc 2 budget cuts. We just went ahead and skipped that entire sequence. A narration of events and some beta stills of the unfinished area are just as good, right? I mean, not that I’m complaining about skipping a Xenogears dungeon at this point. is not going to stop at just the dungeons...

Anyway, we just took Taura’s nanomachines and used Zeboim’s old ICBM launcher to spread them into the atmosphere to remove all the land dwellers’ Limiters so they can start growing laser wings and throwing Hadokens and awesome shit. Funny, I recall that requiring gene therapy and special surgical equipment before. But, now you can just throw nanomachines at the problem and be done with it. I wonder if Hideo Kojima was a Xenogears fan...

Granted, 99% of people on the land don’t know what the hell a Limiter is or why it is bad for them.

And that same number does not know anything about Solaris or this giant invisible war that is being fought with them.

Indeed, the mid-day aurora borealis across the sky and ethereal snow is probably freaking the fuck out of quite a few people at this moment. But hey! Freedom and equality for all! That always works out well for the masses. Just ask Nowe and Manah back in Drakengard 2.

And so we’ve achieved that pesky Limiter problem. Well, I’m glad we found a solution to that dilemma and followed through with it in the course of around ten minutes in-game. Remember when we spent 15 updates stuck in Kislev D-Block? Xenogears does not follow your pedestrian notions of “proper pacing”.

That glitter would remove the 'bonds' restraining everyone. It was to be our light of hope for regaining back our true freedom...
”Umm... So, are we done here? Should I got head for Ignas to help Fei...? No... He’s narrating that part...? Umm...alright? Should I just...stay by the chair or...? Er... I’m not sure I like this new direction...”
*munches on sandwich*
"...I think I may need to re-consider your offer, Emeralda. We might be here for a while..."

Music: June Mermaid ~ Creid Version

Mass Driver Concept Art – Sounded neat on paper at least...

Emeralda Concept Art – Disappointed that she’s yet again gotten snubbed on getting to be in an active party.