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Part 128: Episode CXXV: Shevat Dickery

Episode CXXV: Shevat Dickery

Music: Ship of Regret and Sleep

God... the inter-planetary invasion weapon -Deus-...had awakened and its ark, Merkava was activated.

Deus began to absorb, one after the other, the mutated people, destined to be its parts... While the non-mutated, would eventually, only become a threat to it. To exterminate us and our civilization... It set into action.

The planet's surface was devastated by Merkava and the weapons born from out of it, called... 'the -Seraph- angels'.

“That is it. I have nothing to say for this slide.”

While pursuing the newly awakened Deus, we chanced upon Fei, whose whereabouts had hitherto been lost... Along with his Gear, Weltall... Discovered together at the place where 'Merkava' was originally located... We were overjoyed by Fei's return... but it was short lived... For some unknown reason... Fei was found in a state of suspended animation. He did not regain consciousness.
While this had already happened six or seven times to Fei at this point, we decided it was best to have one less thing to worry about given the ongoing apocalypse...

The people of Shevat, and we ourselves, feared a relapse of Fei's, no... Id's power... and had no choice but to put Fei into... 'Carbonite Freeze'.

Some time later...

“Even if Grahf and Id's power are comparable..."
"...It is not that we fear him."
”You do not fear an entity that devastated a rival nation’s capital in under a minute?”
“Well, okay. We are scared shitless of him. But there is another reason...”

*nods* "We fear the error we ourselves committed. And now we are simply trying to put a lid on it..."
"The error that you yourselves committed?"
"Shevat instigated a battle 500 years ago to gain our independence from Solaris. However, we became overcome with the lust for power... Fearing the war-torn people's will would no longer be with Shevat, but with the Nisan Mother...and that the people would assemble under Sophia...the Council of Elders of Shevat back then, made a deal with Solaris."
"A deal?!"
*nods* "Yes..."
”This is going to greatly lower my respect for you and your nation, is it not?”
“Undoubtedly. But...what with the end of the world, I suppose the truth getting out isn’t going to hurt that much...”

"At the time, Solaris... or the Gazel Ministry to be exact...were at odds with a woman who held the real power behind the scenes."
"...Would that happen to have been Miang?"
"Most probably it was."

“But in exchange... We had to give them the rebel army that had assembled in Nisan and also their patron, Sophia... The leaders of Shevat accepted...and it was decided that Nisan would be the location of the final decisive battle with Solaris."

”We told them someone left the lights on in Aphel Aura and we had to wait to get a jump.”
“Thwarted by the awesome numbers of the Solarian army, and with their path of retreat cut off...the Nisan rebel army ran out of options and was destroyed... Caught up in the middle of all this was Lacan, Bart's ancestor Roni, myself... and 'Krelian'."
"You were also there?"
”...It seems I didn’t get the memo that all Shevat citizens should return home for the big battle.”
*nods* "Yes... Surrounded on all sides... we were prepared to die. And then, the rebel forces' flagship appeared with Sophia on board. She sacrificed herself so as to create a path for our retreat... Sophia's ship headed straight for the enemy's main ship on a suicide attack."

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We flash back to grainy footage of Solaris’ flagship, the Death Dreidel...

And Sophia’s flagship going kamikaze into that sonuvabitch and taking it out. We’ll be seeing a lot of the time surrounding this event during this chapter. I really hope you all like flashbacks.

“However, her death forever changed the fate of two men... Krelian, who followed closely under her as the leader of the Nisan sect's militia, completely lost faith after calling out to a god that would not respond. ‘I will create god with my own hands!’ ...were the last words he uttered before he disappeared.”
“And Lacan... He resented himself for not having the power to do anything while she died in front of him. ...So he began to search for the 'Legendary Power'.”
"Legendary Power?"
"God's resting place, 'Mahanon'... The source of divine wisdom, 'Razael'... And the 'Anima Relics' which were created by that very wisdom... Besides these... there is one more legend."
"And that is?"
*extends arms* "Zohar!? That has the same name as the 'Zohar Modifier'...the power reactor that Miang spoke of, saying it was the infinite energy source of god -Deus-... What she claimed is also the source of our Ether powers and the driving force of all our Gears."
"It would have to be one and the same thing...”
”Otherwise it would be”
“It is the place that contains the ultimate source of this world's power. It is said that only he who has the correct destiny would be able to discover its location..."
*shakes head* "Losing all faith in humanity, Lacan sought after its power... Lacan became Grahf... and the world collapsed... This tragedy happened because of the people's lust for power... I must take part of the responsibility for not having been able to stop it... And now, Fei... the one who has the same power as Grahf... We just wanted to seal up that dreadful power that arose from our own sinful deeds..."
”Welp. That is about it. My duty here is done. Back to the Shevat throne and the chronic...”

So today’s moral is: Never side with hippies. Ever.

So after that whole thing with god resurrecting and Elly becoming Miang, Deus proceeded to eat everyone that was mutated into Wels. After that, Merkava unleashed an endless horde of angel giant robots which set to work annihilating everyone left."
Some time later we found Fei and he was in a a coma...again... We took him back to Shevat where they immediately insisted Fei be frozen in carbonite. So Fei was frozen in carbonite.

A while later...

"What is up with Shevat pressing freezing Fei in carbonite so hard?"
"Well...about that...we just kind of don't want a repeat of our last fuck-up..."
"Your last fuck-up?"
"Yeah. So at the end of the war 500 years ago, the leaders of Shevat got to noticing all the land dwellers were rallying behind Sophia and the Nisan Sect and not us in Shevat. They were worried that once the war was over, they might be fed up with mysterious sky nations in general."
*rubs neck* "So we sort of backstabbed the land dwellers and struck a deal with Solaris. The Gazel Ministry was having trouble with Miang being all up in their business. So they handed her over to us to freeze in carbonite so she would be out of the Ministry's hair. And we had to hand over the rebel army and Sophia. Then we'd split the planet 50/50. So we arranged for a final battle at Nisan and then Shevat pretended to sleep in late that day and was a no-show."
"Nisan was getting its ass kicked by Solaris forces from all sides. But then Sophia showed up piloting the rebels' flagship and made a suicide run into Solaris' base."


"Banzai!" *explodes*

End flashback...

"Sophia's death caused Krelian and Lacan to lose a few screws. Krelian wandered off mumbling how he was going to create god since the current one was a prick that wasn't listening. And Lacan wandered off in search of POWER."
"So...Solaris could have been defeated 500 years ago and all of this would have been avoided if Shevat didn't get suddenly paranoid out of nowhere?"
"More or less. Super sorry. Smoking too much weed will do that to ya sometimes. Well, glad to get that secret off my chest. See ya."

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