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Part 123: Episode CXX: Reformat

Episode CXX: Reformat

“The Anima and the Animus have all been obtained...”
“All that is left for us to do is change into the Animus, and become one with the mother -Persona-...”
"...That is incorrect."
“What? What do you mean, Krelian? What did you just say?”

A click is heard and a computer circuit extends from the SOL-9000. As it does, one of the Gazel Ministry monitors goes blank. People really need to stop trusting Krelian in any capacity...

“What are you doing!? Krelian, have you gone totally insane!?”
“Do not touch them! We cannot survive without them...!”

More of the circuit boards slowly extend from the SOL-9000 and more of the Gazel Ministry goes offline. This continues for the rest of the scene...

“But now that it has been activated, I no longer need you. I am having you all erased."
“How dare you!”

“He was the one person who had total control of the people and thus was my greatest nemesis. But the only person who could terminate Cain was Cain himself. That's why I created... 'a copy of Cain'. Ramsus acted exactly as I predicted... killing Cain. Now, there is no one who can stop 'me'. And I'm not interested in your power or authority. Did you really think you were acting on your own free will? You are all just parts of the system. Created only as weapons of invasion and oppression... You are just terminal interface weapons."
“We... can... become... god! And... you're...”

The SOL-9000 begins spinning slower...

“What impertinence! We are 'humans'. We were created to be terminal interfaces of god. It is the same for you, who were once humans. 'Man cannot become god.' ...We can only entrust ourselves to god."
“Ri... diculous... Going... a... gainst the... Mother...”
"I have not gone against her. This is the will of the 'other mother'."

All but the main blue scowly-face lead Gazel Ministry member goes offline...

"It can be done. Your genes were scattered in order to keep the world alive after the 'Fall' in the days of destruction. Those genes live on today within the humans. The -Anima- vessels... and the recipients of their alignment, the -Animus-... and also the -Persona-...By combining these with my nanomachines, humans will become living beings very much the equivalent of you. Actually, they may far surpass you in becoming worthy terminal interfaces for god. So you are no longer of any use to me. -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god, only wants results... The means are insignificant to him... So this is my 'Ark Plan'... My -Project Noah-!"
“K... re... li...”
"May all your worries cease. Rest in peace... ancestors of mortal man!"

The last of the Gazel Ministry is deleted and the SOL-9000 shuts down...

And so ends the Gazel Ministry. They are Proper Nouning in a better place. Well, technically they already have been for five centuries. know what I mean...

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