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Part 133: Episode CXXX: Behind the Mask

Episode CXXX: Behind the Mask

So it would appear everyone remembered that Gears can fly again, as the party gently glides down to the cavern below the snow. You may notice everyone is riding their original Gears again as the Anima Relics were devoured by Deus. That makes sense for Citan and Bart’s Gears, since Andvari and Fenrir were established to be separate giant robots. does that work for Renmazuo...? Do they just slim back down to normal? Oh well, I suppose we shouldn’t fret too much on the details. This chapter actually had a budget for cutscenes.

”Rocks... Rocks... More rocks... Freaky embryo giant robot... Some more rocks...”

Music: The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light




Uhh... Yeah, I have absofuckinglutely no idea what this is all about... And indeed, no explanation shall be provided in any manner...



Freaky rock-embryo Weltall-Id explodes from its...womb thingie and is eager for a fight.

This also causes the surrounding area to erupt in flame since...I guess we’re also in a volcano now too...

Oh and the Zohar pops out of the ground to watch too. Sure... Sure, why not?

Well, someone is overcompensating for something here.

Music: Knight of Fire

Time for the final battle against Id. Despite its souped-up new form and the loss of all our Omnigears Id is...a total pushover.

It only has two attacks. The first is just bitch slapping a Gear for 2000+ HP of damage (4000+ on the latter half of the fight.)

The other attack is using telekinesis to spin a Gear around the room a bit before slamming ‘em face first into the ground for 4000-5000 HP of damage. And...that’s about it.

All our party needs to do is just slam Id with Deathblows or build up to Hypermode. No real pressure either way. After all our prep for the Ramsus and Miang back-to-back boss rush, this fight is a breeze.

After the battle...

”Uhh... Kinda in the middle of something here, dude... Could you practice ballet a bit to the left...?”

"It's already too late! Assist me! For I am about to... exterminate Id."
”Oh that’s friggin’ rich, gramps...”

“The slave generators and's the source of all their energy. After attaining its power, the freshly awakened Id intends to annihilate this world!”
”Yeah... Well he’d better take a number behind that Deus thing...”
“...And all the Angels.”
“And that giant death ray on Merkava. Am I forgetting anything...?”
“Oh yeah. That jerk too...”

“The contact with Zohar was meant to have been done after unifying Fei's true personality!"

Id gets annoyed with Wiseman’s rambling and dashes in front of him for a chat.

“But I cannot be stopped by you. You who couldn't even protect his own wife and son! You cannot even bear to show your face to your son. That's why you wear a mask, isn't it...Khan!?!"
”Ha. I called it. Come on, Bart. Pay up!”
*opens wallet* ”Dang it. I was sure Grahf was gonna be his pops instead...”

“That’s right! This man is Fei's... no, I mean, my father, Khan Wong!!"

With the jig being up, Khan quickly swaps out of his cloak and mask to reveal his true identity and immaculately groomed mustache.

“...and all that work that your persona did to make him one, perfect, unified whole has been wasted. He will be swallowed up by me!"
"I won't permit it! I will destroy you first!"
"As if you could... sissy! Mother died because of your cowardly behavior. And as a result, he ran away from that reality by entering into his memories! And now I continue my existence bearing all that hatred. You wouldn't be able to imagine what it's like!"

“All that you and I feel... the sadness, the hatred... Even though he also experienced such things... Fei needed to be encouraged to build himself up in order to be able to comprehend all of this. Fei should be able to understand all of your feelings now! But now you want to erase the one who understands kill Fei! What is it that you want?"
"Why ask me such a thing now? My purpose is the same as destruction! That and that alone!"
"Is this world so bad a place...that there is only hatred inside of you?"
”Oh, it’s just a peachy sunshine and flowers filled bliss, ain’t it? What’s the current world death toll up to? 80-90% of humanity...? I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks. That reminds me I’ve got to punt that Sage prick into the stratosphere for that System Id crap. Besides...”
"You're the ones who made me this way... You and that woman! Admit it!"

Id starts attacking Khan’s Gear to work out some of his daddy issues.

“Please take this fist full of memories I am giving you... Become one... with yourself... and with me!"
”That sounds dirty. Dirty and wrong.”
“...Should we assist him?”
“I dunno. This seems kinda like family business. Kung fu family business. That’s not the kinda quarrel you wanna get mixed up in.”

Khan’s Gear charges in to battle with Id. After a few moments, Citan decides to make a half assed gesture to snap Fei out of it...

“Remember! Were you not going to help Elly?"
”...Really? That’s the best you could come up with, Citan?”
“Well, I do not see you rushing in to help either.”
“Yeah, crazy redhead X-Men villain Fei dropped a sand cruiser on my head last time I tried something like that. I’m cool with just sitting over here by the freaky god-eye monolith and letting them do their thing.”

Kahn Wong Concept Art – That is a fine kung fu mustache.