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Part 132: Episode CXXIX: Return of the Forehead

Episode CXXIX: Return of the Forehead

”Where is he anyway? And why aren’t there any guards in a prison? This whole town is dumb.”
"Yech...! What, what is this...!?"

Music: June Mermaid

”I thought they just had him stripped in a cage like a zoo or something. They went all Han Solo on him...”
"No matter what, this is going way too far... He's still... alive...? How could you possibly be!? You're human too, aren't you!? Darn...! ...Fei... Oh, Fei...!?"

Citan’s daughter, Midori, wanders in... You’d think Shevat would have a guard posted by the whole continent destroying super villain. Or at least...lock the door so kids didn’t wander down here... Shevat is terrible at everything...

*looks around* "Crying...? Who's crying? ...!? You mean our friend Fei is crying?"
"Angry... Hurt... He'll wake up soon... It's calling him..."
"What do you mean!?"
”Shit... Hitting fan... Soon...”


“... Gah! Argh...!! St... stop... Stop... it!!”
“D a n... Mi do ri...! R... run... Hurry... Run a... way!!”

And so Id awakens and immediately tears Dan in half. At least some good came out of his reappearance.  Sadly, this is not really the case. Cavia totally would have done that, though. I miss Cavia... 

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

“Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see there...”

Some time later...

”Snow... And over there that looks like...oh it’s more snow... But wait! I see... I see...”
“Good eye, kid. You took the words right outta my mouth.”

”I swear, Citan, if that hole is just filled with more snow I’m breaking both your Gear’s legs and leaving you out here...”


We join Fei running through the void after Kid Id and the fourth persona.

There is a flash of light and Fei stops in place...

“This is as far as you can come.”
“What do you mean?”
“You're a subordinate, fake persona... that's why.”
“A subordinate fake persona?”
”Oh...that’s right... You were asleep for that chat with the dickheaded quack...”
“Yes... He has part of my memories from back then... He has sealed away the very meaning of my drive... my motivation... my subconscious -Id-. Because of that, I became a basic, blank persona. And on top of that, I constructed a new persona based on my experiences since then... That is what you are now!”
“Him? You mean father?”
“You call him father? He who never did anything for you?”
”Well...he helped conceive This makes my head hurt...”
*golf clap* “Good for him.”

“It was because of his cowardly behavior... If only he had been able to protect me... If he had done that... mother wouldn't have died...
*shakes head* “Didn't my mother die right after I was born? What really happened to my mother? Tell me, Id!”
“You don't need to know. You'll only disappear soon. Along with your basic persona, the 'coward'. I'll rule my being through the power of the Existence.”
”...Existence? Don’t Proper Noun me like that!”

“Your persona is fake, so you'll never stand on the 'stage' of consciousness. You'll never be able to take charge of the memories from our past lives.”
*holds out arms* “I know the dreams and hallucinations! I've seen them many times!”
“Them... I showed them to you on purpose. To break the seal, I chose to weaken the power of your existence. If your mental energy is weakened, I can become free to do as I wish.”
“There are still things inside you which you haven't been shown yet...”

The sound of Gears landing is heard in the distance...

*looks around* “Huh?”
*begins walking away* “Someone's coming! It's probably your friends. They must have followed me."
“Where are you going?”
“I came to reestablish contact with the Existence. To tie together all the threads of your memories since ancient times... and then cut them off... That is the fate of the Contact... All is ready. It's time for the true awakening! I will eliminate all those who were full of hypocrisy from the very beginning.”

Id and #4 zoom away into the “sky”...

Midori Uzuki Concept Art – Being psychic isn’t easy when your dad is a spy for the god-emperor of man, your mom is from Cloud City, and a genocidal embodiment of hate keeps coming over and eating all your food.