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Part 121: Episode CXVIII: All That Which is Xenogears

Episode CXVIII: All That Which is Xenogears

Music: Shattering Egg of Dreams

And so we finally get to see what Sophia’s Omnigear looks like after it having been alluded to off-screen roughly a dozen times. It doesn’t have a name beyond “Sophia’s Omnigear”.

Subsequently, Elly never uses Vierge again now that she has been de-flowered by Fei. Oh, Xenogears.

The Gebler Goobers all appear to try to talk Elly out of her suicide mission to save everyone. Since, you know, Krelian is about as trustworthy as your average Umbrella Inc. employee and going alone is retarded. Oh yeah, apparently the Gebler guys became Nisan’s defense force off-screen after the Soylent System thing. And I guess they didn’t get turned into terrible abominations by Deus waking up. That’s nice.

*shakes head* "I can't afford to break the agreement. So please, stay behind and protect everyone here."
"But, it's a trap!"
"I know."
"Then why!?"
*shakes head* "If I do not go, Fei and them will be executed for sure... Krelian isn't concerned with anyone else but me."
"So what makes you think he's going to hold his part of the bargain? Do you have any way of knowing that you will definitely save your friends by doing this?"
"Then it's suicide!"
"It might be."
”You know, I’m beginning to remember why we never respected you back in Gebler...”
"But, I've made it this far because of Fei and the others... Because they accepted me as their friend."

" What about all the people who have assembled in Nisan that you leave behind? Everyone's depending on you for their spiritual support."
"The people in Nisan will be fine. They can stand on their own feet without any support from me... This is also true of you all, right?"
“Not in the least.”
“Are you being serious?”
“What are you, a retarded person?”

"But why do you do so much for him...?"
"I don't know... I guess it's a woman's prerogative to be selfish... perhaps."
"A woman's prerogative...?"
”...You are seriously people’s role model?”
“And there goes my respect for you plummeting.”

*folds arms* "I'm not a holy woman of any sort. I'm just a regular woman. I get angry... I cry... I laugh... Although at times I can resent others, I also know how to love others. Loving whole masses of people at times... and loving just one person the rest of the time... I am in supreme bliss when I am embraced by the man that I love. Giving what I have to him, and receiving what he gives me, we become one flesh... That is the moment when I am most at peace. It is my prerogative as a woman to simply want to save the man that I love!"
"I'm sorry... for saying such selfish things. I'll go and do all that I can do for my friends. So I want you all to do whatever it is you can do for our friends here."
*walks off* "Well, I had better get going now..."
“...So did I just hear ‘Blah blah blah. Fuck you all, I want to go save the guy I’m banging and that’s that’?”
“Pretty much...”
“So...what do we tell the people back in town...?”
“Lt. Van Houten suddenly vanished!”
“It worked last time she blew off her responsibilities for her boyfriend back when we were in Gebler.”
*shrug* “Alright then...”

And the Gebler Goobers fly off, never to be seen again...

Music: Omen

Meanwhile, some time later Elly finds herself on the wasteland of Golgoda. Apparently, this area was going to be playable. There is still data on the world map files of the game for Golgoda. But, the entirety of this sequence will just be a very long cutscene.

Sophia’s Omnigear is greeted by two as of yet unnamed and rather...unorthodox looking Gears belonging to Krelian and Miang Executioner. You can safely ignore them. They don’t appear again in this scene beyond the intro.

Krelian has spruced up the place a bit. Well, that’s a relief. It looks like he just crucified everyone’s giant robots. I thought this might potentially get grueso—