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Part 135: Episode CXXXII: All Our Memories

Episode CXXXII: All Our Memories

“I was so busy with my duties in Shevat that I didn't notice Karen had changed. I couldn't save you when you needed my help."
"Save me? ... Hah! Why bother saying such nonsense now? It's not going to change anything! The only thing you can do now is die by my hand!"

Id charges in to strike Khan’s Gear...

“Even still... I'll show... you... that I can... save you...!"
”I really feel like we should help here...”
“Nah. I’m tell ya. We don’t wanna get involved in a big messy family squabble. Right, Citan?”
“Is it permissible to stand and watch a father and son battle to the death?”

“...I’m gonna put that down as an agreement from Citan.”

Meanwhile, back in Fei’s mind...

*turns back to Id* “Stop it! Id! Father has done nothing wrong!”
*turns to the Coward* “I know. This one is the real culprit. Mother and father had no choice.”

A ball bounces from behind a tree towards Fei... Young Fei comes chasing after it...

“It's all lies!”

The sky box begins spazzing out...

More of the world phases in and out...

“All of it! All of it! All of it...!”

*pushes Fei* “This is my room! I thought you would always be with me!”

“Happiness... Sadness... Aren't these all parts that combined to make the whole? Why won't you show him? Why don't you also show Id what you always watch!”
“No! That's mine! I don't want to show it to the person who killed mother!!”
“You should talk. You're the one who killed mother!”
“No I didn't, you did! I did not kill her! Mother didn't care for you... Father didn't notice either... That's why you killed her! I didn't kill her! I didn't! I didn't...!”
“Knock it off!!”
“...'We' killed mother. It's no one's fault but ours. It's not because she became Miang or because father didn't notice. Don't look outside for the reason. Don't blame anyone but yourself. Yes, mother was Miang, and I know that you suffered. No one could have endured it. But you can't push it onto Id alone. We are all one person. We must all become one. Right? Fei...”

“Show them to Id. Everything you took for yourself...”

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Well, we already saw this earlier. Fei unleashes a load of energy, blasts the shit out of Grahf, and Miang-Karen looks rather unimpressed.

So let’s jump to where we left off with a swirling mass of unstable energy floating around the air...

The rather angry looking red bolt of energy seems to have trained its sights on young Fei, whom is probably quite confused why Darth Vader is beating up his dad to begin with... Much less why he suddenly exploded with energy and why it is suddenly upset with him.

At that same time, some random young woman in Solaris’ 2nd Class Citizen block has just won the unfortunate lotto of becoming Miang-0998.

Action Mom! Episode 1!

Season Finale: The Death of Action Mom!

See Fei, even though your mother was possessed by the biggest cunt in the planet’s history, deep down she still cared about her little boy.

...And you just killed her.

Welp, good luck with that crippling childhood trauma young Fei.

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

“I, my consciousness, can see through this trick. I won't be swayed! I...! I...!”
“Id... that's enough! Doing that isn't going to solve anything. Mother saved us at the last moment. That is the truth. Right? The reality isn't all grim, Id...”

“I thought that I could only make a connection with others through destruction. So I had to destroy it all. People... The world... Even Elly...”
*shakes head* “No... That's not the case. We can save others just as our mother, despite being Miang, saved us. Our power... can save people... We can save Elly!”
“...That's a first. Mother being so warm... To me... she almost seems... too warm...”
”Ah...screw it. You win you mushy asswipe... I guess you get a prize, Fei.”
“Ehh... Well, you’ll see...”

“Know our identity... about who we are. Then figure out what ought to be done. Our integration is not yet complete.”
”Is this gonna be weird...?”

There’s nothing really to add to the following scenes and screen shots don’t really do it justice. So have a video.
(Go watch this. It’s a good cutscene.)

"Yeah...I was smoking a bit too much of the Shevat Ganja back then to notice anything was wrong. But, I'm still gonna save you, son!"
"Eat shit and die, dad!"

Meanwhile in Fei's mind...

"Hey. Stop beating up dad. He didn't do anything wrong."
"'re right. It's that pussy the Coward's fault."
"La-de-dah. Playing ball with my mom. Can't hear you!"
*picks up ball and punts it into the horizon* "Cut that shit out, none of this is real! Goddammit!"
"You're a jerk. Go away!"
"No, I'm the protagonist and I'm totally over this shit. You've gotta have happiness and sadness and all that together to be a whole person. Coward, you need to share some happy memories and crap."
"Nuh-uh! Id killed mom! I'm not playing with him!"
"Nuh-uh! You got mom killed by being such a sissy!"
"Goddammit! We ALL killed mom! Where's the damn film for mom dying in our head? Let's settle this."

Roll the tape.

"Stop karate kicking my dad in the face, Darth Vader! Raaaagh!"
"...Oh bullshit! Wragh!" *explodes*
"Uhh... Is there an off switch for this...?"
"Yes. My back. Aaaaaaah!" *tosses self in front of laser blast*
*drops dead*
"...Holy SHIT!"

"Well that was fucked up. But see, mom was cool in the end. Now can we all get along and go save Elly and shit? I think we can all agree that getting laid works for everyone."
"...Yeah, okay I can agree to that."
"Huh. Alright, I guess you win. I suppose I should share all the memories from our past lives I've left locked in the mental attic."

"Live, Abel!" *dies*
"Live, Kim!" *dies*
"Live, Lacan!" *dies*
"...Well that SUCKED!"
"Even if I go to hell, I will live till the end of this world. And if the world does not come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!"
"That's what she was getting at, right...? Ugh...I was never good at reading women..."

Karen’s Death

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