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Part 120: Episode CXVII: The OG

Episode CXVII: The OG

Music: Omen

“This matter is far too weighty for the likes of you."
”How did you guys even get in here?! Ugh. Whatever.”
"We must protect it with our lives! We can't let them have the Razael data!"

*continues typing* “If anything goes wrong... I will destroy this place!"

Spoilers: Citan neither obtaining any more useful information, nor does he destroy the system. He just sits out for this boss battle pretending to do work. I think I hate that guy.

Right then. We are no taking on Grahf’s Omnigear: Alpha Weltall. Or Original Weltall, depending on what the translator is going with at the time.

Alpha Weltall is the strongest enemy in the entire game by miles. It has 100,000 HP (for reference, the final boss only has around 75,000 HP) and insane attack power. It is an unwinnable boss battle in the sense that the game continues if you lose. And there is about a 99% chance you will lose. It is, however, possible to beat Alpha Weltall. You pretty much need to have Weltall-2, Andvari, and Renmazuo (since Citan bails on this fight leaving you down a man) upgraded to full and kitted out in equipment that ups their response time and evasion and reduces damage from Grahf’s ridiculously strong combos (9999, 19999, and 29999 HP depleting attacks respectively.)

And the battle strategy from there is using Wild Smile to reduce Grahf’s ability to attack and System Id/Hyper Mode and hoping Grahf doesn’t just get fed-up and insta-murder a Gear. The reward for beating Alpha Weltall is the Slayer Robe: the best armor in the game...on foot...which we are almost never doing battles for again... Oh and you need that Trader Card from Hammer otherwise he won’t even drop that.

And even if you beat Alpha Weltall, the plot progresses like he curb-stomped you anyway. And the last save point was back past the game crashing Deus fight. So good luck with that. I’m not bothering.

After the battle...

Music: Grahf, Emperor of Darkness

“But that is... 'only natural'. After all, you are imperfect."

“The absence of wrath is an impediment to you utilizing your true strength!"
"W, wrath...?"
"The drive to massacre and annihilate, the compulsion to destroy your opponent... Such wrath is power for the soul! By eliminating your foe, you attain your first sublimation of that drive. It is this very sublimation that draws out the hidden powers within oneself! But, clinging to reason...suppressing your wrath and desire, makes releasing your true power a dream within a dream for you. You already know this... When wrath appeared in your heart, the machine responded, did it not? What drew out such power from your machine was truly the drive of your soul... It was your 'Id'. The sign of the purpose you've been seeking... The mark of a natural born assassin!"
*stands up* "You're wrong! That's absolutely untrue!"
"I, I am not 'Id'! I..."
"The time has come... I'll take your soul, and draw its power out to the limit!"
”Ugh. Power...power...power... God you’re broken record...”

"Huh? What are you stopping me for!?"
"He is bait. If you kill the bait, the precious bird we wish to capture will fly away. You know... a very important bird... 'needed to fulfill my earnest desire'... You understand, don't you, Lacan...?"
*nods and floats off to the left* "...Suit yourself."

“In the land of Golgoda, to the west of here. Collect all the broken Gears!"
”Uhh...doc...weren’t you supposed to...”
*nods and types ignoring everyone* “Hmmm.... Fascinating...”


Some time later...

At times I wished the plot would somehow find a way to whisk me away from all this unwanted responsibility...

Margie wanders over...

"You haven't had any rest, have you? I can handle things on my own for a while. Why don't you go out for a walk?"
”Or, ya know, a stiff drink. I’ve got a flask in the back if you’re game.”
"Thank you. But I'll be alright. I'd rather keep busy so that I won't worry about things too much."
"Is that it?"
*pauses* "Hey! Elly, what's that?"
*looks down* "This?"
"Can I see it?"

Margie walks over and examines whatever tiny object the Playstation couldn’t be bothered to render...

“But, why do you have it, Elly?"
"It's Fei's. I'm holding on to it for him... But... It feels as if I have always worn it..."
"Hmm... When you wear that, you look even more like Sophia!"
"Really? Hmm... Flattery won't get you anything, you know?”
”Have you looked at the Portrait of Sophia lately? She’s wearing the same exact pendant. It’s not exactly a subtle comparison. Though, if Fei ever paints your portrait or may wanna lose the Sky Gestapo get-up... Just sayin’...”
“Anyway, we need to hurry up and test the new mutation suppressant assembler on those other people there. We can't afford to have them change any further."
”Yeesh. Tell me about it. Did you see the guy that grew arms out of his eyes? That is going to haunt my dreams for weeks.”

Suddenly err...something...happens to the Nisan Pendant. It sort of falls through the void and then rockets off to the upper right. Be careful, symbolism! You’ll poke an eye out!

”Eh...? What makes you say tha—“
*runs out the door* “Canttalkgottagohelpcoverformethanks!”
“Yeah sure...not like we’re swamped with dying mutated people or anything...”

Awaiting me there was a transmission from Krelian... He told me that if I wanted to save Fei and the others, I would have to come to Golgoda.
I double checked to make sure he didn’t mean Golgotha. But he seemed adamant...
Krelian wanted me. In order to save Fei and my other friends, I departed in the last Omnigear left remaining in Shevat. My previous fear of riding in this machine was surmounted by my desire to rescue the people dear to me.

Original Weltall Render