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Part 115: Episode CXII: Mein Budget!

Tomorrow's update early cuz I'm super busy in the coming day.

Episode CXII: Mein Budget!

Music: In a Prison of Peace and Regret (Ship of Regret and Sleep Orchestral Version)

I briefly considered asking one of the others to accompany me back in case anything went down during my journey. Citan volunteered to meet me there. He never arrived. Nobody was surprised...

All the people accepted into Nisan were on the road to recovery. There were still those who were not able to completely recover, but Taura's nanomachines continued to evolve from day to day. Thanks to the nanomachines, the treatments were becoming more and more successful and the day when everyone would regain their original bodily form was approaching.
Sure, the years of therapy needed to deal with the mental scars of those transformed into a mutant chicken-men and devouring their neighbors for subsistence and the like was still an issue. But we had to take baby-steps...

A trembling... There was a sudden explosion in the city of Nisan. Within the burning fire...stood a gold Omnigear... It was Ramsus. He assaulted Nisan so that he could defeat Fei. His purpose of existing was at stake... The Nisan and Shevat militia, even Renk and friends from Solaris who now served to protect Nisan, could not thwart the assault. The people were evacuated into the cathedral. Continuing to search for Fei, Ramsus put the militia to rout and pressed on toward the cathedral... He was... ruined... He had his mind set solely on getting at Fei...
I stood before him.

So hey folks, I hope you enjoyed that impressive looking two minute long transformation sequence for G Elements because our budget for this scene is fucking GONE! As such, we’re just going to leave the projector running back there as a visual aid and let the characters present for this sequence act out the events like they’re in a high school play. Yes, really...

Elly appears on “stage”...

“So please, stop this meaningless violence!"
"You... Yes... You will do..."

Elly fades from the stage. Next slide on the projector...

"Come out! Fei! If you will not come out, I will crush Elhaym!"

Margie and the Gebler Goobers enter stage left...

"Keep back..."
”Yes! I command you to keep your distance or else.”
“Yeah, you fired us a couple months ago. So you can take your oversized popped collar and nancy boy preppy hair and go fu—“

"Not coming out, eh... Have it your way. Then from tonight on you will be crying with this woman's dead body in your arms!"

Flash of white and a crash...

"H, how the!? What happened!? Why can't I move!?"
"Are you okay!?"
”Yes. I’m fine.”
“What did you do to stop him...?”
*shrug* “Editing my favor? I’m not going to question it.”

"N, not only to him, but I am also inferior to you...!? Me!?"
"What happened to you, Ramsus...? Why are you caught up with Fei so much... Why are you so bothered by who is more superior?"
”Long version or short version...?”
*sigh* “If it will make you stop attacking every week, I will listen to the long version.”
“...We will see.”

"I was originally created to be the integration of all human abilities... To be able to align with all of the Anima Relics... I was created to have the powers equivalent to those of Emperor Cain. You could say I was to be the ideal form which all people strive to become... However... once he was born... I was... rejected...... I was given life in a pile of trash. ...Born in the dark, cold abyss of worthlessness..."

"But I was able to crawl out of there! I was able to survive on my own strength! In order to get back at all those who have forsaken me! Despite all of that, I was able to get this far! I was able to provide myself with the warmth that I required to continue living!"
*pauses* “But, he had to come and intervene in my life one more time! He tried to take that very warmth away from me again! As long as he exists... I don't belong anywhere..."
"I think I now know why you are so fixated with Fei... You do not really know what you should be doing with your life right now. You're simply trying to protect yourself by attacking Fei... By attacking others, you are confirming your own existence. That's why you strive to be above everyone else... Because, otherwise, you'd be enveloped by a void... Because you yourself will disappear... Because that emptiness within your heart will only grow... Because you want to hang on to love..."
”You’re making it sound gay!”
"Even you are trying to take it away from me!? ... That warmth! That very warmth I've finally obtained!"
"Ramsus... No one is attacking you. No one is trying to take away what is so precious to you... No one is threatening your existence... It's all in your mind. So don't hide the feelings that are in your heart... Don't fear love..."

"Y, you... Now you... Aaarrrgghhh!"

He craved love more than anyone else...
”So does he like want to bone Fei or...? I think I’ve missed a lot of this story...”
“...I don’t even know anymore. All I took away from that is that Ramsus is a Dumpster Baby.”
“Every day I’m a little bit more okay with not being a playable character.”
“Let’s go get some drinks before going back to the whole healing the poor business.”
“Aren’t you a bit...young for that...?”
“Hello!? Holy Mother of Nisan! It’s got its perks...”

“Why even bother existing...?”
“Be gone...”
“We have no use for you...”
“Hah! Trash is of more worth to us than you...”
”Ooh. Good burn.”


The Gazel Ministry vanishes after its daily berating of Ramsus...

“I'll always be by your side. No one knows you better than I do. So don't..."
"Miang! Is this... Is this all I can do? Is this the extent of my strength and abilities? I couldn't beat him... And in front of that woman, I couldn't even do a thing... Is this the limit of my existence!? My abilities...!?"

“An archetype that surpasses all humans. I made you in the same way. But he is the one who is preventing you from fully releasing your powers. Divided powers... That man was your original form. The primordial superior being... If you could defeat him, then you would be..."
*turns to Ramsus* "Yes. Even with your superior constitution, the existence of the original being hinders you. If you could eliminate the divided power, then it would all be yours... Don't you agree, Kahr...?"


I decided to head back to Nisan to hang out with Margie for a while since... I dunno... I had a bad feeling. I didn't ask anybody to come back with me because... *shrug*
Anyway, I helped tend to some of the people we had accidentially mutated. Taura's nanomachines weren't quite healing everyone fully. But they're nanomachines. It's the new science magic. They would work eventually.
Suddenly Ramsus appeared and started wrecking up shit screaming about wanting to fight Fei again. Nisan's militia (which we never actually see) tried to fight him off, but they got beaten. Shocker. I forgot my keys to Vierge in my other uniform, so I went out to face him myself. Not my best of plans...

Elly goes to confront Ramsus...

"Chill out. Fei is not even here!"
*grabs Elly* "Fei come out or I'm going to squish Elhaym!"
"Oh for fu-HE IS NOT HERE!"

Elly gets so annoyed it manages to make Ramsus' Gear malfunction or something...

"GODDAMMIT! Why doe everybody beat me?!"
"Good grief. What is your deal, Ramsus? What happened to you?"
"Well for starts I was genetically engineered as the Ubermensch and a clone of Emperor Cain that could align with all the Anima Relics and become the savior of man or something. But then Fei got born and he's super special, so they tossed me in a dumpster! But I showed them. I crawled out and worked hard and became the goddamn leader of Gebler! But then Fei became the main character and got plot armor and keeps beating me and goddammit that prick I hate him!"
"Aww geez, sweetie. You just want to be loved. Look, get a career change and stop hanging out with assholes from Solaris and you'll be okay."
"But FEI!"
"You don't need to fight Fei to prove anything. Just...take a vacation or something..."
"WAAAH!" *has vague flashback and runs off*
"Welp. Can't win 'em all."


"Poor dresser."
"Ugly shoes."
"Bad hair."
"Crooked nose."
"Bad posture."
"Eat shit and die."

"Don't worry, Kahr. I believe in you."
*holograms in* "Plus, you know...remember how you're a clone of Cain? Well...I was looking over my Science and it says if a clone kills the one he was cloned from he gains their power."
"L-Like Highlander...?"
"Oh, totally. You should look into that, Kahr."
*silently snicker to selves*

Music: In a Prison of Peace and Regret (Ship of Regret and Sleep Orchestral Version)

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