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Part 111: Episode CVIII: Homage

Episode CVIII: Homage

Music: Fuse

”I swear. It’s like Citan and every single person he knows is trying to cockblock me. It’s getting ridi—huh? We’re rolling? CRAP! Where’s my notes?!”
*clears throat*

Solaris' Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon invaded the area with great force... Shevat and Nisan's standard Gear battalions were no match against it. It was only a matter of time before the Solaris Mobile Weapon arrived in Nisan... After we pushed back the Solarian Gear units, we headed for Nortune... to the Kislev capital's administrative district. We went there to obtain our one and only means of standing up against the Mobile Weapon.
”...When did Shevat and Nisan get Gear battalions...? And where did this giant...whatever the hell that thing is come from...?”
“Stay on script!”

The existence of the secret battleship remained hidden. Later, the ship was turned into a section of the Kislev Imperial capital during the founding of the Empire.
”Shouldn’t I be narrating this part? You’re not even here!”
“Do you have a chair floating in a nebulous void under a spotlight with a handy projector screen?”
“Then stuff it! I’m narrating!”

The 'Sand Cruiser Yggdrasil' was actually the center of command and also the main secret weapon of the craft... Awakening from 500 years of dormancy, its true form appeared before us. Commanded by its 'new master', the secret battleship stood before the Mobile Weapon with all of us inside of it.

And so the Central Administrative District and main power plant of Nortune flies off into battle. I’m sure those jerks in Kislev can go without power for a few days.

Well, that looks suggestive as far as battleship configurations go. Especially, considering this next development...

Click to view cutscene
(You should really watch this.)

Welp. Disc 2 redeemed.

“Solaris better watch its ass, cuz we getting aaaaaaaaall Macross up in this bitch!”
“C'mon monster, let's go!"

We now get yet another effectively unwinnable (for the enemy) boss battle against...this crazy ass...thing. Meet Ft. Hurricane. I have NO idea what this thing’s deal is supposed to be. It was never mentioned before. Perfect Works doesn’t have so much as a concept scribble regarding it. Solaris just had some kind of crazy spiky twitching monstrosity of a Gear sitting around in case the Lambs got sufficiently uppity.

Ft. Hurricane has some interesting attacks. For instance, it can turn into a gigantic shuriken. It can also twitch violently to poke its enemies.

It also has the ability to fire a massive beam cannon, since I guess they realized a robotic sandspur would have difficulty leveling half of Bledavik by poking it into ruins.

None of this really matters because we are in the Yggdrasil IV. The Super Dimensional Fortress Gear doesn’t have any Deathblows or the like. But that’s okay. It heavy attacks do nearly 5000 HP of damage a pop. But, that’s a lame way to take out this dopey thing.

We need to do something sufficiently manly to stop this dire threat. Hey. Didja know Yggdrasil can double as a giant fuck-off laser rifle?

Well. The Yggdrasil can double as a giant fuck-off laser rifle. That little ship sure has come a long way from being a sand cruiser piracy vessel that got tossed around by supervillains like nothing.

In any case, a blast from the Yggdrasil Cannon is more than enough to end Solaris’ latest reign of terror. I’m sure they’ll pull something else out of their asses soon enough. But for today the day is saved.

After the battle...

Music: The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light

The Solaris Mobile Weapon was destroyed... which brought a sigh of relief to the continent of Ignas. Peace was signed and after some 500 years of division, the land of Ignas once again became united.
Kaiser Sigmund faded away from the pages of history. Some say he never existed at all.

”Hurray! The war is over!”
“Did we just get saved by Robotech...?”
“Yay! Daddy can come home from the war now!”
“Timmy...about that...”
“Hurray! Lady Manar!”

The sky shimmered as if to celebrate. By the hands of Elly, Citan, Taura and Emeralda, the nanomachines had been dispersed into the atmosphere. That was when disaster struck. ...Our songs of victory were replaced by the sounds of total pandemonium...
<Oh geez...what now?>

In the beginning we had no idea what had transpired. We... witnessed inexplicable phenomena. People from all parts of the globe began to mutate into abnormal forms.
As it turned out, releasing the Limiters on those lacking a character portrait was an...unfortunate idea...

It seemed to be triggered when the nanomachines removed the -Limiter- seal that was placed on humankind by Krelian in the past... The 'human' form with its innate abilities released. That's when I remembered what Hammer had said back in Solaris. His words were... "What becomes of the normal humans...?"
“...Hammer NEVER said that! You’re just flagrantly retconning stuff now!”

“Those who will become the body of our servant... I never knew so many would exist, even without using the key...”
“But, some of them still have not yet begun to germinate...”
“Are they not destined to be the flesh of god?”
“Or, perhaps those are the enemies of god...”
“Let us reactivate the strategic points of the Soylent...”
“At any rate, they are just incomplete mutants. They are useless now in their half-finished form.”
“God's apostles. There cannot be any harm in having too many of them...”

Hyper Dimensional Gear Yggdrasil IV vs. Fort Hurricane!
(You should watch this.)

Yggdrasil IV Concept Art – I think Bart just doesn’t have a good collection of Norse mythology namedrops so he just names everything multiples of the three or four he knows.