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Part 117: Episode CXIV: The Key

Episode CXIV: The Key

*sighs* “Which one of you let Kahran Ramsus in here? I am utterly not in the mood for this right now...”

Emperor Cain gets annoyed and flares up with a glowing red aura...

”’Would not exist’? I am glad you are a fan of my work. Now really, I think it best you leave.”
“That's why... I must... get rid... of you... Only then will I be able to beat him..."
"What do you think you're doing? Ramsus...!?"

A mechanical growl is heard and Cain’s aura dissipates...

”What fool told you facing me was at all a good idea...?”

“...And there is my answer. Who left the door open to my chamber?”

"Oh, really now... I don't care about a group of old geezers who are so obsessed with clinging onto their dear little lives...that they had to resort to turning themselves into data on the SOL-9000 in order to survive. That's not why... Your existence obstructs me from reaching my goal. That's all..."
"Haven't you been working for humanity's future... for humans to live longer? That is why I assisted you..."
"Yes, that's right. I try to lead the people in 'my own way'. That hasn't changed in the least."
"Krelian, what's got into you...!?"
*turns around* "Kill him, 'Ramses'!"

*sigh* “I really should have invested in one of those newfangled gun devices...”

Ramsus proceeds to stab Emperor Cain in the face, marking his first success in doing...well anything ever in the narrative. Being properly bamboozled into an assassination of a guy completely unrelated to Ramsus' plight counts, right?

The Emperor’s mask rolls off into the abyss, revealing some sort of black void where his head ought to be. I guess ten millenniums of life will drain a bit of one’s youthful good looks.

With the death of the God-Emperor of Humanity, all artwork spinning around in the never to be explained abyss Cain hung out grind to a halt and fall into the darkness. Well, I’m sure there will be no negative repercussions of the assassination of the only non-asshole in Solaris’ leadership. Surely the Gazel Ministry will be a fair and balanced new administration.

Some time later...

“The final fate for one bound within everlasting flesh...”
“If only he had just accepted our logical ideals too...”
“A fitting end for someone who had become dominated by needless flesh. Excellent work, Krelian.”
“Now there is nothing that can stand in the way of us accomplishing our objective.”
“The 'Anima Relics' have been awakened and have aligned with their respective 'Animus'... Dan, Joseph, Gad...have each been aligned with a surface dweller as their 'Animus'...”
“Hyuga's Asher, Ramsus' Zebulun, Krelian's Judah, Sophia's Dinah...”
“Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Issachar were already aligned 500 years ago...”
“And finally... Grahf's Naphtali... All of the 'Anima Relics' have now been activated.”
“The identity of the -Persona- mask of the 'mother' has also become clear.”
“The time has come.”
“Now is the time to open the door to god's domain to attain the fleshly body and the wisdom of god...”
“The time of the true awakening... To carry us to new horizons... Yes, the time of the gospel has come...!”
“Now, humans! Extol the awakening of god!”

The SOL-9000 proceeds to crap out the Gaetia Key into the monstrous keyhole that’s been below their chamber the entire time.

The key silently turns and a buzzing sound is heard from beneath the chamber and...


Music: Omen

That was because Ramsus had been manipulated into assassinating the Emperor. Now, with nothing else holding them back, the Ministry had put into use the 'Gaetia Key'... The effect of which was to alter those people who had been destined by god.

Those people destined by god, regardless of whether they were surface dwellers or Solarians, began to change shape, one after the other... The howling was the people, who had filled the earth, calling out to god.
"Once humans have filled the earth, god will awaken from his long sleep... And the awakening of Mahanon, the paradise in the sky, will soon follow..."
Slightly paraphrased... Let’s see you remember everything the Gazel Ministry rambled on about...
The true meaning of what the Ministry had spoken, the true nature of that legend, was at last beginning to be realized. This is what they meant when they said "once humans have filled the earth"... Eventually, 'Mahanon', the resting place of god, woke from its long slumber and began to rise......almost as if responding to the call of the people. It appeared before us in all its majestic glory...

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Well, we don’t get treated to the wailing of millions of people mutating into abominations all at once as God wakes up. But we do get to see this “Mahanon” we’ve heard about in passing a few times...

And so rises the long lost floating continent of Terra Tower Mahanon...

Nobody did ever answer what God needs with a starship, did they...?

Mahanon Rises

Emperor Cain Artwork