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Part 122: Episode CXIX: Elly's Many Poor Life Choices

Episode CXIX: Elly's Many Poor Life Choices

Music: Omen

Welp. This is already ridiculous. But it isn’t in the budget to have a dozen giant robots on screen at once. So it’s back to High School Play mode for this scene.

"You idiot! Why did you come here!? Krelian's after you! Forget about us! Run and save yourself!!"
”Are you all alright?!”
“Yeah. Fine. Just frickin’ bored stuck up here while this jackass monologues about fuck all.”
“Well... Chuthulhu has seen better days...”
“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they chu.”

"I came as I was told. I'm the only one you need... They have nothing to do with this. So let Fei and the others go!"

“It's as if 'that scene from the past has been brought back to life in the present'. So, you came in an Omnigear. That too is... 'her Gear'. Hmmm... Allow me to confirm something."

Krelian snaps his fingers and two more Executioners appear...

“...That you first defeat these two men here with that Gear you came in... How about it, Elhaym?"
”Those...aren’t men... They have breasts and everything...”
“I’m afraid we did not have funding for proper sprites to represent two new foes. Use your imagination, Elhaym.”

"Forget it, Elly! He's up to something! Don't accept it!"
"Fei is right! Krelian is not a man of his word... And he always has ulterior motives when he sweet talks someone! What is more, those men are fighting machines created by Krelian. Their combat skills are immeasurable! They are not opponents you can handle by yourself! Do not take him up on his offer! Escape while you can!!"
"My my... Such harsh criticism. I am not that brutal.”
“So, what will it be, Elhaym? Even if you were to try to flee now, it is not likely you would be able to... You see... I have this whole area surrounded by my guards!"
*looks around and raises eyebrow*
“Please note the projector slide for visual reference to my side’s superiority in numbers.”

"Wouldn't it be logical to take the choice where you may still stand a chance... No matter how slight it may be?"
"Don't do it, Elly!"
"Alright then... I'll do what you say."
*nods and folds arms* "Good. You are indeed my precious little bird. Now, get on with it!"

Music: In a Prison of Peace and Regret

“Then I will fight! I don't care if it even costs me my life!!"

A giant mantis-bot Gear storms toward Elly. Sure... Sure, why not?

That peculiar looking chap from back when we recruited Emeralda, Rattan, is also here for the ho-down.

The two proceed to bash the shit out of Elly whilst she stands there like a moron.

“But... I can't just... No... not like this..."

Elly goes on the offensive. You can tell Sophia’s Omnigear is a big step up from Vierge due to the fact cartoon hearts no longer pop out of its attacks.

Elly precedes to Shoryuken the mantis-gear, Mugwort, knocking it to the ground. She quickly follows up with a pounding its partner, Rattan.

Using her newfound momentum, Elly proceeds to summon several boulders from the air which then explodes. This is...a very strange battle...

”Survey says: nope!”
"H, how could that...!? I thought it had some sort of effect..."

"It was wrong of you to underestimate our power!"
”It’s clobberin’ time!”

And Clobberin’ time it is indeed. Rattan and Mugwort proceed to beat the shit out of Elly’s Gear for a solid 40 seconds straight. It is gripping action, I assure you...

Elly’s Omnigear climbs back to its feet...

"Hmm, I'm getting no results. It can't be helped, Mugwort. It's about time to finish the job."

The two Krelian lackeys proceed to beat the living shit out of Elly for ANOTHER half minute and change. This is turning into the giant robot equivalent of the fight from They Live.

Elly’s Gear collapses after its second non-stop beat down session...

"It's to be expected. Multiple fractures, major blood loss... I wouldn't be surprised if the cockpit is a sea of blood. At worst, death! Gah hah hah hah!!"

Nope. Elly pops back up and demands Rattan put on the sunglasses.

Mugwort decides this is getting way too ridiculous and spontaneously combusts. Sure, why not?

”He was three days away from retirement! We were going to move to Bledavik and run a carnival together! MONSTER!”

Elly proceeds to perform an optic blast which promptly one-shots the remaining foe. I can’t believe they killed off Rattan. He was such a complex and memorable character. What a waste.

And so the epic battle against Mugwort and Rattan ends with victory for Elhaym. Except she immediately faints afterwards and gets kidnapped anyway. Oh Elly...when did you turn so terrible?

Music: Omen

”You’re supposed to black out AFTER you kill everybody. Not just the mid-bosses. You’re not good at this.”

Krelian and Executioner show up to gloat...

“Either way, it does not alter the fact that she is the -Mother- existence that I have been searching for! Now, men... recover that machine. Place priority on the safety of the pilot. Use whatever it takes to preserve her life!"

Elly fades off the stage and permanently leaves the party. I warned you to unequip her of everything useful, bro.

“Why don't you just wallow there pathetically while you meditate on your own lack of any real power."

Krelian laughs to himself over his as he fades off stage along with Executioner and the projector screen... Grahf fades in and takes his place.

"You can't even protect a single woman. It is not even worth the effort of putting a spineless wretch like you out of your misery!"
”You are utterly powerless to do anything of use.”
“Just had to throw in a ‘power’, huh?”
“I have a quota to meet..."

Sophia’s Omnigear Concept Art – Pretty neat looking. Too bad we never see it again.

Rattan and Wugwort Concept Art - They didn’t get those names remotely right, did they?