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Part 131: Episode CXXVIII: Der Wille zur Macht

Episode CXXVIII: Der Wille zur Macht

Music: In a Prison of Peace and Regret

“In order to protect their own authority... Sophia was... Is this the ideal world we've been searching for? What have we been doing? Heading toward Sophia's ideals...? Is this our salvation? This isn't fair... Sophia was sacrificed for those bastards..."
“Sophia said, if you just have faith, the path to what you hope for will open. But look at reality. God didn't answer our prayers... Is that because we didn't have faith? Even if we didn't have faith, Sophia did. Why did she have to be sacrificed? Is god dead...? Is he just not there...? Maybe god never even existed to begin with!"

“If god doesn't exist in our world, then... I will create god with my own hands!"

“I will destroy all such false pretenses of love, for you..."

Krelian vanishes from the hill to go dye his hair, fill himself with nanomachines, and become a super villain...

“We'll never beat them if we fight them individually... So let us create a country that can someday stand up against them..."
”I was thinking of naming it eh... Figaro... Or Aveh... I’ll have to flip a coin on it to decide...”
"What are you going to do, Lacan...?"

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

Sometime later, in Shevat’s dungeon...


Miang laughs. Meanwhile, some sort of Force Ghost version of Sophia appears behind Miang and shakes her head furiously.


"Come on. Just let me out of here and we can go get a drink while I tell you how..."